Jesurun Xplus H25 Mini PCs with Rotating HDMI Port, DLNA Support

Jesurun Xplus H25 mini PCs are typical Android 4.0 AllWinner A10 and Rockchip RK3066 mini PCs, expect for one slight mechanical difference: The HDMI male port can rotate and possibly allow the mini PC to be inserted directly into the TV in case where other may not. Of course, one option could always be to buy a cheap HDMI rotating adapter or an HDMI cable to connect the device, but I find having this option within the device is neater.

Let’s look at the specs of the single core version:

  • SoC – AllWinner A10 with Mali-400 GPU
  • System Memory – 1GB RAM
  • Storage – 4GB NAND Flash + TF card slot
  • USB – 1x USB 2.0 OTGX + 1x  USB HOST + 1x mini USB HOST
  • WiFi – 802.11b/g/n
  • Video Container Formats – AVI, MKV, TS, TP, TRP, M2TS, MPG, MP4, M4V, MOV, VOB, MVC(3D) ISO, IFO, DAT, WMV, ASF/RM, RMVB, FLV, Flash(10.3),RTMP,MMS
  • Video Out –  HDMI (up to 1080 P)
  • Audio Out – HDMI, L/R stereo
  • Audio Format – MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, FLAC, APE, AC3, DTS, ATRA
  • Misc – DLNA V1.5, DMR Ready
  • Operating Temperature – 0-70 °C degree
  • Power Consumption – DV+5V, Less than 600mA

The device is sold with a USB cable. Beside the rotating HDMI port, this HDMI TV Stick also has some interesting software features such as DLNA support (“E-share” app) and the ability to control the device remotely via an Android device (“E-control” app) , I suppose in a similar way to what is possible with DroidMote. Following  gen comment, it’s clear that it’s more like a VNC client.

I don’t have much information about the dual core version featuring Rockchip RK3066 processor since the manufacturer page is still using AllWinner A10 data on Alibaba (See below).

Jerusun Xplus H25 single core mini PC is available on Dealextreme for $53.90, and (for now) found only one seller offering it on Aliexpress for $70. The dual core version does not appear to be available right now.

You may find more information on the manufacturer (Pineriver) Alibaba pages: Xplus Dongle H25 Single Core & Xplus Dongle H25 dual core. Please bear in mind that at the time of writing, the information on the dual core version is most likely completely wrong, but they’ll hopefully update the info, and you can always contact the manufacturer for info.

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27 Replies to “Jesurun Xplus H25 Mini PCs with Rotating HDMI Port, DLNA Support”

  1. not like droidmote, it have a like vnc server inside to see the content of the stick on your phone. not good for me

  2. What I find interesting is that it has 2 full-size USB Host ports, something I have yet to see in this form factor. The folding HDMI plug also means you can use this as a tiny server and connect it to your TV only if you need access to the “console”. Very nice.

  3. @Javi
    Yes, the specs are exactly the same, the only difference is on the mechanical design with the HDMI rotating port, although It seems it can only rotate 180 deg, and would have been better at 270 deg. To a lesser extend there is DLNA support, but there might Android apps offering this feature as well (I haven’t searched)

  4. @Javi
    It’s 革新 😉
    More seriously, I don’t think the Chinese companies doing this stuff are very big, and they’re in an intensely competitive market. The innovation was the Android TV dongle, and less than a year ago these (or the STB equivalent) were $130+…

  5. @onebir

    I’m just talking about a “dongle innovation” I don’t think the potential customers are waiting for this. Just listen customers and read forums is enough for know what they want. If manufacturers want a “niche revolution” must offer more than same or almost same with different case. Just add something to the case or increase the “cores” or the “Ghz” is not enough for this product.

    Just looking at the CPU’s diagrams I can see new ideas, but always looks like in China they just want to offer better price and no other thing is important.

    New product = Everybody want to do the same but cheaper than the others

    I have 3 versions of RK3066 based Android dongle… (and even I don’t have UG802), I really don’t know if there is a market big enough for support too many options of almost same product.

    Also I saw some good NEW ideas, but their prices are expensive yet. I don’t think the materials can justify the price, I know the components very well I think for know this. Maybe the problem is the promotion… I saw a mini android dongle at least 5-6 months before begining of this “crazy boom”, but maybe the manufacturer could not show its product well.

    …yes, maybe the problem is these products are made by small companies.

    I have some idea… 😉

  6. @Javi
    I think part of the problem is that Chinese companies outside the state-owned sector often have trouble raising funds (based on what I’ve read). So they always want to make money fast. Which means little research, and when they hire English-speakers it’s for sales, not market research. Another problem is any innovation (foreign or Chinese) is copied very quickly. Unless it’s something difficult to copy, why innovate?

    Looking forward to your idea 🙂

  7. @onebir

    Is not possible for readers of this website to set-up a good project?

    I’ll call this idea “BABEL” (If don’t know why can find “Babel” on Google)

    I’m SURE here can find good engineers, reputed journalists, programmers…


    The advantages:

    – Customers are writing everyday about teir requirements on internet (free & great info there)
    – Reviews and reviewers let us know where are the problems on the other products and even test a new idea before launch (never too many experts so near)
    – I’m sure can get a big support from some of the most important internet journalists in the world
    – Market is global now and internet must be the best tool we have. (I’m working right now 10000Km far from my company)
    – Online sales are more than a trend now, easy and really cheap (even can say for free) to set up a shop or cooperate with someones for sell the product. Collect money internationally is easy and safe now.
    – Access to the factory of the world (China), be global is really easy now
    – Access to good prices on air shipping and knowledge on customs matters
    – “International based”, China, Spain (every european countries ara door to europe market now), …someone from USA there? México? Russia?
    – Remembering again the advertising… A crazy idea like this is even “romantic” for marketing… 😉
    – Spend money on TV, radio, printed press is not necessary, if it’s viral or “trend-topic” will be enough, internet is “word of mouth” if has the necessary support online.

    I can find more and more good things. Also can take a look on XDA-Developers, lots of (about) android forums… we know most of them.

    If someone now is thinking I’m crazy… can read how the football team of my city was saved by supporters and finally even the richest man of the world (Cralos Slim) bought 2 million Euros in shares. “Word of mouth”, in some days saved with 4 Million (half from supporters of 60 countries around the world):



  8. @Javi
    It’s possible but it’s all hard work, and you need to have some capital if you want to do custom hardware, at least for the first samples. Then you could also use indiegogo or kickstarter (more difficult) to get funding for production, which means you also have to setup a (limited) company to get started.

    Let’s learn from some readers/community launched projects that did not worked out as expected. But before I list those, I just want to stress failure is a normal process of this type of business, and I applaude people who have taken the time to launch those initiative whether they have been a success or a failure:

    * deadhp1 tried to provide a high-end HDMI stick with 2GB RAM & 16 GB flash:
    Reason for failure: Launched before a working sample was available, which is why some working capital is needed for initially product development. Price was also an issue.

    * j1nx launched a crowd-funding initiative to open the source code to have a proper XBMC Linux media center:
    Result (still on-going but does not look too good):
    Reason for failure: Price (mainly because it has to be shipped from Europe) and at least a few people felt this was actually paying a GPL violator

    * Pengpod Linux tablets based on A10 processor:
    Result (not too bad but might not reach goal despite massive online press coverage: major tech/gadget blogs, slashdot and more):
    Reason for potential failure: Price (mainly due to shipping from US I guess). $120 for a 7″ AllWinner tablet does not seem right, and this is only for the US, for international “customers” you’d have to had shipping extra.

    Now let’s look at one successfully community project: The Cubieboard
    Result (192% funded) – . Even though the device went viral, the indiegogo campaign was not really reported by large tech/gadget blogs (I can only find
    Reason for success: Price, platform flexibility, community support, and possibly trust since Tom Cubie/Alejandro Mery have been working around the platform for a while.

    So for a project launched by the community to be successfully I believe we need the following:
    * Start-up working capital ($5000?)
    * Somebody able and willing to setup a company preferably in China or Hong Kong. The location is important for price, logistic and tax issues.
    * Product(s) that match(es) the need of the community (obviously).
    * Low price – made possible by the location and open source community work.
    * Dedicated community – with people ready to work on the hardware and software.

    After that if you can get a product that people want at the right price, marketing is almost a non issue (as you rightly pointed out).

  9. Study the cases is a good thing, I’ll do it. It’s good to have all this information together here.

    Also I think:

    * Start-up working capital ($5000?)

    R. Not too much for 4-5 people together. But the money is another question. First we must to know why and for what is that money. It needs a long study. A thing I learned in my life is, enthusiasm is mightier than money (and I can certify 100% it’s real)

    * Somebody able and willing to setup a company preferably in China or Hong Kong. The location is important for price, logistic and tax issues.

    R. No problem, I’ve two in Hong Kong. HK is one of the cheapest places in the word for setup a company. But don’t think I’m a rich biz man, haha 🙂

    * Product(s) that match(es) the need of the community (obviously).

    R. –

    * Low price – made possible by the location and open source community work.

    R. Here there are 2 options:

    1. Cheap product (maybe good for make money and work in something better)

    2. Good quality (It needs more money, time and plan… even a name in the market)

    * Dedicated community – with people ready to work on the hardware and software.

    R. We know where are the comunities. As I learned we need a massive seller product and work together with our comunity.

    Also I talked about a project from internet and also sell from internet, but this does not mean the product can be sold only to final customers (B2C). I’m sure looking for the correct people… and working more than a lot… can find a distributor in some important places.

    Well, this is just a “green idea”.

  10. Maybe the way to go is to spin-off from the cubieboard project. I’d guess there’ll be a dual or quad-core one pretty soon;
    with 2GB ram that’d make an awesome TV stick. (By today’s standards, anyway…)

  11. Remember a new TV-Stick at this moment needs “more something” to be an option for customers, also to be the first one in the market is very important. A new option is working on the software and apks.

    And there are lots of ideas, I received some like add a battery for make portable (also a small screen for use as MP4? It’s like a mini tablet PC but use the marketing for sell like a Mini PC).

    Expansion boards like Raspberry

    More I/O ports

    TV tuner and recorder (Did you think a new and cheap smart tv if can adapt to a screen?)

    Home control (domotics), this is my dream, but… still a little far.

    Actually you can find Android in photo cameras and projectors. Just need to be creative.

  12. A TV-stick/HD-recorder might be good, especially if it could take composite video input instead of/as well as HDMI – many cable companies charge higher monthly fees for supplying an STB that can record. If it could then stream the recorded programmes over WIFI, so much the better :p

  13. Any engineer there?

    Last month I was asking some freelance ingeneers about make a Mini-PC, received offers from 1000 to 4000USD (cheap from Iran, China, India… expensiver from Europe and USA). But if the engineer is a part of the team we don’t need hire this.

    Sample of motherboard and case (rapid prototyping first) is not so expensive (even cheap).

    I also received prices for a “normal” mini pc case for 1000pcs (plastic and alluminun options):


    There should be 3 parts about your product, one is bottom, one is top, the other is the letters (I made a simple 3D design but with some extruded letters on the front)

    1.Plastic mold:USD 2000
    Part cost about USD 0.6/sets
    2.Aluminum mold cost: about USD 3200

    The part cost: about USD 1.2

    3.The mold lead time:all will be 3 weeks

    1000 pcs lead time: will be 1 weeks


    If I don’t remember wrong, 500-1000 boxes (for packing) size like a normal Mini PC Stick, price can be around 4RMB / each box (0.60$) printed full color.

    I’ll be in China again probably next month… (and hope to be there 6 months if possible) so this part is not a problem. Graphic design, packing design, web-design, testing and shipping are not a problem. Collaboration in making a marketing plan is not a problem, I love marketing, if we have partners who want to show our product.

    Experience on B2C is not a problem.

    So the required things are engineering, marketing, B2B experience. Invest more work than money and a good idea.

  14. @Javi
    I doubt many people will read a comment from this post. So either I start a forum (been thinking about it, but worry about moderation which could be time consuming), either you could try to ask at There are quite a few people there. deadhp1 is the maintainer, and the one who tried to do the 2GB RAM/16GB Flash dual core mini PC so I’m sure there are motivated people over there.

  15. @cnxsoft

    What is the relation between armtvtech and geekbuying? Because they show their advertising and it does not look an affiliated link.

    I write here because I know lots of “interesting people” read your website 😉 A forum is always a great idea, but, yes, I know moderation is a problem…

    Anyway I’m learning all that I can and collect oppinions from different places is interesting too. xda-developers is maybe a good place, but maybe bigger than I’d like.

  16. @Javi
    I’m not sure about the relation between armtvtech and geekbuying. Both sites are registered in Los Angeles (different post code however), but geekbuying is based in Shenzhen.

    Yes, I also find there are a lot of interesting and clever people reading this blog, and you are welcomed to post, but not many of those people may read comments in a post with a not so popular mini PC.

  17. armtvtech may be hosted in LA, but that just where I get cheap hosting.
    It’s owned by me, but I like to think it’s built by the community.
    Personally I am based in NY. I make NO money off the site as it is.
    The goal of the site is to provide community for all mini-stick users.
    I try to test as many products as I can, but I’m limited by $$.

    If you’ve got a device you want added to the forums don’t hesitate to ask.
    Want a new section for android stick idea’s? Just ask!

    Armtvtech’s relationship with Geekbuying is a friendship.
    Honestly they have provided our users with many firmware updates and have been the ONLY reseller that keeps going back to the factories for bug fixes.
    I have personally tested many non-public betas that didn’t make the grade.
    I provided ads for them because they are a company that I trust, and have proven to want to work with end users.(I’m one of them lol)
    I can’t say I’ve found many US based companies willing to go to the same lengths as them, let alone chinese resellers.

    Hope that clears things up!

  18. Just I was curious 😉

    Also if you can get som profit is a good thing, even if you own this forum just because you like these gadgets to get profit also allow you to test more things…

    The question here is how to setup a project team, hehe, not easy but also possible.

  19. @david
    I can see a tiny hole under Xplus marking on the case, could it be it?
    Some device don’t have buttons, and you need to open and shortcut some pins (but which ones is the question)

    Otherwise in case you can open the device, and connect a USB to serial debug board, you could interrupt the boot process, and type “efex”. Assuming you have the Allwinner A10 version.

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