Kankun KK-SP3 is a $20 Wi-Fi Smart Socket for Android and iOS

I’ve already featured Broadlink SP1 and SP2 smart socket on this blog.  The former is a simple Wi-Fi smart socket for Android and iOS, and the later adds support for motion sensing and energy monitoring.  They cost respectively about $30 and $45 including shipping. I’ve discovered another cheaper option with Kankun KK-SP3 via DealExtreme ($23.75), but it can also be found on Aliexpress for as low as $19.99 including shipping. If you live in China, It’s available on Taobao for 99 RMB ($15.82).


Here are the specs of this smart socket:

  • Power Plug – Three flat-pin plug (Australia type)
  • Wi-Fi – 802.11 b/g/n, 15 dbm. Texas Instruments Wi-Fi module (CC3000?)
  • Input Voltage – 90~265V @ 50-60 Hz
  • Output Current – 10A
  • Maximum Power – 2200W
  • Dimensions – 5.3 cm x 5.3 cm x 2.8 cm
  • Temperature Range – -10 to 55°C

Unless you live in Australia, China, Argentina, New Zealand, and the few other countries using this type of plug, you’ll need an adapter, or use an universal power strip. The socket sells with a user’s manual and warranty card. You’ll then need to download SmartWifi app for Android or iOS. QR Codes are available on the package to facilitate the app installation procedure.

SmartWifi Android App
SmartWifi Android App

However, you’ll quickly notice everything is in Chinese, and there’s no way to change the language. Luckily the Aliexpress link above, provide some clear explanation in English, and here’s what you have to do to get started:

  1. Plug the socket to your mains, and wait 20 seconds for boot up
  2. On the “training” video (in Chinese), at this stage, they press the button on the unit for 3 to 4 seconds, but I’m not sure it’s needed. This is done to restore factory settings.
  3. On your phone, connect to OK_SP3 hotspot
  4. Start the app to find your Wi-Fi router, and enter your password. Click on “Apply”, and wait for 20 seconds for the socket to reboot.
  5. Your smart socket should now show up in your app.

At this stage, you should be able to turn on and off your device directly, setup timers and on/off schedules. Kankun smart plug can also double as Wi-Fi repeater which could be handy.

You may be able to find more details on Kankun website (Chinese only).

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21 Replies to “Kankun KK-SP3 is a $20 Wi-Fi Smart Socket for Android and iOS”

  1. Donde dice que está la version en inglés?. Nada de nada, solo en chino y este aparato no hay quien lo configure, porque , tan torpe no soy, no? 🙂

  2. @Sam Butler
    Hi can someone upload the android apk software version on some sharing web site please? I did buy it but the link in the manual is not alavaible anymore and I cannot use the smart plug. Thanks in advance my email is paolamrbt(at)gmail.com

  3. I have one going, but can’t access it from outside my network.

    Does anyone attempted this?

    I could bind the MAC address to an IP address and route that to the internet, but would the application find the plug?


  4. I use the Kankun and it is excellent. Can control from anywhere in the world. I think the device proxies through some server in China so you DO NOT have to do any configuration of your home firewall. Access to the plugs can be password controlled.

    Downside is in recent months KanKun must have sold many such plugs without upgrading their server or bandwidth. As a result you will now keep getting network failures and cannot control the plugs.

    Stupid state of affairs. If they want their product to be successful they need to ensure their backend can cope.

  5. I bought a pair. Used one over Christmas season for outdoor lights and it worked flawlessly. The timer is great and accurate. Now I wish they would come out with one that senses temp that could be plugged into a garage receptacle and one that could run on a 9v battery and sense tilt for garage doors.

  6. While it works great when it works –most of the time I get a, “timed out” message. In other words the servers that make these little buggers work, need much more bandwidth feeding them. They need to fix the can’t connect issue or the product will go in the trash and their sales will too>

  7. Great Product, there is a community that that is working on modifications for this device and you can take the communication down and use your own system to use the device. there is also an non-offical app in developement (WidgetKK for SmartPlug) which work much faster than the official one, it also provides other features that the official one dont.

    Check out the community for more info:

    Non-official app:

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