Linux Kernel 3.10.33 Source Code Released for Amlogic S802 (Part of Tronsmart Vega S89 SDK)

We already had the kernel source for Amlogic S802. The previous code found on Amlogic website, and based on Linux 3.10.10. I’ve been informed there’s a new release based on Linux 3.10.33, and apparently the code based used for Tronsmart Vega S89 (aka Beelink M8, S82), and the new Tronsmart Vega S89-H with proper Dolby & DTS support.

Linux 3.10.33 vs Linux 3.10.10
Linux 3.10.33 vs Linux 3.10.10

Beside a new version, the kernel adds support for a new platform called “meson8 baby” and HDMI IN support, as well a several changes in AMlogic source such as GPU cooling.. All device tree files also seem to have been amended mostly with I2C and thermal settings. It is not a full release, and the hardware directory with GPU, TVIN, Wi-Fi, and NAND drivers is not included. Having said that, it should be possible to use the drivers from the previous release. Meson6 (Amlogic AML8726-MX) source code is also included, and appears to have fixed Ethernet issues people had with the previous kernel 3.10 release.

If you want to give it a try, the source code has been uploaded on github.

Thanks to gizmomelb for the tip.

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19 Replies to “Linux Kernel 3.10.33 Source Code Released for Amlogic S802 (Part of Tronsmart Vega S89 SDK)”

  1. Happy to see that the Tronsmart Vega S89-H (130 $ USD on Geekbuying) is more cheap than the Minix Neo x8s official price (overpriced)…same device with a full bundle

  2. Yes have build this kernel with the previous (older) drivers in ../hardware. Only make ARCH=arm meson8_defconfig compiles though. meson8b_defconfig does not compile (prob with old nand driver).
    The kernel will not boot though. I don’t have a serial terminal yet so cannot say what goes wrong.
    It seems the initrd filesystem is missing if i check the extraction with the customization tools. rootfs.cpio is also not right.
    That tree is unfortunate not complete to build a usable kernel…
    Please anybody that got it compiled and booting – let me know.

  3. @Dion
    I didn’t use that kernel, but do have 3.10.33 from Amlogic and I booted Android on it (patched up to latest 3.10.40 w/o problems). 3.10.10 boots Linux XBMC on M8, but still some issues (GUI atm works only under 1080p/i and video reproduction only works in interlace mode – 1080i). You need bootloader to support dtd kernel and you need to compile kernel properly, which would mean:

    make uImage
    make modules
    make [devicetree_file].dtd
    make [devicetree_file].dtb
    make dtd

    then with mkbootimg utility you create final kernel image which includes ramdisk and –second part which is created during compilation – kernel_src/arch/arm/boot/dts/amlogic/[devicetree_file].dtb

  4. @Dion
    If it is like the previous version, the ramdisk in the source tree will just boot to a small linux distro. I guess you need to extract the ramdisk from the firmware, and replace rootfs.cpio with it.
    You may also need to extract the dtd file from the firmware or the flash, since i’m not sure the default dtd file works.

  5. @Jibril
    Minix devices are usually more expensive than the competition because they have a support forum, and keep updating the firmware. Other companies will too, such as Tronsmart, but not to the same extend. For many companies, if a products end-up not being popular firmware updates will completely dry up, sometimes leaving you with a device barely usable.

  6. @Stane1983
    Thanks Stane & others!
    Yes since I posted it is exactly what I did. The DTD and rootfs supplied by the kernel source is just for developers. I extracted the DTD & ramdisk rom the FW and built a proper boot image with some older drivers publicly available. There is a missing PMU driver though but don’t know if it matters or gets used – must still check this. The .config (meson8_defconfig) also seems to be not right as it refers to runtime driver modules in different directories than on running FW.
    Anyway I might have missed the make “modules” and “make dtd” part – but modules are already in the FW ramdisk so doubt if it will make a difference. The boot image seems to be ok in terms of the DTD as the AML customization tool does split it into proper parts and checks out ok.
    Oman – the releaser of this tree is willing to help and open up the SDK to the ROM developers so this should get it sorted soon.

  7. Amlogic is preparing for their T866 which offers HDMI 2.0 (finally 60fps under 4k) as it backlines for full true 4k2k output on a similar package as the S802 but it differs with many more additions oriented for the television. Along with them are the new M6 (L,C,D) line which is firmly going to be towards smartTV as well. The new kernel open release and new SDK if anyone has it references all of the newer true UHD material as well as the true-HD modeling under the modeled framework. As for HDMI-in the S802 does not and will never support this at all….and the SDK that was suppose to be a April delivery did not coincide with the unfinished hardware references so its merely useless for now.

    I will get with @cnxsoft to give anything that is needed – sorry I could not reach you sooner – I was very busy. Kind regards.

  8. @pigbait – it should, but I haven’t had time to download or look at it all yet. Apparently Beelink are releasing a newer firmware version 105K4 for the Beelink M8/S82 and Tronsmart S89 devices soon though, based on the newer code.

  9. Amlogic released an update for kernel 3.10.33 (2014-08-12).

    As always there are no release notes and no commit history, I did a quick diff and from what I understand the release is mainly to support a new platform Meson8M2 which I guess it’s probably S812.
    So as far as I understand it the SoC platforms supported by this kernel are:
    Meson6 : MX / MXS
    Meson8 : S802
    Meson8 Baby : S805
    Meson8M2 : S812
    (no idea what is G9TV)

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