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Mediatek MT8639 Wi-Fi Display SoC to Support 802.11ac, NFC

Wi-Fi display technologies such as Miracast and Airplay allow you to conveniently mirror your mobile device on your TV without the needs to connect any cables, and for over about a year we’ve seen Miracast, Airplay, DLNA, and EZcast dongles on the market. In theory, this is all great, but in practice, this is all too often disappointing because of lag, sometimes the video quality is very poor, and sometimes it won’t connect. Mediatek is now working on MT8639 supporting 802.11ac which will hopefully offer a more consistent and enjoyable user experience, if your mobile device also supports 802.11ac.

Here are the main features of the chip:

There’s currently very little information on the net about this Miracast chip, so it may take a few more months before products come to market. I found about it via an video quickly going through Mediatek solutions for tablets (MT8135), smartphones (MT6592, MT6595), GPS (MT3360 + MT3332), UltraHD Tvs (MT5327), and more.

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