Dual Droid TV Stick based on Rockchip RK3066 with 2GB RAM & 16GB Flash

Lately, there seems to have been a fair amount of interest for a Rockchip RK3066 mini PC (aka UG802) running Android 4.0, and the first mini PC to feature a dual core processor. I’m often reading people complaining about the lack of RAM on those devices, and some others would rather run most things from flash than an SD card for performance reason.

Dual Droid TV Stick

But you might be able to get a more powerful mini PC soon, as deadhp1, a reader of this blog would left lots of feedback about Ug802, have been talking with manufacturer to design an HDMI TV stick based on UG802 platform, but with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB Flash, and the processor would be clocked at 1.6GHz instead of 1.2 GHz. The device is called “Dual Droid TV Stick” with the slogan: “Two brains are better than one”. The specifications would be as follows:

  • OS – Android 4.04
  • SoC – 1.6Ghz Dual Core Cortex A9 RK3066 SOC with Mali 400MP4 Quad Core GPU
  • RAM – 2GB RAM
  • Storage – 16GB NAND Flash+ microSD card slot
  • Connectivity – Wifi b/g/n with Direct Connect
  • Video output – Male HDMI 1.4
  • USB – USB 2.0 host port + micro USB port for power

However, for this to happen, manufacturers would need a minimum order of around 1.000 pieces to cover the cost of development and bring the price to an acceptable level, which is why deadhp1 launched a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo.com. The first 100 pieces would be sold for $115 and the subsequent sponsors would have to pay $125. You also need to add $10 to $15 for shipping.

It’s still unclear which accessories (cables, power adapter…) will be provided with the stick from the Indiegogo page. You should get a pretty good Android experience on this stick, but you may not be able to get a proper Linux port due to Rockchip policies with regards to open source software.

This product is still at the development stage, and it should available sometimes in December 2012.

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56 Replies to “Dual Droid TV Stick based on Rockchip RK3066 with 2GB RAM & 16GB Flash”

  1. Rockchip seems to wait a few months after they release a new SoC before releasing sources. Same thing happened with the 2918 which didn’t get kernel source until November last year I think. Hopefully this November we may see 3066 source. I think they are afraid of competitors learning too much about their chips. They won’t care once they have a newer SoC available to replace the 3066.

  2. I’m not sure, but in regard of openness and Linux porting etc. Then Amlogic chips are looking more feasible. And an Amlogic DualCore8726-MX6 with 2GB ram would certainly looks more promising to me.

    Ainol has lunched a tablet named Crystal with Jellybean and DualCore Amlogic 8726-MX, Ainol Elf2 already got linaro running on it. so i guess a better choise in this regard.

  3. hi, excellent idea with the 2g ram and if this is a custom build relying on pre-orders then why not be a bit more flexible and do the following:

    – poll the base and determine if a raspi type casing (slightly larger, better airflow) is preffered to a tv plug casing.
    – talk to J1nx and add on a heat sink
    – put in a physical on / off button

  4. @Romonid
    Good questions!

    -I thought about getting the units bare ala raspberry pi, but after tossing the idea around a couple of people, they weren’t interested in that. There are other rk3066 based units out right now that have a bigger casing.
    I wanted to keep with the tv stick sizing. For it’s intended purpose it’s perfect.

    -I follow j1nx’s site and saw the passive cooling mod. I haven’t had any problems with heat like the mk802. There just isn’t enough heat buildup.

    -I was told that a physical on/off button would add substantial cost to the project due to the pcb needing to be rerouted.

    My original idea for the case was much different.
    I wanted a heat sink and a small external antenna with a u.fl connector on the board. I also wanted a mesh top above the heat sink and an aluminum(really dreaming) or plastic caseheld together with 4-6 torx screws. It just costs too much to do.
    No one wants to pay $170-$200 for this device…just because it’s pretty. I know I don’t.

    I’ll leave it up to others to mod it with heat sinks, u.fl connectors, and external antennas.
    Lot’s of people have 3d printers these days so new cases could be printed up by individuals.

    I really wanted a aml8726-mx6 based board. I even talked to a manufacturer that makes an aml8726-m3 based stick. They claimed the heat buildup was too great for the dual core. They could make it, but it would have to be underclocked to 600mhz-800mhz. The price is a decent amount higher too.
    I agree that the aml8726 series is a better choice for linux at this point. Just the fact that you can compile a kernel for it is great.

  5. @deadhp1
    Are you the person who own this project? Then Nice to meet you. 🙂

    Just saw today Ainol Launched a new model Named Crystal which is same like DualCore Amlogic 8726-MX6 processor Jellybean 4.1 1GB RAM 8GB NAND with MVA 1024×600 Capacitive screen is selling for around $109.

    Now that’s with MVA 7″ capacitive touch panel means atleast $30 -35 cost depending on quantity and source plus you add body nand/packing paraphernalia cost etc.
    So an Amlogic 8726MX stick should cost the same as the RK3066 one. As both tablet segment sell the similar tablets on almost same prices.
    I have personally tested the Yundao N70 and ElF2, They both produce almost similar heat.

    Its just a mistry to me hy these Chinese reverse engineers are not coming up with the Amlogic sticks? May be a something we (non Chinese) people do not know.

  6. Thanks for your replies deadhp. Oh well, cant have everything I suppose.

    Max. Geniatech has a new a dual core dongle/stick. I assume it is AMLogic since they seem to only use that line.

  7. Geniatech has all kinds of stuff but their dual core products are really MIA. They announced them and that about it.
    I think heat buildup mostly depends of manufacturing and if Amlogic uses 40nm as I think it does , same as Rockchip then heat should be just about the same.

  8. I had a very hard time finding the Geniatech atv100 when I was just looking for an XBMC stick. That was actually around the time when I asked them about making a Dual Core version. In June.
    I’ve fired off another email to them and have asked a couple of questions.

  9. I’m going to stick with what I already have setup. The manufacturer of the UG802 is decent to work with.

    I have been unable to get MOQ or unit pricing from Geniatech. They also will not send me a sample.

  10. @deadhp1
    A lot of Chinese manufacturers do fake it. They just list the 3D models with nice realistic textures, render with mental ray and nice occlusion pass to make it look as real as possible with no actual product ready in hand. Better to work with people who listen and respond to you.

    On a side note, Amlogic QUADCORE tablet is in testing phase in Ainol Factory. One of the suppliers told me. Can’t be very sure that he told me just to hold me from buying ramos quad or telling me the truth.

    So a QuadCore Amlogic processor should be on way.

  11. @max
    I don’t think Geniatech is faking it. They do make good products.
    They are just unwilling to work with an individual and would prefer to work with a large company. I have a feeling their MOQ will be like 2-3000 units.
    It’s just easier to work with someone who wants your business.

    Actually a lot quad core processors are on the horizon right now.
    Allwinner a15 and rockchip rk32xx spring to my mind. I don’t doubt that quad core Amlogic will be out very soon.

    I’m sticking with the rk3066 dual core because it provides all the performance I need at the moment. I just want a bit more ram and storage.

  12. This new unit needs Bluetooth. Without bluetooth you can’t use a ps3 wireless controller for android games. Or any other bluetooth devices like your android phone to link up as a remote control…ect The only pc stick out their that has built in bluetooth is the FXI “Cotton Candy” device for $200. You should consider this fact in marketing this new device. The cost would be minmal and you have a hugh advantage over similar mini pc units.

  13. @Jack
    I talked to the manufacturer about bluetooth, I was not able to get a price though.
    They did not seem thrilled about adding it. I imagine it’s because they already have a huge amount of wifi b/g/n chips in stock. They won’t make ANY changes to the ug802 without a very large order.

    If the IndieGogo gets close to it’s goal I will press them again about bluetooth before the Indiegogo ends and update there.

    I can’t make promises about bluetooth, but it is one of the things that was on my original list of modifications and caused a little tension between myself and the manufacturer.

  14. Even if they add more flash to these I think it’s highly unlikely they will also add more RAM. As for bluetooth think it should be pretty easy to add a cheapo USB adaptor. Need to find one that works with the kernel this thing has which might not be so easy.

  15. @Marius
    If the project does go through they WILL add more ram and flash.
    The whole reason why I need to get a large order together is the extra ram.
    If it was just extra flash we could have that done with a MOQ of 500.

    If I did get them to include bluetooth it would not be in dongle form. I’d want it on the wifi pcb.
    A bluetooth usb dongle would be the fastest way to get it working, but it takes up the usb port.

  16. @Jz
    I’ll explore the option of another usb port, but they will most likely tell me it’s not possible within the time frame as the pcb would have to be rerouted. It’s not just that, the molding for the case would have to be reworked. This would add more cost to the project which is already cutting it close.

    I believe they have there own team working on ICS and JB. They don’t seem willing to work on a Linux port.
    I think they use a rockchip sdk to build their android ports. If you look at alot of rk3066 based tablets the model is called rk30sdk.

  17. @deadhp1
    This is actually a very good product for it’s time and price. This is almost a Chinese version of OUYA, minus the American glamour + marketing gimmick and a Kickstarter hype.

    I still can’t believe people bought that OUYA thing even after knowing that it’ll be released in March 2013. I salute to Americans. 🙂

  18. In contact with press department I received this picture from Zero Devices: http://fotos.subefotos.com/3e3ae909aa31515960ea176f6f6bf4cbo.jpg

    This is Zero Devices Z2C with RockChip 3066 (Cortex A9), 1GB RAM, 8GB NAND FLASH
    2 Free USB ports + 1 USB for charger
    WiFi, HDMI, Micro SD up to 32Gb
    Supports external HDD up to 5TB

    Unknow price yet… maybe someone can ask Zero Devices and request more info (I sent lots of emails these last days, maybe tired about me, hahaha). I usually write reviews in forums so I’m very interested on get a Z2C

  19. @Lucian
    Interesting alternative.
    Not bad for those wanting an extra USB port and a little more built in space.
    Any idea if this is based off the UG802 or the Minix rk3066 dongle?
    It looks like it has a female HDMI so I’m guessing it’s based off the Minix dongle.

    I’m still working on the Dual Droid TV Stick project though.
    I want more ram and space than the UG802 or the Zero Devices Z2C provide.

  20. @deadhp1 is an aml chip out of the question for you at this stage? Do you have any stats that indicate how it compares to rk3066; all I can tell is that aml seems to be more ‘known’.

  21. @Lucian
    I’m not sure where you can see the Minix Neo 4’s motherboard picture as that device isn’t released it.(coming end of September/early October). It has 8gb of storage too.
    The UG802’s motherboard can be seen at this online store http://www.aliexpress.com/item/First-Dual-Core-UG802-Android-Mini-PC-Upgrade-of-MK802-IPTV-1G-RAM-4GB-ROM-Quad/618712540.html

    At this stage I think the AML chip is out of the question for the project. I just haven’t been able to get enough communication from them.

    From the stats I’ve seen they are really close in performance.
    The rk3066 does better in graphics due to the quad core gpu. The AML only has a dual core gpu.
    The antutu scores of the aml8726mx is ~6400. I’ve seen lower on it too.
    My lowest antutu score of the normally underclocked(1.2ghz)UG802 with a rk3066 was 6310. My highest was 7182.

    The only 2 real benefits of AML chip is Kernel Source and the XBMC port(Pivos XIOS) has hardware decoding for it’s vpu.
    I’m holding out hope for XBMC hardware decoding for android in general. It will come eventually.

  22. @Lucian
    Looks pretty clean. However if it was going to have an extra usb port wouldn’t a full size work better than a 2nd mini?

    Anyhow I’m ordering a sample of the Minix Neo 4 just for kicks. I’ll probably order the Zero Devices Z2C when it comes out too.

    I still hope that people decide they want a little more and order a Dual Droid TV Stick.
    Keep in mind that if we don’t reach our Fixed Funding goal all funds are returned.

  23. Gah, I’m torn. I want more RAM in my devices but I also want some guaranteed proper linux support (android doesn’t count). Also at this price it’s straying into Odroid-X ranges. Thanks but no thanks, nice one for actually getting off your butt and doing this though 🙂 I think I’ll ask hardkernel if they can get their hands on the upgraded 1.6GHz 2GB RAM units Samsung are using in their Note 2.

  24. The Odroid-X is a really nice solution if you need linux. It’s great if you want to hack around.
    It just isn’t a finished consumer product.
    For example if you want wireless and built in nand storage that’s an extra $48 right there.
    With those 2 options you’re looking at $177 before shipping.
    And then there is the cost of making a case for it.

    I’ll still get one eventually, but I have to make this project a priority for now.

  25. @deadhp1

    deadhp1 :
    Looks pretty clean. However if it was going to have an extra usb port wouldn’t a full size work better than a 2nd mini?
    Anyhow I’m ordering a sample of the Minix Neo 4 just for kicks. I’ll probably order the Zero Devices Z2C when it comes out too.
    I still hope that people decide they want a little more and order a Dual Droid TV Stick.
    Keep in mind that if we don’t reach our Fixed Funding goal all funds are returned.

    http://zero-devices.com/contact.php you can request a sample… I already bought mine.

  26. Well, it’s normal, there is at least 5 versions of Z802, MK802, AK802… so on even with different CPUs. This is the China market.

  27. @Lucian
    Well most of the mk802’s had the same pcb. Only recently has the mk802 casing been used with different pcbs.

    What I like about the rk3066 sticks is so far the pcb’s are different. The z2c(mk808) is starting to grow on me a bit. I like the reset button most of all. I’ve contacted the mk808 manufacturer for samples as well as MOQ for my specs.

  28. @David
    Upgraded specs are:
    2GB of Ram(the max supported by rk3066)
    16GB of Storage

    Bluetooth may be a possibility.
    Ethernet however would require a major redesign of the pcb and the case.

    I’m thinking of going with another company, and am waiting for a sample and a price quote.
    However, they seem more interested in the project and are willing to make more modifications to the pcb.

    I’ll inquire about ethernet after I get my sample. I’d like built in ethernet as well. Just have to see what the added costs would be.

  29. @deadhp1

    Thank you deadhp1. the best that i’m could make is wish good luck. i’m view some days ago that Tomato have a set top box with rk3066. with the “set top box” design board, i’m think that it’s more easy to having ethernet.

    i’m having a research and i’m found this company. take a look. http://www.giayee.com/product/android-tv.html

    deadhp1: you have a forum or something method to collaborate with you? i’m think that there are some persons that find to collaborate with your cause

  30. deadhp1 :
    Well most of the mk802′s had the same pcb. Only recently has the mk802 casing been used with different pcbs.
    What I like about the rk3066 sticks is so far the pcb’s are different. The z2c(mk808) is starting to grow on me a bit. I like the reset button most of all. I’ve contacted the mk808 manufacturer for samples as well as MOQ for my specs.

    MK808 is here: http://www.sainsmart.com/sainsmart-ss808-pc-on-a-stick-for-android-4-1-dual-core-1-6-ghz-a9-processor-1gb-ddr3-8gb-internal-storage-dual-wifi-module-on-board.html

  31. @deadhp1
    i have a Z2C that freezes at startup, it goes to the “android” logo and freezes completely. You have any idea about how to deal with it? Tks in advance

  32. You could probably try an MK808 firmware as well.
    I believe that the Z2C is mostly the same as the original MK808.(At least the PCB looks very familiar.)

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