Unboxing of Eny EM6Q-MXQ Android TV Box Powered by Amlogic S805 Processor

EM6Q-MXQ is an Android TV box based on Amlogic S805 quad core Cortex A5 processor, with a quad core Mali-450MP GPU, 1GB RAM, and 8GB flash. The company sent me a sample for review, so today I’ll start with some pictures, and follow up with a full review in a few days.

EM6Q-MXQ Unboxing Pictures

The box comes with a brand-less “OTT TV BOX” package.

The media player comes with an HDMI cable (1.2m), a remote control requiring two AAA batteries, a 5V/2A power supply, and a user’s manual in English and Chinese.

EM6Q-MXQ and Accessories (Click to Enlarge)
EM6Q-MXQ and Accessories (Click to Enlarge)

The box features an LED and an IR receiver at the front, 3 USB 2.0 ports and an SD card slot on the side, with most ports on the rear panel: another full size USB port (OTG), coaxial S/PDIF, AV output, HDMI output, 10/100M Ethernet, and DC in.

EM6Q-MXQ (Click to Enlarge)
EM6Q-MXQ (Click to Enlarge)

There’s also MAC address on the bottom of the casing starting with C44EAC that looks up to Shenzhen Shiningworth Technology Co., Ltd found in some other Amlogic products.

Unboxing Video:


Opening the device is fairly easy. You first need to stick out the four rubber pad on the bottom of the enclosure, then untighten the four screws, before pulling out the bottom of the case with a flat screw driver:

Bottom of EM6Q-MXQ Board (Click to Enlarge)
Bottom of EM6Q-MXQ Board (Click to Enlarge)

Nothing much to see on the bottom of the board, except the serial console pins close to the USB ports.

EM6Q-MXQ Board and Stainless Plate (Click to Enlarge)
EM6Q-MXQ Board and Stainless Plate (Click to Enlarge)

There are no other screws to remove, simply pull out the board from the enclosure to take it out. There’s a stainless plate attached to the top of the enclosure, but I’m not sure what its purpose exactly is, because it does not touch anything in the case. I’ve also remove the heatsink to get a real look at the board with marking HD18Q_V0.95.

HD18Q Board (Click to Enlarge)
HD18Q Board (Click to Enlarge)

We can get confirmation that USB-4 is indeed a USB OTG port, the recovery button is located right behind the AV output port, and the USB Wi-Fi module is based on Realtek RTL8188ETV. The 8GB eMMC flash is FORESEE NCFSES76-08G, and two RAM chips (NANYA NT5CB256M16CP-01) are used to get 1GB RAM.

Despite the name and enclosure being similar to MXQ S85, both devices are different as one feature optical S/PDIF output, and the other coaxial S/PDIF, and the number of USB ports are different (2x USB + 1x micro USB vs 4x USB). Eny Technology EM6Q-MXQ  can be purchased on Aliexpress for about $70 including shipping (You’ll need to sort between EM6Q-MXQ and MXQ S85 manually by checking the USB port, and/or the Red MX stripe in S85 version). If you are interested in buying in quantities, you can visit EM6Q-MXQ product page to contact the company.

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21 Replies to “Unboxing of Eny EM6Q-MXQ Android TV Box Powered by Amlogic S805 Processor”

  1. plz do some CPU and GPU comparison
    I think that many people would like to see differences between S805 and S801 from CPU architecture side
    Cortex A5 vs Cortex A9 🙂

  2. Hi can anyone help please I have just purchased the mxq tv box it works fine but when am finished it wont let me switch the hdmi over to watch normal tv the screen is locked out and wont do anything so have to turn off at the mains any advice appreciated thanks in advance

  3. Hello! I have a problem, i got the mxq ott tv box as a gift but now i dont know how to connect the chanels. If i understood correctly u have to order the chanels from somewhere. Can you help me with my problem?

  4. @Izudin
    I don’t know what kind of channels you need, but people usually simply install Android streaming apps available in their country, or add-ons in Kodi to watch online “channels”.

  5. Hi, i have this box and i can’t seem to get any gamepad to work with it. I’ve tried a generic pc game pad and a wired xbox 360 pad. Neither work on it. Any suggestions on what I need to do to get them to work? Would be nice to play some games on it! The xbox pad flashes (so is detected), it just has no function which is quite odd.

    1. I’ve had the same problem PS3 controller won’t connect wired 360 ring flashes no function I’d be interested to know if you have found a way yet as I too would really like to get my game on with this thing ?

  6. I have a MXQ ott box. I have been working to figure out the KODI. While I was watching a movie a notification came in the right bottom corner. It said Brazillian “Msomething” add ons update failed. Now I have a black screen. I can get to home page and use everything but the KODI app. the box wont power off either. I unplugged it for about 45 minutes and it still wont turn off. I now have it unplugged and am waiting til maybe it resets. What can I do? It already would not power off once before but after a entire 24 hrs it finally could be powered off. I looked for a reset HOLE like my old wifi modem used to have. How do I rest without deleting everything???????HELP, I am a 54 yr old disabled widow so I am not totally tech savvy. Thank you

  7. @Jean2Lr
    I don’t really understand about the power off issue. If you unplug the device it should just turn off, unless somehow you have a model with a battery. However, you should avoid doing this if possible as it may corrupt the storage, and you may have to reinstall the firmware.

    About Kodi, you could try to go to Settings->Apps, then select Kodi, and then “clear data” and “clear cache”. Good luck.

  8. Have you figured this out yet? I have downloaded numerous apps, tried Xbox 360 wired and wireless, Xbox 1, even bought a PS3 controller figuring that it would work after reading many posts and viewing way too many YouTube videos. HELP PLEASE@Plastics

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