Dual Core Rockchip RK3066 mini PC Now Available for $88.88

Yesterday, I wrote about the first proper dual core Cortex A9 mini PC based on Rockchip RK3066, but it seemed only available to wholesalers, and I was not really sure it was ready for prime time. But today, one of my reader (Anders) pointed to a vendor selling the device on Aliexpress, and I found out it was sold for the lucky price of $88.88 + shipping.

Rockchip RK3066 mini PC

The picture above (Source: Aliexpress) is the first I’ve seen that looks real, and makes me feel a bit better about this device. The specs listed in Aliexpress are basically the same as I posted yesterday, except we learn that the Wi-Fi chip is Ralink Realtek 8188, more codecs are listed (but I would not read too much into that), and the casing has gone on a diet and shrunk to 8.8 * 3.5 * 1.2cm (vs 10.1 x 3.8 x 1.3cm yesterday).

The information about accessories is very confusing. One picture seems to show a power adapter, mini USB adapter, USB cable and Male to Male HDMI cable (why?) is included, but the description indicates a USB cable and small HDMI cable is provided.

Shipping options include China Mail (~$7), Hong Kong post (~$12) and several couriers. Please note that the vendor appears to be new with only one positive rating.

[Update: It is now available for $89 including shipping via Hong Kong Post from an Aliexpress seller that looks OK. He also posted some pictures of the PCB. The product name is UG802]

If you are the kind of person who likes to tinker with your device and change the source code, bear in mind that Rockchip is known for GPL violations, and it may be hard to get the GPL source, although it does not prevent some from trying.

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150 Replies to “Dual Core Rockchip RK3066 mini PC Now Available for $88.88”

  1. Thats a lot of holes on the case! Worried about meltdown much!?

    What’s the heating status on this chip, and how much faster would it be in real terms compared to the allwimmer a10?

    Why can’t someone convince the hardkernal guys to put a case around their board add $10 to the price and sell it as a system (case should have a power on off button)

  2. Anyone bought this thing?
    I think Christian Troy (A rom developer working on Rockchip tablets custom roms) should see this. let me ping him 🙂

  3. @Kim
    At least with all those holes, the device might not overheat.

    My understanding is that Hardkernel sells the ODroid-X at cost, mainly to promote their company and sell more CPU modules. This means it’s possible a company buys Hardkernel Exynos 4412 module (I’ve heard it costs around $100), and build a system around it. My guess is that the price should be around $200, maybe more.

  4. @menno
    No Linux, and adding Linux to this device might be difficult. Keep bogging Rockchip to get the kernel source.

    LuckyKnight :

    Would like to see one with a RJ-45 ethernet!

    One solution is to add a USB Ethernet dongle. If they add an Ethernet port inside the case, it won’t be mini anymore, and you already have relatively small device like the Mele A1000 that feature an Ethernet port. If you need dual core + Ethernet, there must already be some AM8726-MX or RK3066 stb somewhere on Chinese websites.

  5. The aliexpress seller lists it as an “allwinner dual-core …..”
    Last I checked Allwinner != Rockchip but it may just be an error
    This shows that the product is less likely to be vapourware and that is a win for everyone

  6. @eebrah
    I did not even notice this yesterday… Since Allwinner does not have 1.6 GHz processor and no dual core processors (yet), I just read Rockchip into it. I’ve contacted the seller to check this out.

  7. @Luckyknight
    I mistyped the processor name before (it’s AML8726-MX no AM8726-MX).
    There is this one http://www.geniatech.com/pa/atv1200.asp, but I can’ find retail stores selling it, although it appears to be available to wholesalers: http://www.made-in-china.com/showroom/abbey0411/product-detailNoOJdnAErFcB/China-Android-TV-Box-Dual-Core-ATV1200.html.

    You can see the device in at the start of the video in http://www.cnx-software.com/2012/06/09/geniatech-enjoy-tv-stick-atv100-amlogic-aml8726-m3-android-4-0-hdmi-dongle/

  8. Hey you are right. These geniatech boxes seem to have Dual core amlogic chips in the 1200 and 1600 versions. But these seem to be in development and not relaesed yet. Don know the reputation of these boxes but there seems to be a huge thread on geniatech at android forums.
    Could these seem as better than the mele a#000 series?

    I wish some chinese oem would package a quad core samsung with a mele type case and put it on the market at $150. It would sell like crazy and not just to dev types, to everyone. If google can put up the nexus with a screen, battery, 8 gb ram at $200 (someone did a parts teardown, it costs less to make), why can’t the chinese oem do the same for a cheaper set top box?

  9. @Ninjas
    Geniatech is pretty good, they seem to always be the first to release AMLogic based STB, and I’ve read they write the software for AMLogic SDK, or something like that.

    Google can commit to sell several millions tablets as that brings the price down tremendously, and Chinese OEM might not be able to commit to that kind of volume, as this requires lots of capital and the demand is simply not there for stb, unless you partner with telecom/broadband companies. For now I don’t see the need to get a quad core set-top box is you just want to use it for it’s primary purpose (Watching video, listen to music, maybe play some games). Right now, I don’t see what a quad core stb would add in terms of features or even performance. For people wanting to “hack” it and run Linux on it, and use it as a server for example, that’s an other story, but those are in the minority.

  10. @cnxsoft
    The question I asked:
    “Is this product based on AllWinner cortex A8 or Rockchip RK3066 dual core Cortex A9?”

    The supplier answer:
    “Our product is A9 dual core processor ,its more faster than any other product.we are the fast supplier “

  11. I’ve asked this to Brad, and asking this to you too. Isn’t it strange that no Chinese blog / forum etc. covered / talked or reported on this?

  12. Price:
    US $108.90 / piece + shipping

    CPU: AllWinner

    Under my oppinion this is still very strange. And suggest again waitting for AllWinner Dual core this year (later will be the quad core it seems)

    By the way, Mini-Pc in chinese: 迷你电脑

  13. I have found this device on aliexpress for 89.00 with free shipping
    The link also has front and back pictures of the PCB which show it is indeed the rk3066 soc.

    I’ve also been in talks with the manufacturer of this product and have a sample on it’s way to me. It should arrive late this week sometime.
    It seems to hold a lot of promise and I look forward towards testing it.

  14. @Leo
    I’m not sure it’s possible, but could you ask HK Good to shot and upload a video about the device?
    I ask this because until now I’ve just seen some pictures & screenshots, but I could not see the device in action.

    Edit: If they don’t feel like talking in English, they don’t need to talk, but they could just show the device, show the UI, browser, some games with some background music, just like Pandawill does.

  15. I received my ug802 dual core stick today and I am pretty impressed.
    I received it in Orange coloring. The plastic feels solid and is almost the same size as my Oval Elephant(uhost).

    System Information:
    Model Number: rk30sdk
    Android Version: 4.0.4
    Kernel Version: 3.0.8+ root@hzb-HP-MT #267 SMP PREEMPT Thu Aug 16 22:09:58 CST 2012
    Build Number: rk30_ics_v2.23.00 rk30sdk-eng 4.0.4 IMM76D end.root.20120713.175652 test-keys

    I have a few observations.
    -First off it’s fast. Faster than my Oval Elephant(uhost) and faster than my CX-01.
    -It plays just about everything I’ve tried to throw at it. Including some 16GB 1080p mkv files. Over wifi.
    -Ookla Speedtest came in at 16719kbps download and 5388kbps upload
    -I was able to install Crackle Movies and Tv and stream without problems.(the CX-01 would randomly disconnect)
    -Flash videos work well on the desktop versions of the sites

    I have a couple of problems too.
    -I am unable to run antutu benchmark, attempting to start it causes the device to reboot
    -Quadrant does the same as above.
    -clicking twice while mxplayer is running causes the device to reboot.
    -When the device does reboot I have to turn off the display to reset the audio or else it is distorted.
    -There is no power button. The ability to turn the device off would be very nice. I’m not a big fan of just unplugging to power off.

    The software seems to be a little buggy, but I’m sure it will get better with a firmware update.
    The device itself is very capable. The price is really good. I’ll be keeping this one for sure.

  16. I got antutu to work by plugging the ug802 into a higher power usb 3.0 source. It seems my cellphone adapter wasn’t giving out enough juice.
    Anyway the score it just got is :
    Total Score: 6801
    GPU: 1551
    I/O: 737

    Quadrant standard starts now, but when you try to run a test it never actually runs.

    The device also comes not rooted. I’ll be rooting it later of course.

  17. @deadhp1

    Thanks for the information! Please keep us informed of any news and development of this device. Here are a few points I’m particularly interested in:

    (1) does the device get warm/hot under load? (e.g. HD youtube, flash, etc)

    (2) read/write speed of nand/sdcard/usb thumb drive (I assume that thumb drive works)?

    (3) does the usb port support host mode? (keyboard/mouse/camera/mic)

    (4) do the google playstore/google apps work out of box?

    (5) could you try the free app
    and see if it install (say the light-weight lxde version), and if so, is it usable?


  18. Some answers:
    1) the ug802 gets slightly warm, not nearly as hot as the mk802 or even the uhost. It’s similar to the cx-01 in terms of heat…not much at all.
    It seems that the rk3066 is underclocked to 1.2ghz. I was not able to raise the cpu speed past that with overclocking. The limit must be set in the kernel to prevent overheating.

    2) I haven’t gotten a chance to test nand/sd/usb read or write speeds. Can you recommend an app for that?

    3)I hooked up my wireless keyboard/mouse so far. Tomorrow I’ll check some other things I’ve got around here.

    4)Google Play Store works out of the box. Also side loading of apps is supported.
    I tested:
    MX Player(Hardware decoding!)
    Crackle TV and Movies
    ES File Explorer
    Fieldrunners HD
    Antutu Benchmark
    Antutu CPU
    XBMC-8-27 nightly build(plays avi’s and small mp4’s without a problem. software decoding only)
    a couple of others I can’t quite remember at the moment

    5) I’m picking up another microsd card tomorrow so I’ll give that linux app a shot.

    I hooked the ug802 up to my droid bionic lapdock, but it wasn’t able to detect the resolution properly. It only gave me low resolutions of 720xsomething instead of the native 1360×768 or even 1280×720.(both the uhost and the cx-01 were able to do 1280×720 with the lapdock)
    Even though it was low res. the keyboard/mouse/sound all worked well with the lapdock.

  19. @deadhp1
    Thanks for all the feedback and useful information.
    The Antutu score (6801) vs RK3066 tablets (7900), seems to confirm it’s clocked at 1.2 GHz.
    Antutu measures the NAND flash read/write speed (although it says SD card)

  20. @deadhp1

    Thanks for update! I’d glad to hear about that the rk3066 does not heat up as much as the mk802. When you get a chance, could you run the rk3066 for a hour or two on a loop video and see what the temperature is like?

    I’m a bit disappointed to hear that it does not recognize the lapdock’s resolution. Hopefully it will get fixed in the next firmware (?).

    As for testing the speed of sdcard, you can get the free app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ales.veluscek.sdtools Off hand I don’t know how to test nand speed.


  21. @max
    I bought mine directly from the manufacturer as a sample. I work as a part time consultant for a company that’s let’s just say is “looking to have something built”.
    I’m recommending the group buy to anyone that asks me.

    @sao , @cnxsoft
    Ok in detail view for antutu I have:

    /Sdcard (actually nand):
    SD card write (4.4 MB/s) 44
    SD card read (>50 MB/s) 204

    Using an old 4gb class 10 micro sd card I get:
    SD card write (13.9 MB/s) 139
    SD card read (14.8 MB/s) 148

  22. @sao
    I’ve been running the ug802 for almost 6 hours playing movies.

    I watched Avatar 8gb 1080p mkv and the device was barely warm at the end.

    The rest of the time I’ve been using the 8-27 nightly build of XBMC to stream a playlist of avi’s off my ftp.
    It got a little warmer doing this as xbmc currently doesn’t have hardware decoding.
    Still not nearly as much heat as the mk802 or Oval Elephant. I think all the holes in the case really help with the heat.

    Ok I installed SD Tools and the results are:
    /Sdcard (nand)
    write speed 12.0 MB/s
    read speed 14.0 MB/s
    It wouldn’t let me switch to the actual micro-sd card.
    These values differ quite a bit from the Antutu Values. I don’t know what size files antutu is trying to read or write, but SD Tools says to have 190MB free space to test the speed.

  23. @deadhp1
    thanks for the update. If it is running that cool then I hope someone can be able to run the CPU @1.6 GHz and GPU @400MHz then it’ll be like Chinese OUYA 🙂

    I think Jellybean should be on the way, as most of the 2nd Gen RK3066 tablets are coming with Jellybean 4.1.1 like pipo u1, yuandao N90, cube UG30t etc.

    May be it’s just a wild wish, but since Amlogic and unofficial partner ainol had realeased the source codes for Amlogic processors, this must’ve put pressure on rockchip and it’s tablet partners to release their stuff also.
    I’m checking in various Android tablet forums that suddenly rk3066 chips has become the 2nd preference among developers and aware buyers, in contrast to a month ago when everyone was singing rk3066 quadcore gpu song.

  24. Newbie question:

    (1) How can we tell if this particular mini PC has a locked bootload and/or can boot from sdcard, given that at the moment we don’t have the original firmware, let alone alternative ROM?

    (2) More generally, can we simply swap out the kernel of the exisiting firmware and subsitute for it a different one (e.g. linaro)?

    Thanks for your help!

  25. @max
    It’s possible that the manufacturer may release an update to allow 1.6Ghz. It’s my understanding that they underclocked the board in order to keep both the heat and the power draw down.
    I’m also hoping for JellyBean, but ICS works very well on this device.
    Kernel Source FTW! If Rockchip would only release kernel source they could have a great product.
    There is currently a thread about a source code request to Cube for one of their rk3066 tablets.

    According to the datasheet located here
    the rk3066 supports booting from nand flash, SPI0, and eMMC intefaces.

    I’ve got no idea about the kernel as there is no replacement firmware at the moment. Although I am told the firmware will be released at some point. I just won’t experiment with my device until I can recover from bricking it.

  26. Gossip news from China: Zero Devices to launch RK3066 based model with 8GB?? (and cheaper than this one)

  27. @deadhp1
    1) When you tested the XBMC build on UG802, how was the performance without the hardware decoding? Was it pretty smooth?

    2) There is an article at http://www.cnx-software.com/tag/ug802/ about rooting the UG802. How you tried it and if so, did it work?

    3) How you tried apps from the Google Store to see if it recognizes the device okay?

    4) How do you like the RK3066 based UG802 so far comparing to your CX-01 and MK-802?

    Thanks for writing all the information you have posted so far. Definitely very helpful.

  28. @Giggle
    1)When I tested XBMC performance was smooth on sd avi files and sd mp4 files. I watched several movies and episodes while working and did not notice any problems. Most of those were streaming over wifi.

    2)I think I am the first person to root the ug802. That article is based off my comment of following those directions.
    Rooting was easy and basically the same as rooting a rk3066 based tablet.

    3)I’ve installed many apps from the Google Store.(Launcher Pro, MX Player, ES File Explorer, Crackle TV and Movies, Speedtest.net, Antutu, Antutu CPU, SD Tools, ad blocker, and several games.)

    4)I really like the ug802. It’s very fast and stable. It has great wireless reception. It gets about as hot as the CX-01, maybe even less. Too bad there is no kernel source released.

    The MK-802 is nice if you want to run a custom kernel, rom, or linux. It has a HUGE following. It lacks the raw power of the ug802 and doesn’t seem as refined.

    The CX-01 has a hard time comparing to even the MK-802. The wireless has bad reception and tends to cut out.
    It doesn’t get nearly as hot as the MK-802 and it will also be getting custom kernels and roms.
    Hopefully a firmware update can cure the wireless problems.

    Basically in my order of rating the devices on usability is:
    2)Oval Elephant
    If I had to rate on video playback using the hardware decoder:
    1)Oval Elephant and MK-802
    2)UG802(only because the datasheet says it only supports up to HP@L4.1
    3)CX-01 seemed to choke on some of my 1080p content.

    I gave my Oval Elephant to my brother. I’m keeping the UG802. I’m also keeping the CX-01 in hopes of better firmware. I sold my MK802 before the price crashed on ebay.

    Glad I could help.

  29. @Heaven
    This is obvious, China is not America where you patent squares, rectangles and circles or even similar looking shapes. There is definitely a similar and cheaper may be even a better version must be in the works.
    That’s how they’ve created this amazing hardware manufacturing eco system. Which has grown so hardcore that now looks like its impossible to beat China in cheap electronic hardware manufacturing and reverse engineering.

    Exactly the way you can’t beat America in there suing ecosystem, World’s 70% lawyer’s live in America for obvious reasons. The favorable ecosystem you know 🙂

  30. Just searched aliexpress for “UG802”. Looks like there’s a new model or a new case design (with less holes and an droid logo :p).

  31. @deadhp1
    Thank you so very much for replying with so much details.
    With it rooted now by you, are you able to get apps like Hulu
    to recognize the device. I assume whatever default the device
    is telling the Hulu app might not be on its supported list so such
    apps might not work with the device.

  32. @Giggle
    with XBMC in software mode I tried a couple of 3GB 720p mkv they were not really watchable. It dropped about 5 frames a second. I did however try a mHD 720p 1.18gb 3:30 hour movie and it only really dropped a couple of frames in action scenes. I wouldn’t rely on this to playback 720p in XBMC until they get hardware decoding running.
    I will eventually try XBMC with Diceplayer and see how that goes.

    The ug802 has a slightly newer case design now. It’s a little different from mine. Where I have a rounded section of vents, it has an android logo. I never noticed that area to get hot at all and seems like a good place to put a logo.

    Hulu Plus is the first app that I’m seeing the “This item is not available in your country.” message on. Strange since I am in the US. This also happened to me on the CX-01 with several apps.

  33. deadhp1 :

    Hulu Plus is the first app that I’m seeing the “This item is not available in your country.” message on. Strange since I am in the US. This also happened to me on the CX-01 with several apps.

    It might because those devices have “Chinese” Google Play app store. What happens if you buy a device in the US, and try to use Hulu abroad, would it still work?

  34. @cnxsoft
    I have no idea! I think google controls what you are allowed to download by network location and by carrier.
    In this case I have gone to the play store on my laptop went to my account, then settings.
    All my devices are listed there and the ug802 comes up as
    Maker :Rockchip
    Model: Rk30sdk
    Carrier: China Mobile
    I think the carrier part is what is causing this.

    I’ve attempted a couple of fixes so far, and I’ll keep trying.

  35. Heaven :
    Gossip news from China: Zero Devices to launch RK3066 based model with 8GB?? (and cheaper than this one)

    Reply to myself.

    Maybe today I can get a picture of BETA version.

  36. @Heaven

    It would be cool to see. Any idea if it’s just the same board with more flash? Or is it being built by another manufacturer?

    Just incase anyone wanted to know I’ve now tested the ug802 with a 2.99 ebay usb ethernet adapter(works great) and with a 1tb WD external usb hard drive which also worked great.(NTFS formatted)

    I still need to track down a bluetooth dongle to test with that.

  37. @deadhp1
    I was told the device has a custom name in the build.prop file which won’t allow Google Play app to always show the app you may be looking for.  For example, I was told the Time Warner Cable app doesn’t appear in the UG802 because it’s not a recognized device. The theory is that Hulu app has the issue. Now when it becomes rooted, one can change the product in the build.prop file and supposedly then it will work.

  38. @tuavitxinh
    The web browser can be used at 1080p. You can set the resolution to 1080p and you can also adjust the amount of overscan.

    I’ll take a look and try to message the developer. I’ve been looking at a bunch of rk3066 tablet builds to see what else could be causing it.

  39. I was wondering how much of an issue it is that there is no external power supply. In a living room situation it’s most likely going to be powered by your TV usb, but turning off the TV will be like pulling the plug on it every time. Perhaps with Android it doesn’t matter so much, but do you make sure to shut down android before pulling the plug each time or doesn’t it really matter?


  40. I just leave mine on most of the time. I wouldn’t plug mine into my tv’s usb, I don’t want to wait for it to boot every time I turn on the tube. I’ve been using my usb3 port on my htpc, but now I’m using a 5V/2A ipod charger.

    I don’t really like the current solution that most manufacturers have of killing the power with no shutdown.
    Most of these devices don’t have a way to shutdown safely and are begging to become corrupted.
    The only stick I’ve seen that even includes a software based shutdown button is the Oval Elephant.

  41. @deadhp1

    Can you at least “shutdown” the stick using apps like quickboot (rooted required)? It didn’t work for mk802, if I understand correctly…

    On a different note: If you do managed to get in touch with the developer of the rk3066 ROM mentioned a few posts earlier, could you ask if that ROM — if it works for this stick — could be modified to handle different screen resolution? I’m thinking about the problem you encountered with the lapdock (lapdock is the primary reasion I’m interested in this stick).


  42. deadhp1 :I just leave mine on most of the time. I wouldn’t plug mine into my tv’s usb, I don’t want to wait for it to boot every time I turn on the tube. I’ve been using my usb3 port on my htpc, but now I’m using a 5V/2A ipod charger.
    I don’t really like the current solution that most manufacturers have of killing the power with no shutdown.Most of these devices don’t have a way to shutdown safely and are begging to become corrupted.The only stick I’ve seen that even includes a software based shutdown button is the Oval Elephant.

    Is it always on or has a power switch?

  43. @deadhp1
    Hi Deadhp1, thanks for all the info on the UG802. I also received a sample from UGOOS and totally agree with you, this is a swift and speedy device.
    As far as rooting. I cant seem to get the device “seen” by my pc, so rooting is impossible. Can you give a bit more detailled description on the rooting process. What connectors do you use for example, do you use the ” powercable (micro usb to usb) or the host connection.. And did you activate the menu “connect to pc” in the settings as well?


  44. I used the app Market Access to unlock the market today. It seems that the ug802 is identifying itself as belonging to china mobile. So I set mine to tmobile us.
    Now I have been able to install Hulu Plus, Netflix, and I have access to paid apps.
    I didn’t notice that ALL paid apps were blocked for me before this.
    I did mention this to the manufacturer so hopefully they will fix this in firmware, but they seem quite busy as of right now.
    Keep in mind that I have a pre-production sample ug802 and I know they have made some changes to the production firmware.(home screen and more apps)

  45. @sao
    Quickboot does work and turns the device off for a second, but then it reboots. The problem is that you have to be ready to pull the cable if you want to shut down this way because the ug802 is up and running in about 10 seconds.
    It just boots too damn quick.

    I’ve just been enjoying having the full market….and now I have insufficient space. If it’s not one thing it’s another!

  46. @deadhp1
    That’s great news. Thanks for figuring everyone out for the rest of us. I was waiting to see if you have any luck before possibly pulling the trigger on one as I have my eyes set on this device right now. So after you installed Hulu Plus, it runs okay and the app is not complaining about unsupported device? If so, that is awesome.

  47. Ok so I managed to get a market fix to work permanently.
    I spent a while searching, but I found others who had this problem. That led me to the instructions from Compu_Guy which is found in the link below.
    Our TelephonyManager.smali files is a bit different so I’ve simply removed 2 steps and changed the number we’re looking to replace.

    Keep in mind that this could send you on a boot loop, brick your device, cause you to worship the sun, eat earthworms and I won’t be held responsible.

    First off you need to be rooted and your system mounted as R/W. Also if you’re on windows you will have to install JRE 1.6 and add that to path so you can run apktool.(there are instructions in the apktool wiki)

    “Here are the steps that I followed.

    1) Download apktool from here:
    I used the Windows version, so there are two files that you need to download. Load both of those into a directory.

    2) Grab your framework.jar file from you tablet. This is located in /system/framework

    3) Copy this file to the same folder that you put the apktool

    4) Open a command prompt and run apktool with this command: apktool d framework.jar

    5) This creates a folder called framework.jar.out that contains the smali files. Open this folder and go to smali/android/telephony

    6) Open TelephonyManger.smali with a good text editor. On Windows, I use Notepad++.

    7) Look for the string of 46002. I just replaced this with 310260. In my case, there are two instances of it.

    8) When you are done, save the file.

    9) What I then did was renamed the framework.jar file to framework-old.jar

    10) Now from your command prompt run apktool b framework.jar.out
    This will recompile a new jar file for you. The file will be placed in framework.jar.out/dist.

    11) Now open this file with a good zip editor (IZarc, 7zip, etc). There will be a classes.dex file.

    12) If you open your original one, you will see there is also a META-INF folder and preloaded-classes file. I copied these out of the original and into the new file.

    13) Copy the new framework.jar file on your tablet and replace the existing one.(Make sure to check the permissions on the new framework.jar)

    14) Restart!”

    You may want to clear Play Store’s cache and data before you load it after doing this.
    I’ve uploaded my modified framework.jar here
    I have no idea if it will work in newer firmwares, so when in doubt do the steps above.

    Btw the number 46002 is for China Mobile, the number 310260 is for T-Mobile US.

  48. Someone on the rikomagic.co.uk site — a different seller, I believe — just posted a series of unbox videos for the UG802:

    Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WntkZB5s1NM
    Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2baGH83vLi4
    Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3CSjDxh4vk

    Of particular interests (to me) is part 3 of the video, where he tries to boot an lubuntu image off the sdcard. Apparently (?) the unit recognizes the lubuntu image but in the end android got booted up.

  49. @sao

    As I shot the video I thought it picked up lubuntu because of the penguins and there was a slight delay, but since, I’m less and less sure. The video was all ad hoc and not scripted and so in the end though it was only a try on a whim and I did not expect it to work because of the differences involved but I did it because I wanted to get any rumors squashed about the unit ASAP (there’s too many already) so that the proof as they say is in the pudding in the video. If LINUX shows up for this unit eventually, let it do it in it’s own right so to speak and not through weaselwording and misinformation of folks and such.

  50. I see someone else has ordered the ugly orange color I like so much. heh
    I’m not really a fan of the stock launcher. I installed Launcher Pro for a much better experience.

  51. @EnvyThisStuff
    How much will you be selling this for? I am close to ordering one so asking to see if I should hold off and wait for you or not. Will you be incorporating the google play store fix and rooting posted by deadhp1 before shipping?

  52. @EnvyThisStuff
    I really wouldn’t expect linux to show up for this device. Rockchip generally does not release it’s source code.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’d be thrilled, but I wouldn’t buy the ug802 expecting it to run linux.

    I watched your videos on my ug802. I think the speed issues have to do with your router. I didn’t have any problems with wifi speed. I’m on a fast fiber connection.
    With antutu overclocking you’re not able to install it because the market thinks you are in china.
    The max you can overclock to is 1.2ghz. It’s already set to that!
    You’ll need to fix your market in order to get full access. Until then you will be limited to free apps and only those available in china. I posted instructions yesterday.

    Regarding your attempt to boot Lubuntu…. The penguins are there even without the sd card it’s just a splash screen in the kernel. I have them on mine too.
    I don’t believe these units are capable of using the u-boot file from the MK802.

    For connecting the ug802 to the lapdock I removed the casing from the dock portion of the dock. I then used the micro-usb plug into the ug802 and an hdmi to micro-hdmi converter with an female to male hdmi cable. It wasn’t able to detect the display properly and was in low resolution mode. However keyboard/touchpad/sound all worked.

  53. Thanks for all the updates! I agree that we probably will never get the source of this; my hope is that the SoC has enough juice to run linux chroot and still have something useable.

    Indep of all that we do need recovery, and hopefully improved firmware. A little google (rockchip + u-boot) turns up these link:

    http://wenku.baidu.com/view/a6246c000740be1e650e9a2d.html (a document, in Chinese, about (and changing?) uboot for rk28** — sorry I can’t read Chinese)

    http://www.freaktab.com/showthread.php?1053-RK2918-set-top-box-linux-installation (recovery on rk2918, NOT linux)

    so hopefully we can get recovery on rk3066… “We” of course mean “hard-working genius developers” 🙂

  54. I think the firmware will evolve as it has with the MK802, in twists and turns, it just seems to be the nature of these things, and so, we’ll have to deal with it, just as it’s being dealt with for now.

    As to LINUX, there is potential in both directions so we’ll have to see which way it ends up, but for now, it’s wishful thinking.

  55. @deadhp1
    Have you gotten a chance to try the XBMC build with diceplayer. StaticaDK from xda-developers forum mentioned this special build may allow for HW decoding to 1080p via diceplayer. Sounds promising.

  56. Diceplayer doesn’t support hardware decoding on the rk3066.
    On another note I got a netflix account and it works great on the UG802.

  57. @deadhp1
    I read with the CX-01, which you also have, Netflix navigation can be sluggish. Sounds like the RK3066 doesn’t have that sluggish navigation issue. That is terrific.

  58. @deadhp1
    How is the wifi connectivity? I read the CX-01 has wifi related issues. They say the UG802 has an improved antenna design to boost wifi strength and connectivity. What is your opinion?

  59. I’ve found that the wifi on the ug802 is much better than the cx-01. It’s even better than my Oval Elephant was.
    The cx-01 has major disconnect problems with the wifi. I’m going to try to solder an external antenna onto the cx-01 in an effort to solve it.

  60. The sluggishness of the MK802 and the intermittent wifi problems of the MK802 and the heat problems of the MK802 seem to be non-existant on the things we tried on the UG802 so far.

  61. I’m not sure….I’ve been using a logitech rf usb keyboard/trackpad and a Rii Mini keyboard/trackpad.
    Does that mouse work with android or do you need special software in windows to pair it?

  62. I’ve been in touch with the manufacturer and working on this for a few weeks now.
    A custom version of the ug802 with much higher specs.(2GB ram, 16GB nand, full 1.6GHZ)

    The minimum order quantity is very high for a custom version so I’ve had to resort to crowdfunding.
    I’ve started an campaign at IndieGoGo.

  63. @deadhp1

    That’s exciting news! Unfortunately I already ordered one through the group buy, so I would have to sit this one out…

    That said, if the one I ordered work well, I would consider getting the improved version if the following issues are addressed:

    1) unlocked bootloader
    2) ability to boot from sdcard (maybe even from usb drive)
    3) proper support of different screen resolutions
    4) bluetooth driver
    5) proper shutdown (e.g. via the quickboot app)

    (1) and (2) do NOT require releasing source codes!
    (3), (4) and (5) do not require releasing source codes. They do require changes to the source, but (3) should be very simple (config files), and (4) basically requires (re)compiling the kernel with the BT driver. For (5), quickboot works on every rooted android device I’ve ever used (I never used an allwinner A10 device).

    Of course I would love to run linux native, or at least CM10, but I know better not to hold my breath 🙁

    One more note: How does recovery work on the current UG802, and would the improved one support e.g. clockworkmod? That feature alone would make me seriously consider getting the improved one.

  64. @sao
    No worries on ordering one. I know how it goes. If you already have one of these then it’s only really worth buying another if you outgrow the current one.

    But to address your issues:

    1) I’m not sure the bootloader is even locked.

    2) The ability to boot from the sd card would have to be supported by the SOC rk3066 which I’m not sure it does.

    3)When I plug my ug802 into my TV it does give me a list of resolutions to choose from in the settings. The only TV like device I’ve had problems with is the Motorola Lapdock. This actually annoyed me alot and I have conveyed this to the manufacturer.

    4) I think there may actually be bluetooth drivers installed. There is even a bluetooth menu in Settings. I just can’t test this because I don’t have a bluetooth dongle.

    5) I have also talked to the manufacturer about having a proper soft shutdown button. The problem that is faced with this is that when the device is plugged in it is powered all the time.

    The Quick Boot app does work. It shuts down, but since power is applied via the usb cable it starts back up. Not only does it start up, but you only have about 10 seconds since the ug802 boots so quickly. If you choose Recovery through Quickboot it boots to an image of an android with a ! in its chest. If you choose Bootloader it shuts down and doesn’t seem to reboot, but the led stays lit.

    Most of these issues can be solved with a firmware update and a new kernel….though the power off problem may remain. I’ll keep asking about these things as I continue my talks.

    I have requested the kernel source, and they ignored it as usual. I have also requested a downloadable firmware image and was told they will put it online at some point.

    Personally I’d like to see these issues solved without buying a new device, but through a firmware update on the current devices.

    One of the things I’d like to do if my project is a success is to supply samples to experienced rk3066 tablet devs so that we can enjoy some custom roms like CM10 and ClockworkMod. I’ve seen clockworkmod running on rk3066 based tablets so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get for us.

    I’d just like more options.
    I want more ram. I want/need more space(I ran out of space for apps and loading off the sd card is a bit slower).
    I do want to run linux. It’s my favorite os, but I don’t see it happening with this setup anytime soon.
    I’ve even contacted Ubuntu about possibly getting Ubuntu For Android on this device(still waiting for a first reply).

    Who knows what we’ll see when people actually get the ug802 in their hands. I expect a lot of cool things ahead.

  65. @deadhp1

    Pertaining to the Google Play Store fix you found, did you forwarded that to the manufacturer? Just wondering if that is going to be incorporated into the next firmware update.

    On firmware update, is there a website that they provided you to get firmware updates? Have you tried updating the firmware since you got your device?

  66. I haved pointed the manufacturer in the right direction and sent the fix to them. I haven’t even gotten a reply.
    As for the firmware update I was told it would be available at some point. I’d really like to get a downloadable update too.
    CWM has been ported to rk3066 tablets, and getting it to work on here should be simple.

    A plus side is once we have CWM running is that fixing the Play Store could be done with a quick zip.

  67. @deadhp1
    Any major bugs you encountered with their firmware? Your posts sound pretty positive with the UG802 so it doesn’t sound like there is any other major bugs so far, besides the Google play store issue, which you have already developed a fix for.

  68. I haven’t experienced major bugs at all. It’s been running 24/7 for a while now.
    There are a couple of issues but those can be solved with a firmware update.
    The main issue other than the Play Store is having a software based power button.
    This isn’t an issue if you leave it on all the time.

  69. @deadhp1
    For your wifi connectivity usage, do you have your UG802 stick behind being a television? And how far away is it from your router? Do you have the free wifi analyzer app installed? If so, what does it show for your wifi signal strength in dBm for your current setup?

  70. @yoda
    I have 2 routers at my location. My UG802 is plugged into the back of the tv.
    First test with UG802:
    The first one is a n-router located about 55ft away through 2 floors and multiple rooms. -65dBm
    The second is an old g-pocket router located in the next room maybe 10ft away through 1 wall. -56dBm

    I decided to break out the cx-01 to test it:
    First router -73dBm
    Second router -61dBm

    I also compared netflix between the 2 units. Netflix on the UG802 looks pretty good and I’ve never had it buffer.
    Netflix on the CX-01 was a choppy low quality stream that buffered every couple of minutes.
    Hope that helps!

    I got a new hdmi adapter in the mail today and retested my Motorola Laptop. It now displays at 1280×720 without problem. Plugged my old cable in and back down to 720×540. Weird since the other cable works with the cx-01 and the oval elephant just fine.

  71. @deadhp1
    Have you tried a USB webcam with built in mic with this? That was a major problem with Mk802 that either the camera worked or the mic but they did not work together. Have you tried this combination?

  72. @cnxsoft
    One reason why it is almost the same price as the MK802 II is the fact that this is based on the rockchip chip and the source might never be available and you may never be able to install other os on it (unlike the MK802 II which does allow you to boot other OSes from the external card)

  73. The mk802 also got a shutdown revision I think. They said tht they had put in a software based power down. Not sure if ug802 has that

  74. @Mocha
    I have not tried XBMC using MX Player as an external player. I do however use MX Player to play a lot of videos on the UG802.

    I currently don’t have a webcam with microphone. I’m also lacking a usb bluetooth dongle to test.

    Currently the ug802 doesn’t have a software shutdown button. I have asked the manufacturer to include this in their next firmware update.

  75. @cnxsoft
    It was actually $79 on Pandawill a few days ago. I noticed it dropped from $79 to $69. There are a couple of other online stores based in China selling it for $64.95 and $69.95, so Pandawill may have dropped their own prices to compete with those China based stores. Pandawill itself is also based out of China.

  76. @deadhp1
    I sold MK802II and have UG802 yesterday. The performance of this device is good as your comment but the image output to tv is not clear as MK802II: darkker, redder and like less Color depth (bit). Does your UG802 have same problem like mine?

  77. @deadhp1
    Did you get a chance to test a USB webcam (with built in mic) with it? It would be great if you can do that and let us know if it works or not. I have ordered mine and it will be with me in about 10-15 days so really looking forward in finding out what works and what not. Most of the other things are working as you have explained earlier, but it is just the webcam working with Skype/Google+ etc that I am now interested in.

  78. @deadhp1
    I tried to root. Fallowed your instructions and it did not work for me. How did you connect the device to your PC? Mini usb cable to PC does not detect devise. I used Moborobo but it does not detect the UG802? It did not install drivers. Any tips for getting this rooted. Drivers to install? Thanks

  79. I received one of my webcams today. It was supposed to have a built in mic, and it does. The only problem is that it expects me to have a line input which I don’t have.
    Anyhow tested the webcam on skype, and the webcam works. There is just no sound because the mic isn’t hooked up.
    Hopefully the next camera will do the mic over usb.

  80. @deadhp1: Can you tell how u managed to replace the framework.jar? I connected the Ug802 via moborobo BUT can’t see it in adb :S

  81. @deadhp1
    Do you have experience wifi issues with your UG802 if you connect it to a weaker power supply source? You mentioned previously you had Antutu related issues with the UG802 when you had orginally used a weaker power supply source. When you had that Anutu issue with the weaker power supply source, did you also experience wifi issues then?

  82. @deadhp1
    A UG802 review will be posted here in about 10 hours. Skype is working with USB webcam, Bluetooth (USB dongle) does not work with the current firmware. I don’t have the device so I can’t really provide more details myself.

  83. I wish I could help you guys with the wifi problem. I just don’t have this problem at all.
    Anyhow right now I’m unpacking the rom posted over on oval elephant in order to setup clockworkmod.

  84. Booting into recovery mode on my ug802 has never worked. It has always just brought up an android with a red exclamation point. I wanted to get clockworkmod running.
    I’ve been reading this thread http://dragondevs.com/viewtopic.php?f=167&t=414 and http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/37836-cwm-5504-for-rk3066-tablets/ about clockworkmod for rk3066 based tablets by ChristianTroy.

    So I extracted the parameters file from the oval elephant update.img and placed it into the cwm zip file.

    This is only a test. I was successful in making a backup. I have not tried to restore or anything else.
    Arrow Keys work to navigate.
    I am not responsible if you brick your device!!

    Below are the steps I followed.

    1) Download ug802_CWM_5.5.0.4.zip from http://www17.zippyshare.com/v/97384066/file.html

    2)Extract the zip into a folder.

    3) In order to flash the recovery using RKandroidtool I had to run terminal emulator and type in:
    reboot bootloader

    4)Install drivers from the CWM folder when prompted.

    5) Run RKAndroidTool.exe from the cwm folder.

    After following the instructions I was rebooted into clockworkmod.

    I can now boot into CWM by typing into terminal emulator:
    reboot recovery

    It should be noted that QuickBoot app does allow you to reboot into Bootloader.
    It also allows you to reboot into CWM recovery, but once in CWM the keyboard doesn’t work. So make sure you use a terminal emulator to reboot into recovery and not the QuickBoot app.

  85. I forgot to add at step 4)Install drivers from the CWM folder when prompted.
    If windows cannot find drivers then goto Control Panel—>Device Manager—>Other Devices—->Unknown Device.
    Right Click and choose Update Driver Software.
    Choose Browse my computer for driver software and navigate to where you have extracted ug802_CWM_5.5.0.4.zip. The drivers are located in the drivers directory.

  86. @usr
    I’ve been feeding my ug802’s either through a 5V/1A power adapter, a 5V/2A power adapter, or a USB 3.0 port.
    It depends which room I’m in.
    My 1.6ghz ug802(Dual Droid Stick) crashes on the 5V/1A adapter(not enough power), but the 1.2GHZ models seem to work fine.

  87. @deadhp1
    Not sure if you can tell or not, do you know if your 1.2 GHz models had the same firmware installed as the Oval Elephant, since you downloaded the ROM from Oval Elephant.

  88. I think the downloadable firmware for the ug802 at oval elephant is newer. It has a build date of 9/3/2012.
    The firmware on my oldest sample was built 7/13/2012
    The most recent I’ve got was 8/29/2012
    So the newest so far is the download from oval elephant.

  89. Deadhp1
    Could you please tell the model number of the usb lan adapter You used? Or provide me with a link?
    Thanks in advance.

  90. @all
    Here is a nice video of UG802 from Pandawill

    At the 7:03 mark of the UG802 video posted by Pandawill, they show their settings screen up close. It looks like the same build number as yours. Since they posted the video on 9/14/2012, maybe that is the most current version of the firmware.

  91. @deadhp1
    Just visited the website ugoos.net and found that they have put an update.img file over there at the link


    I have not yet received my UG802 from gadgetgreats but can anyone having the stick try and see what is this update.img file? looks like a firmware update as the file size is 262MB. May be they have provided either the original or an updated firmware which fixes a few things. Can anyone with the stick try and check it out?

  92. Also the file name suggests that the firmware was uploaded today (9.17 today’s date). So may be they have come up with a latest firmware. Can you guys give it a quick test and see if it works?

  93. @KM
    Someone did downloaded the supposedly latest 9/17 firmware. Unfortunately, it has the same MD5 checksum as the 9/3 firmware. Which means it is 100% exactly the same as the 9/3 firmware. They only renamed it to 9/17. Strange they did that. Kinda misleading actually. So the 9/17 firmware still has the wifi issue since it is just the 9/3 version, ony renamed. You can read about the MD5 checksum check here at http://www.ovalelephant.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1115&start=10 .

  94. hi Guys,

    Sorry if this has caused any confusion but since I have not receive my stick so I could not test it myself. Otherwise I could have done that myself and updated you all. It looks like it is the same firmware as the product is shipping with nowadays. Anyhow I have found sort of another version of this stick which has 8GB storage and a female HDMI port. The price seems to be almost identical at around $65. It also suggests there is Jellybean on it. Here is the link. Rest of the specs look the same as UG802:


  95. a small correction to previous post, it has mini USB instead of micro usb (looked at the pictures after my post) and I have realized that they have not mentioned the GPU at all so it may not have the Mali 400 GPU as in the UG802. It also does not mention any support for full HD videos at 1080p so this one may be without the Mali GPU after all.

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