NEJE ZB01 Clone of Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit Sells for about $12

Can you remember Opendive, a low Cost DIY open source 3D virtual reality kit for smartphones? The kit can be built by anybody as long as you happen to own a 3D printer. But Google liked the concept, and at the latest Google I/O, the company designed the cardboard equivalent using the same lenses, and adding accessories namely a magnet, Velcro strips, and a rubber band to complete the kit. But some people saw a business opportunity here, and created NEJE ZB01, a nearly identical reproduction of the Google kit that can be bought for $12.66 on DealExtreme, instead of the $19.95 you’d have to pay for the original kit.

Google_Virtual_Relaity_Cardboard_NEJE_ZB01The complete kit includes the cardboard, a rubber band, two magnets with 2cm diameter, two lenses with 2.3 cm diameter, and a pair of Velcro strips. It’s suppose to work with device using displays between 4″ and 7″ large. You’ll then need to install the Cardboard app on your Android phone, or try out the virtual reality Chrome experiments.

If you are interested in the concept, you can check the Cardboard page, and watch the full 45-minutes presentation about the Cardboard project, and virtual reality on Android below.


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6 years ago

Thanks for the info, ordered one.