Firmware Update for CS868 mini PC Version 2.06 (Android 4.1.1)

If you’ve got a Rockchip RK3188 mini PC, there’s usually no issue with finding firmware updates, or even custom ROMs. But if you’ve bought an AllWinner A31 mini PC, such as CS868, you may feel everybody dropped the ball, as the system is not stable, and it seemed there would never be any upgrade.

I’ve recently been made aware that there’s some activity on a Chinese bulletin board, and a new firmware is available for CS868: V2.06-4.1.1-20130610. As the name implied, the firmware is based on Android 4.1.1, and has been release on the 10th of June 2013.

Here’s the Changelog against V2.05:

  1. Add video color brightness, contrast and saturation settings
  2. Output to HDMI output by default
  3. Other systems optimization

and the Changelog against V2.04 (22nd of May):

  1. Reduce DDR frequency to improve system stability.
  2. Fixed potential sound failure.
  3. Optimize USB OTG interface to fix issues with Air mice.
  4. Increase nandflash  DATA partition to 2GB
  5. Several improvement for broadcast quality, on-demand videos, games and other software.
  6. Diverse small bug fixes

You can also access the forum for earlier releases, and hopefully upcoming firmware releases.

I’ve installed the new firmware with the method provided previously. I used the English tools, with the new key and firmware files, and firmware updated went smoothly.


I haven’t really tested it much, but there’s now three launchers, including Firetop1X, a new Chinese SMART TV launcher, as well as two new applications called Fireair Receiver and Miracast, for respectively DLNA/UPNP, and Miracast support.


During the few minutes I played with the system, I lost control of Mele F10 twice (unplugging and reconnecting the RF receiver fixes that), and playing videos in YouTube app, just show a black screen, although audio works. So it still seems very much work in progress to me.

Via Adem on Google+

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9 Replies to “Firmware Update for CS868 mini PC Version 2.06 (Android 4.1.1)”

  1. An often overlooked factor with the newish ARM based toys is stability. They sorta work but system malfunctions are not at all unusual in my experience. Maybe this is acceptable to the casual user but it becomes a real show stopper if you start trying to build things like an advertising kiosk or network storage device or anything that is expected to be up and running 24/7.

  2. @JQPABC123
    You’re right. Users of the latest “toys”, at least Chinese toys, are often used as beta testers…
    I have one company who has sold a set-top box for nearly 3 months, and they’ve told me they can’t send the unit for review yet, as they are working on a more stable firmware… It could also be an excuse for not sending it, but I guess the firmware takes time to iron out.

  3. @cnxsoft
    … but I guess the firmware takes time to iron out.

    Just think of all the poor saps who’ve been buying the less than stable version for the past 3 months. But as they say, buyer beware.

  4. i also found the beta v3 rom for the cs868 from the chinese site that you can find the link above. i flashed my device but was not able to boot into the system. i have ordered another mk908 which will arrive in 3 weeks time i am soo upset with the cs868 they advertised it as 4.2 then on the bottom of the page somewhere it says that it is upgrade-able to 4.2 and when i asked my supplier for a link for 4.2 he or she did not have a clue. i also orded a tablet (ondav711s) quod core a31s with ips screen $99 it said that it had a 16 gig rom there was no optional 8 gig or anything like that then when i purchased it the supplier messaged me and said they only have the 8 gig ones for the same price. i was soo pissed off because if cancelled the order i would have to wait for long time to get my money back then i have to order again and wait another month. SO PEOPLE WHEN YOU SEARCH FOR AN ITEM ON ALIEXPRESS OR ALIBABA ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO USE ESCROW PAYMENT OPTION AND THERE IS A OPTION WHERE YOU CLICK AND IT WILL ONLY SHOW YOU ITEMS THAT THE SUPPLIER IS AVAILABLE THEN AND THERE SO YOU CAN ASK QUESTION ABOUT ITEM DESCRIPTION ROM SIZE, RAM SIZE, SCREEN SIZE AND SO ON

  5. does any one know how to edit the .img i cannot even extract it i used winrar 7zip something called kitchen suit

  6. hi people i did something very silly. i tried to install CWM on this device (cs868) using the dd command which did not work but when i re flashed the device i have very little room to install apps it tells me that i have not enough space on the device it should be 16 gig rom does any one know what i did and how i could fix it i have little linux and cml knowledge. i dont have much knowledge on android partitioning scheme

  7. hello cnx i just installed cs918s firmware on my cs868 it seems to be really good running android 4.2.2 but i have no wifi or ethernet i think the FW was adjusted to work with the measy u4k can you guys help. ??

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