No.1 P7 mini Pad is a 7″ Android Phablet Powered by Mediatek MT6589

If you wanted a tablet with built-in 3G connectivity, and the ability to make calls last year, you could have bought one of Mediatek MT8377 based tablets. This year, you can get the same functionality, but upgrade to quad core, by getting a tablet, or should I say phablet, powered by Mediatek MT6589 such as “No.1 P7 mini Pad”. Many sites also promote it as an iPad mini clone, especially it has a lightning connector.


No.1 P7 mini Pad specifications:

  • SoC – Mediatek MT6589 quad core Cortex A7 processor @ 1.2 GHz + PowerVR SGX544 GPU
  • System Memory – 512MB, 1GB or 2GB DDR3 depending on exact model, and where you read.
  • Storage – 4GB NAND Flash + internal micro SD card slot fitted with 8GB/16GB or 32GB microSD
  • Display – 7″ IPS Capacitive touch screen (1280×800)
  • Camera – 2.0MP front camera + 8.0MP rear camera
  • Networks – 3G: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz; WCDMA: 850MHz/2100MHz
  • SIM – 1x MicroSIM card slot
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n + Bluetooth + GPS (A-GPS)
  • Sensors –  4-way G-Sensor
  • Data port – Lightning
  • Audio – Built in stereo speakers/Built in Microphone, Earphone jack
  • Battery – 5000mAh Li-On (About 3-6 hours per charge)
  • Dimensions – 192.4x114x8.6 mm
  • Weight – 320g

This smartphones runs Android 4.2.1, and is said to come with headphones, a USB cable and a charger. Some sells also also a leather case. The amount of RAM is a bit confusing. Many sites show 2GB RAM, but at least one seller explains there’s no 2GB version, only 512MB or 1GB versions. Although you could use the device by holding it in your hand to make calls, just like a smartphone, many people may opt to use it with a Bluetooth headset instead. One reader commented the Bluetooth range was good enough so that he could roam in his house to make phone calls via a Bluetooth headset with one of the earlier dual core models. If you’re fond of custom ROMs, the device is probably a little too new, and I could not find any information on XDA developers’ forum.

I found this device via GeekBuying blog which sells the 1GB RAM version for $189.99, but it’s also available on Aliexpress with prices starting at around $160 with 512MB RAM, and without leather case. If you’re in China, you can also get the 2GB RAM version directly from “No.1” for 999 RMB ($163).

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22 Replies to “No.1 P7 mini Pad is a 7″ Android Phablet Powered by Mediatek MT6589”

  1. Looks good, except for the Lightning connector:
    – they’ll get sued for it
    – I doubt it’s fully functional, just charging + USB probably, no docking
    – I’d rather use the numerous µUSB cables and gizmos I already have, and not have to buy new cables and stuff yet again.

  2. @obarthelemy
    I had never heard about the lightning connector until today… hmm, I don’t really follow what Apple does.
    The USB cable included is actually a USB to lightning cable, so you may not have to buy an extra cable. The device does not have USB ports at all, which may suck depending what you do with your device. I don’t know why Apple still does these proprietary connectors.

  3. Be careful! So far this device cannot be rooted and is not compatible with most apps in the Play Store. You will need to download separate apk’s from other app stores to get any good apps on this device.

    If it could be rooted then you could spoof it as a Nexus 7 and then the apps will download, without Root it’s not much good to anyone who doesn’t know a bit about Android.

  4. darkkevind :
    Be careful! So far this device cannot be rooted and is not compatible with most apps in the Play Store. You will need to download separate apk’s from other app stores to get any good apps on this device.
    If it could be rooted then you could spoof it as a Nexus 7 and then the apps will download, without Root it’s not much good to anyone who doesn’t know a bit about Android.

    I bought one, A lot of apps can be installed from playstore where shows error “incompatible device”. I have to install google service, gmail , google map, whatapps . youtube from other app stores which are preinstalled in the tablet. It seems to be not recognized as running android 4.x.x by playstore. all those app showing the “incompatible device” in playstore only run andorid 4.0.4 or above…

    I have tried a few different root method on this tablet. None of them success.. Finally, I give up.. 🙁

    It also have common Wifi mac problem of MTK android phone. When it connect to the wifi network, it’s Mac address change time to time. Some solutions are found on the internet , but it requires to remove the battery before to apply the solution. This table has no way to remove internal battery.

  5. I have two of those No 1 Mini Pads, if you install a SIM card in it you can make calls with it, I have done it and it works great! One has some kind of iOS style Android theme, but it is so deep in the OS that it can’t be replaced, so I have made a backup of the other one that contains a plain Android 4.1. I have also successfully rooted the device with MTK Droid Tools and installed the CWM Recovery on it, if you want more info please take a look at my blog, I have made several posts about the No 1 P7 Mini Pad at:

  6. well it will be no sueing from apple appart for the generale look : ITS NOT A LIGHTNING CONNECTOR!!! its just a fake argument used by many reseller who think people are dumb enough to trust that… and also many reseller advertise it as MTK6589 2gb and you end buying a MTK6577 1gb/512mb (no its not different model … they juste are “fake” of the “original fake”)

    can be rooted, it just demande a little bit of work just like with all MTK based devices, atm i have a UMI X1 and a Nexus 7 i brought one of those No.1 P7 why should you ask : because it perform same as the N7 and way better than the MT6577 UMI but also 1 device instead of 2… dont get fooled by people who say “get a Nexus 7 they are better” indeed oyu have a better support but the Nexus 7 isnt a phablet

    also i paid 80$ in a auction for it brand new and with all inclued : cons no warranty but who care … nobody buy chinese clone and phone for the waranty (except MI phone Oppo and Huawei xD) pro : if i end with a MT6577 512mb … for 80$ i dont give a damn … xD but the seller confirmed just now its a “normal one”

  7. Seriously, I have tried multiple and gave up. I had a really crap one that didn’t make it a week before i just canned it. I bought 2 Motorola ones for about $15 and the sound quality was entirely garbage and the return policy from that vendor was also crap. Another $30 gone. I bought a nice Plantronics and it was nice for a while. But it got lost. A second Plantronics was given to me from a friend who got a newer car and again, it was decent. It stopped charging, though.

    I’m really liking this Jabra. I use it to stream music when i’m working in the yard. I use it for calls in the car. It’s sensitive but not too much so. Someone on the other end can hear the person sitting beside me talk, but not tons of junk surrounding us.
    It’s comfortable to wear and my sunglasses fit alongside the base that goes behind the ear.

    This is also the first bluetooth that I’ve had to turn the volume down. I use the ear piece goes into the ear, and the sound quality is great, without drowning out everything like an ear plug.

  8. It uses a wwan dongle. I hunted for every combo of words in the build info and finaly found a root: ( that works very well on my build of this tablet its an “iMuz Q8” [[]]

    Android version : 4.2.2
    Release Codename : REL
    API LEVEL : 17
    CPU ABI : armeabi-v7a
    Manufacturer : unknown
    Bootloader : unknown
    CPU ABI2 : armeabi
    Hardware : sun6i
    Radio : unknown
    Board : exdroid
    Brand : iMUZ
    Device : fiber-ibts
    Display : Q8.US.ANDROID4.2.2-20130923
    Fingerprint : iMUZ/fiber_ibts/fiber-ibts:4.2.2/JDQ39/20130814:user/test-keys
    Host : supperFAE02
    ID : JDQ39
    Model : Q8
    Product : fiber_ibts
    Tags : test-keys
    Type : user
    User : inet_lxf

  9. BTW: the dataport is actually an OTG mini C USB. There’s several sizes of this china dongle phablet out now. If you spend a lot of time hunting… the roots are out there.. Whats tough is finding win7\8 adb drivers and a rootmod that’s stopped me at just a way to do a complete image backup yet.

  10. I I bought a matricom iota on amazon with promise of being already root with su and superuser app on 4.2, but was shipped an “upgraded” to KitKat 443 unable to root via apk or flash. I don’t have windows but even if I did I would not install Chinese software on assumption of root hackby other claimants … Or install any other software .

    Allwinner a31s quadcore, powervr , 16gig nand, 1gig RAM , ips screen, one hot pixel

    Better than most tablets I have tried but worthless to me without root as I am a huge fan of EFFECTING privacy: no gapps, no ads, no info borrowing, controlling needless permissions

    Must have:m

    Xposed Framework,
    LuckyPatcher (only to rip out ads),
    UnbelovedHosts, ..xposed
    RootCloak, ..xposed
    BootManager, ..xposed
    Theftie (ads removed), ..xposed
    Conversations (because being tied to one device to text, paying, old, and proprietary is beyond silly)
    Black List ..xposed
    AdBlock .. Fdroid
    Glympse. ..
    MAXS .. Fdroid

    DisableLowBatteryWarn, DisableBatteryChargedNotice, xRename,

    xbmc (koDI)

  11. If I was not a Verizon wireless user I would buy the

    Oppo: Find 7

    Phones made for users NOT megalomaniac wireless companies to torture clients! It is not YET available in CDMA flavors. CDMA is obviously superior to TDMA

    TMDA, different arrangement, is great for spam combating

  12. @darkkevind

    One doesn’t lose much after neutering gapps malware.

    On the contrary one gains battery LONGEVITY, while reclaiming privacy. Rapping user privacy for money is never appropriate, Google.

    It is not challenging to acquire truly free apps (no web ads) from play store without a Google account, but why bother sifting through a mountain of malware?

    I have no problems licensing software outside play: developers keep all their profits.

    Apps with ads are NOT-free. Having your privacy raped is a COST… Always too high a price

  13. A data only plan and SIP calling (or iax2) is a great option. If you have fecal hardware from your ISP or an evil ISP (time warner cable, commiecast, century, etc) you’ll need to VPN tunnel your VoIP traffic

    $0.50/month/number … Casual calling

    $7/month/ plan allowing TCP SIP if you don’t VPN


    Or Vitelity

    With one of


    All of which support

    SIP texting

    Anveo will help you and yours escape the folly of SMS texting with a bridge to

    XMPP texting

    Or delivery of last millennium SMS texting by email, http, or api craft

    As a farther of five teens XMPP texting saved me hundred$… It’s an OPEN protocol unlike whatapp or other ilk.

    After blocking SMS teens take to XMPP Texting like fish to water.. It spreads through teen culture quickly.

    The only thing missing from Anveo or Vitelity is filtering of SMS like email server side 🙁

  14. Contixo q102… Amazon

    A31 quad, 8nand, 1ram, 4.4, poooor partitioning

    Came root , but the worst screen ever. I have an old box TV in the garage with better resolution. About $70 of technology for $149. It was sent back the same day as was its replacement.

    On amazon AVOID seller “AAA Mart” ; they’re worse than newegg repackaging used hardware. I had two before giving up on merchant and tablet model.

  15. Any tablets tried with above-barely-acceptable WiFi reception? Our house has 3 APs so lack of coverage is not an issue.

    American Pumpkin, a31s, 16nand, 2ram : best WiFi

    The others showed full “bars” but showed deficiencies. …. Avg 6 megabits/s. (Of 150, internets side)

    .. Contixo. 2g/3g ready, USB and USB Host ports, full size HDMI (for all the good that was), no visible Sim claimed LTE as gsm or wcdma (not USA CDMA)


    Anyone have experience with PAYG Sim with Sim capable phablets? (Pay as you go, vs soft credit check like typical wireless plan, they/teen mitigation)

    Like Net10.. There’s a section for them at Walmart

    AVOID freedompop like the plague or pestilence!!!! They pay more for full time interweb shills (liars) than they do customer service. It’s cheaper for freedompop scam to do damage control rather than cease damaging people for profit. Freedompop is far more wicked than MCI in their day. #freedompopsucks #liverootordie

    @admin email field stuck on that. Fighting Firefox from this tablet has not been in my favor.

    Xmpp text:

    Yeah you wouldn’t post your mobile number like that would you. XMPP Texting is liberating in many ways 🙂 No, you wouldn’t need a JID in that domain. Any domain will do ya.

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