XBMC ARM News – AllWinner A20 / A31 Apk Released – $10 Discount on OUYA Console

XBMC logoI’ve just been informed that VidOn.me has released XBMC for Android apks for their AV100 (based on AllWinner A20) and AV200 (powered by AllWinner A31) media players with accelerated hardware video decoding.

It’s not clear yet whether these will run on any AllWinner A20 / A31 devices, or have been locked to VidOn players, but you can give it a try and download them for your platform(s):

VidOn does have a github repo for XBMC, but it hasn’t been updated for nearly a year, so the recent releases are not there (yet).

I had never personally heard about this company, but an article on Wikipedia gives the following description with regards to XBMC:

VidOn.me (or VidOnMe) is a company that maintain a commercial fork and derivative of XBMC media center software, and other than offering non-XBMC based media player software for iOS and Android, they also sell set-top boxes and Mini PCs with Android 4.x that comes with XBMC pre-installed re-branded under the VidOn.me name. They in addition offer iOS and Android remote control apps for their VidOn.me media player software, both which the company claim to be fully cross-compatible with remote control apps designed for XBMC and vice versa. VidOn.me is also one of the official sponsors of the XBMC Foundation with annual donation.

AllWinner 20 apk is said to use CedarX, and might also be compatible with AllWinner A10 (TBC). AllWinner A31 apk should use Android’s OpenMAX drivers for the StageFright API or MediaCodec API, so this could be a nearly standard XBMC image.

Separately, the OUYA Android game console, which is also popular for having an XBMC port, has been offered for as low as $59.99 with CALAMITY coupon. Unfortunately this offer has quickly expired, but there’s still a $10 discount with KillingFloor coupon via ouya.tv. You can only order if you have a US address.

Finally, OUYA has a survey for their users where they are being asked what they use the console for, and what the company should focus the most: system experience, XBMC improvements (CEC, audio-passthough), tablet/smartphone control app, etc… So take part, if you have an OUYA, and what to stir the company development focus in your direction.

Thanks to Rocker for all the tips above.

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8 Replies to “XBMC ARM News – AllWinner A20 / A31 Apk Released – $10 Discount on OUYA Console”

  1. Tried it on my A20 Cubietruck. Starts up ok and browses SMB shares just fine but immediately crashes back to the launcher when I try to start playing any MKV… Allwinner FTW…

    Will upload the APKs in a minute

  2. @Someone from the other side
    Yeah, sounded too good to be true…
    Still with a bit of work maybe someone with the necessary skills can get it working, hopefully.
    Waiting on all that to work to get a A20 board myself…

    Would have been a nice christmas present to anyone with such boards heheh

  3. i will give the a31 a go with my cs868 and come back with feed back i hope it works because as much as i hate the cs868 for all the bad firmware and that they still did not fix youtube and they still dont have a 100% working firmware wait lets say 95% because nothing is 100% i guess. i think it has very good hardware specs it has 16gb ram its got the powervr544 gpu i just wish they wouldn’t just give up on it so quickly.

  4. Same as soon as you click on a link.. it crashes (v.1.0.3) (av200 version)
    The mele version on freaktab.. req money it seems when you try to enable ‘hdmi/spdif’ (v1.0.1)
    -but atleased it plays vids
    -the other one on freaktab.. works fine (hdmi/spdif can be enabled) (based on v13 a5)

    Cheers and happy holidays

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