WifiDuino Arduino Compatible Wi-Fi Board Features an Optional OLED Display (Crowdfunding)

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Getting Wi-Fi with Arduino can be relatively expensive, and may take a little too much space. Spark Core board greatly addressed both price ($39) and form factor issue last, but there’s another option coming to market thanks to WifiDuino a $34 board with Wi-Fi, that’s tiny and Arduino compatible. An OLED display is also available as an option, at a lower price point than MicroView board, and including Wi-Fi or not, depending on the perk.

WiFi + Duino, Duino + OLED, Duino + WiFI + OLED
Three Combinations: WiFi + Duino, Duino + OLED, or WiFi + Duino + OLED

WifiDuino hardware specifications:

  • MCU – Atmel Atmega32U4 (same as Arduino Leonardo)
  • Display – Optional 128×64 OLED display
  • Connectivity – Optional Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g with STA, AP and ADHOC network modes
  • Digital I/Os – 20
  • Analog I/Os – 12
  • Other I/Os – 7x PWM, UART, I2C, SPI
  • Power – 5V
  • Dimensions – Duino board only without Wi-Fi nor OLED: 25.6mm x 38.8mm x 11.0mm

WifiDuino support the Arduino IDE, so you can write you sketch as usual, and all your need to do is to connect the board to your LAN, setup your computer and/or smartphone connection to the same LAN, and start designing your project.

The developers have setup an interesting comparison table between WifiDuino, WifiDuino with OLED, Spark Core, MicroView and Digispark Pro. I haven’t checked the accuracy of the claims, so correction are welcomed, if needed.

Comparison of some Wi-Fi / OLED Arduino Boards (Click to Enlarge)
Comparison of some Wi-Fi / OLED Arduino Boards (Click to Enlarge)

WifiDuino project is open source hardware, and design files will be available publicly.

The project is now on Indiegogo targeting to reach at least $23,000 to go ahead with mass production. If you are interested three perks are available:

  • Wifi + Duino – Wi-Fi enabled WifiDuino for $29 (early bird), then $34.
  • Duino + OLED – Duino control board with OLED monitor screen (no Wi-Fi) for $30 (early bird), then $35
  • Wifi + Duino + OLED –  Wi-Fi enabled WifiDuino with OLED monitor screen for $44 (early bird), then $49

You could also pledge for 3 to 5 boards to get discount per unit. Shipping is free to the US, and $10 for the rest of the world. Delivery is planned for October 2014.

Thanks to sk for the tip.

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looks nice


Note how the chart doesn’t list memory specs. The spark cloud features can add significant value depending on needs. Think the WiFi module used on this has CC2530.

The Cageybee
The Cageybee

Hmm. I can’t imagine there’s much memory left to to anything useful after the wifi library and driving the display.


doing a project require STA mode, this little guy might work for me


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