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Huawei MediaQ M310 Is Now Available For Purchase

Huawei MediaQ M310 is a media player based on Hisilicon K3V2 quad core SoC, the company unveiled at CES 2013. The company expected the product to be released in Q3 2013 (about now), and the good news is that it has started to pop-up on Aliexpress for $109 including shipping. The bad news is that the only seller has no feedback at all, so you take an extra risk if you buy right now, and I’m sure it will show up in more places in the days or weeks ahead.

Let’s remind us of the specifications:

The operating system is a customized version of Android. Storage and memory sizes are a bit on the low side by today’s standard, but it should still be usable. HDMI In is quite a rare feature, and allows you to connect another receiver (DVB, Cable, Satellite) to your device to easily switch between the two devices. The good thing with buying a device from a larger company is that software support is likely to be better, and if you want to see how the device “can make your life rich and colorful…” works and its features, watch the promo video below. Advertised features include display mirroring, Huawei Cloud storage, video chat, gaming, voice control, and more.

You may also want to visit Huawei MediaQ M3 page for further details.

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