$80 Zebble WaterProof Smartwatch Features an E-Paper Display, Just like the Pebble…

The Zebble smartwatch does not look exactly like the Pebble, but it still share lots of the features found in the original watch including a 1.2″ e-paper display with 144×168 resolution, Bluetooth connectivity, similar buttons placements, and sells for nearly half the price of the original Pebble at $79.99 on Chinavasion.

Zebble_SmartwatchZebble specifications provided on Chinavasion:

Charging Cable for your Pebble Zebble
Charging Cable for your Pebble Zebble
  • MCU – Unknown @ 48 MHz
  • Display – 1.26″ e-Paper display @ 144×168 with touchscreen
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth 3.0
  • Misc – Built in Vibrator
  • IP ratings – IP67 Waterproof and dustproof
  • Battery – 240mAh Li-on. Standby Time: 10 Days.
  • Dimensions – 40x222x13 mm (L x W x D)
  • Weight – 49g
  • Temperature Range – Operating: -10 to +60 Degrees Celsius;  Battery charging temperature: 0 to +45 Degrees Celsius

The watch is said to support Android 4.0 and above, without mention of iOS support. It can be used for smartphone sync for texting, or answering a call, for music control, camera control, to get weather information, and it also has fitness functions letting you know your number of steps, the calories you burnt, and distance walked or run.  If you lost your phone, you can use your watch to make it ring and find it back.

The device is sold with a USB charging cable and user’s manual. There’s supposed to be an Android app, but it could not find links, and I could not find this Pebble clone on any other website.

Thanks to onebir for the tip.

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and the same vendor on aliexpress http://www.aliexpress.com/store/1112660


Bruce’s link mentions a Heart Rate monitor function – which could actually make this pretty useful for some people. 🙂


Here is a link to download the APK : https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_0tZLvAcbvCYVVSaEQzVWpsZzQ/edit
I have owned this little guy for a few weeks.


If you’re copying everything else about a product, why not copy the name too?


@Ian Tester
For some reason the Chinese have a very thin line they refuse to cross with regards to brand names. It will sound so very similar but not actually be the same name. They had Nckla phones but not Nokia and they were 1:1 copies too.
Maybe it’s something in their legislation, who knows.
They problem with these is support and the app. With the real Pebble I’m sure I can get a working apk and bug fixes while this might be abandoned in a semi-working state at any time if the company making it decides it’s not worth it or for some other reason.
It’s not cheap either, I’d much rather have this one : http://www.aliexpress.com/item/SWatch-K2-Bluetooth-Watch-Android-4-2-MTK6572-Dual-Core-Camera-GPS-WiFi-FM-1-54/1879122682.html as it’s running Android.
It might have good battery life if it’s got the new low energy BT and your phone has it too, otherwise BT will drain you watch battery just like that.


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