10moons iBox D9i Intel Mini PC with 2GB RAM & 16GB eMMC Flash Sells for $82 in China

We’ll already been informed about Intel Bay Trail mini PCs such as NEO MINIX Z64, MeLe PCG03 and Meego Pad P01, but the first two are not available yet (MeLe mini PC will ship by the end of December), and Meego P01 sells for a ridiculous $251 on Aliexpress, and I’m not even sure it’s shipping. There’s now another option with 10moons D9i which goes for 499 CNY ($82) in Tmall, features Intel Atom Z3735D quad-core processor,  2GB DDR3, and 16GB flash, running Android 4.2.2 or Windows 8.1.

10moons_ibox_d9i10moons iBox / D9i specifications:

  • SoC – Intel Atom Z3735D “Bay Trail” quad core processor @ 1.33 GHz (Bust freq: 1.83 GHz) with Intel HD graphics
  • System Memory – 2 GB DDR3
  • Storage – 16 eMMC + micro SD slot
  • Video & Audio Output – HDMI
  • Video Codec – H.264 up to 4K @ 30 fps, H.265 up to 1080p
  • Connectivity – 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi (No Ethernet)
  • USB – 1x USB 2.0 host, 1x USB 3.0 host
  • Power Supply – 5V/2A
  • Dimensions – 112 x 112 x 28 mm

10moons_d9i_HDMI_USB3I understand the device ships with Android 4.2.2, but it looks like you can also download the BIOS and, hmmm… Windows 8.1, to install Windows from a 4GB or greater USB flash drive formatted with NTFS. It’s most probably an unauthorized copy of Windows, unless somehow Microsoft has also OK’ed Windows 8.1 with Bing on this type of device. In theory, you could also instal a Linux desktop distributions the device, but there may still be issues with Intel Bay Trail processors. That’s also a shame there’s no Ethernet port on this box.

Nevertheless, that means game is on, and Intel based mini PCs are now coming to market with the same price as equivalent ARM based mini PCs. A $80 device, in China should probably cost a little over $100 on Aliexpress once shipping and other fees are taken into account. More information may be available on 10moons iBox product page (Chinese).

Thanks to milkboy for the tip.

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20 Replies to “10moons iBox D9i Intel Mini PC with 2GB RAM & 16GB eMMC Flash Sells for $82 in China”

  1. Now if only intel made good on their promise to support Bay Trail chips with Android upgrades directly…

  2. Tmall and taobao dont ship direct to other country outside China. I use third party service to purchase with 7-10 day

  3. for those who are interested, disasambled pictures


    juz spoke with the seller directly they say

    cant install linux!!!!, only win8/android, cant boot from usb

    no bios, no bootloader (like grub) in the traditional x86 sense. although there’s the android recovery/bootloader

    and fresh install involve push win8 and sysmantec ghost file, delete the rest of android, then boot, vice versa

    and if you install win8, free space is 8.9gb. i wonder how the achieved that.

    i think ill wait, what other vendor solutions and X finger they ship with a proper bios/bootloader

    god d**mit, i was so happy when i stumbled on it late last night T.T

    anything else you want to ask the vendor post it here and i’ll ask it for ya.

    the other way is to ask a friend to help you buy it.

  4. Rubbish, tiny chainsaw emulating an fan, shader-based H.265 decode, <2GHz quad… Only thing going for it is support for legacy ISA for all those n00bs using already built binaries… Nothing but "users"… The humanity lacks MAKERS.

  5. I don’t know, how can anyone use this devices with 16G storage, with windows 8?
    I have a 64G SSD in my PC, and after a fresh windows install, about 20Gigs are used.

  6. i wonder how good is android comparability on Intel bay-trail does all the apk’s work properly i know i had some issues running android on virtualbox some video apps not work at all

  7. I just get one unit several days ago, I install win8.1 but i cannot change languaje of system from chinesse , iiiiiggg!!!!

  8. Cannot log in – after settings try to login I get error 255. I had it replaced by supplier and came with same problem, any suggestions please.

  9. I have 10 Moons D9i, cannot use it as it shows error 255 when I put it on and after all the settings. I do not know how clear this problem

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