Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2013 Videos and Presentation Slides

I uploaded several Embedded Linux Conference Europe videos in 2011 and 2012 that were hosted by Free Electrons and/or the Linux Foundation for download, but this year, it seems the Linux Foundation has discovered a new (to them) online video service called YouTube, and created a playlist with (for now) 18 sessions of ELCE 2013. I’ve embedded the playlist below starting with the “Status of Embedded Linux (2013)“, by Tim Bird, Sony Mobile which takes place every year, and is among the most popular presentations.

Most of ELCE 2013 presentation slides are already available from eLinux.org. You can also have a look at the list of ELCE 2013 talks I featured before the event took place.

[Update: I’ve just watched the Status of Embedded Linux video, and I though it may be interested to list the topics (and keywords) used for what has happened in embedded linux in the last year. There are 70 slides over less than 50 minutes, so It’s going pretty fast, with little details:

  • Kernel versions – 3.6 to 3.12
  • Technology Areas:
    • Graphics – Framebuffer less and less used. Talk about open source GPU projects: Lima, etnaviv, grate, freedreno… and GPU market share: Imagination significantly down, ARM and, especially Vivante, up
    • Boot time – Kernel 1s, Android normally 30s, but optimized by 0xlab to 15s
    • Filesystems – UBIFS is the most used mow, but F2FS can be interesting for eMMC and is used in Moto X. exFAT code should be avoided (royalties).
    • Memory management – ION memory allocator
    • Power management – Work on autosleep, big.LiTTLE, memory power management, and full tickless
    • System size – Work on kernel and libraries (olibc, eglibc), and advanced size optimization with “Auto-reduce” project.
    • Security – SMACK (Tizen), SE-Linux now used in embedded Linux  and Android. Embedded integrity
    • Tracing – Ktap
    • Device tree – “Royal pain”, bad for optimization, but have to use it.
    • Things to watch
      • Short term – Volatile ranges and ION memory allocator for Android, as well as device tree maturation, and power-aware scheduling
      • Longer term – Non-volatile mass-memory
  • CE Workgroup – eMMC tuning guide, open project proposal, and LTSI
  • Others
    • Tools and debugging techniques
    • Testing framework (Autotest, LAVA, )
    • Build systems (Yocto, Buildroot,Android)
    • Distributions (Tizen, headless Android, Yocto poky, Angstrom)
    • Wiki – eLinux.org
    • Misc – Kernel community civility, embedded contributions status (better), hardware (Intel Quark, Apple M7, )
  • (Tentative of) Best of embedded products:
    • Smallest – TP-Link MR320U WiFi hotspot (4MB flash, 32MB RAM)
    • Fastest boot – Beagleboard (<630ms)
    • Longest battery life – N/A
  • Resources – Links to embedded Linux resources (lwn.net, kernelnewbies.org, elinux.org…)
  • Status of the industry – World domination achieved!


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