Nvidia Tegra X1 Gets About 75,000 Points in Antutu

Nvidia Tegra X1 was expected to outperform the competition, but based on Antutu results provided by Mydrivers, the performance leap might be greater than expected, as Nvidia Tegra X1 reference tablet gets 74,997 points in Antutu 5.6.1.
Tegra_X1_AntutuAs usual caution is warranted with Antutu results, as the benchmark is easily cheated, which explains why Allwinner A80T devices can get over 140,000 points. But let’s assume Tegra X1 result is representative and compare it to its predecessor the Tegra K1. Surprisingly I struggled to find a detailed Antutu 5.x score for the Nexus 9, and I had to get the scores from that video with Antutu 5.2.0.

Nexus 9
(Tegra K1 64-bit)

Tegra X1
Reference Platform

Antutu 57040 74977 1.31x
Multitask 11817 9217 0.78x
Runtime 4146 4758 1.15x
CPU integer 3038 11295 3.72x
CPU float-point 1939 7274 3.75x
Single-thread integer 2920 3206 1.10x
Single-thread float-point 2831 2878 1.02x
RAM operations 1424 4353 3.06x
RAM speed 4926 5920 1.20x
2D graphics 702 1705 2.43x
3D graphics* 20032 21093 1.05x
Storage I/O 2500 2586 1.03x
Database I/O 735 712 0.97x

* Resolution for Nexus 9: 2048×1536; resolutions for X1 reference platform: 3840×2160.

After completing this table, I’ve just noticed some other people got 34,000 points on the Nexus 9, still with Antutu 5.2.0. Let’s us just hope Antutu gets obsoleted very soon. Having said that the results don’t see so unrealistic with 30% improvement over Tegra K1 64-bit. Multicore tests provide a much higher score thanks to the eight ARMv8 cores in X1 vs the two ARMv8 cores in K1. CPU clock is unknown for X1since Antutu stopped reporting it. RAM “operations” are three times faster on X1 too, whatever that means, which the speed is about 20% faster. 3D graphics should be much better on X1 thanks to its 256-core Maxwell GPU, but the difference is not that great, because of the higher resolution used for X1 hardware, so the total score would certainly be higher if X1 was connected to a 2048×1536 display.

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6 Replies to “Nvidia Tegra X1 Gets About 75,000 Points in Antutu”

  1. I found my Jetson TK1 extremely stable (months without reboot). Nvidia became #1 in my mind over several months and Samsung moved to #2. I do hope they release another such board and provide upstream support. Let’s see what happens with Denver or 4xA72 @ 14-16nm FinFET next year. It’s amazing how much power we can keep adding into these SOCs.

  2. @m][sko
    its not that big difference.
    Almost every better soc, firefly3288 -rk3288, Tronsmart Draco AW80 Meta -allwinner80, ODROID-XU3 -Samsung Exynos5422 costs ~150$.
    Jetson TK1 192$, well its without accessories

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