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Radxa Rock 2 Development Board Pictures and Specifications

Radxa Rock 2 is an upcoming development board based on Rockchip RK3288 quad core Cortex A12/A17 processor, which will run Android, and I would expect it to have better support for Linux desktop distributions than the original Radxa Rock board thanks to the current work done by Rockchip and Google on Chromium OS, which could bring 2D/3D graphics, and hardware video decoding to the platform. The board is not available for purchase yet, but pictures have been published, and specifications released.

Radxa Rock 2 (Click to Enlarge)

So the new board is comprised of a baseboard and a system-on-module (SoM), which should help Radxa’s customers design their own products, while using Radxa SoM, and doing early development on Radxa Rock 2 board.

Radxa SoM specifications:

This module is connected to a baseboard with the following specifications:

Bottom of Radxa Rock 2 Baseboard (Click to Enlarge)

Radxa Rock 2 is rather feature-packed, and does not seem optimized for cost. Tom Cubie also confirmed the board was targeting commercial applications, and this version won’t be a low cost board, but they’ll still sell it to individuals who want it. A few more pictures can be found on Radxa Rock 2 page. Availability information is not available at this stage.

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