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$18 Matchstick is an HDMI TV Stick Running Firefox OS (Crowdfunding)

A few month ago, a Firefox OS HDMI streaming stick (codenamed netcast) by Mozilla that would compete with Google Chromecast was previewed. It is now called Matchstick, based on Rockchip RK3066 and has just been launched on Kickstarter.

MatchStick technical specifications:

The Firefox OS dongle will come with an HDMI extension Cable, a micro USB Cable, and a 5V power adapter. The company claims MatchStick is an open source hardware device, but the schematics are only available in PDF format, at least at this stage. The board is called netcast-RK3066 in the schematics. The software however will be completely open source, except the parts that can’t be.

Based on these hardware specs, MatchStick will be more like a Chromecast, than a fully-fledged Android TV stick. It will let you stream online videos and music from services like Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, Spotify, etc… installable from MatchStick appstore, and since the platform is open to developer, more so than Chromecast, more apps should come online over time. You’ll be able to control the stick from a PC using Firefox or Chrome (mirroring or streaming), as well as Android and iOS devices.

MatchStick/Sender/Cloud Software and Network Block Diagram

The company has almost reached it $100,000 funding target in less than a day. The first 500 units were available for $12, but they’ll all been taken away, and you can still get a MatchStick for $18, plus $5 shipping if you live outside of the US, with delivery scheduled for February 2015. If you are not a big fan of crowdfunding platforms, the device will retail for $25. If you are a developer, you can apply for one of the 250 units the company will sent for app development. More information can also be found on website, especially with regards to software development with the API details, and SDK download link.

Thanks to Appelboor for the tip.

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