Wi-Fi SD Card Adapter for micro SD Cards Sells for $15 and Up

Wi-Fi SD cards are mostly used with camera in order to wirelessly transfer photos or/and videos to your computer or mobile device without having to take out the card or transfer them via a micro USB cable. I first discovered this type of card with Toshiba FlashAir in 2011, but now EyeFi seems to be the most popular brand, and comes in different sizes with the 8GB Wi-FI SD card selling for $44 on Amazon US. There are cheaper alternatives with some Wi-Fi SD card adapters accepting micro SD card selling for about $15 and up on Aliexpress or Buyincoins, and DX calls it CY EP-027, but sells it for $23. It does not come with storage but since a 8GB class 10 SD card now costs about $8, it’s still nearly 50% cheaper compared to the 8GB EyeFi SD card.

Some features of the card:

  • Max micro SD card capacity – 32GB (SDHC/SDXC)
  • Connect up to 3 devices simultaneously
  • Supports “with the beat-per-view” feature, which probably mean “Shoot and View” so that you’ll see the picture on a bigger display, as soon as you take it with your camera.
  • File formats supported:  Photo (JPG, PNG, BMP),  Video (MP4, AVI, MOV) and Music (MP3, WAV)
  • WiFi/SD settings: WiFi password, AP Mode and Station Mode switch, IP, channels, number or users, SSID.
  • Default passwords –  Wi-Fi: 99999999; App credentials: admin/admin

The card is said to work with Android and iOS devices, as well as computers.

To use it, you need to insert a micro SD card in the adapter, insert the adapter into your camera, then locate the Wi-Fi hotspot with your device or computer and login with the default password. Now open you browser, and you should be able to download the app. Alternatively, you can also download WiFi@CFCF app from Google Play or iTunes.

I could not find the manufacturer, and the app developer “Key Technology” only setup a place holder blog, probably to comply with the app stores’ requirements to have a support page.

Thanks to Onebir for the tip.

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13 Replies to “Wi-Fi SD Card Adapter for micro SD Cards Sells for $15 and Up”

  1. @onebir, I will never buy cheap SD cards. Just not worth losing your photos because of it. Even store branded ones aren’t worth the risk.

  2. @Sam Butler
    Fair enough… & actually I had an Adata card brick within a few weeks…

    Out of interest, which brands have you found reliable? (Maybe CNX could do a poll? 🙂

  3. @onebir
    I’ve found out many of my cards (ADATA, Kingston, and Kingmax) reported I/O errors when using dd, but finally the culprit was my cheap SD card reader. These tend to last only a few months in my experience. I went through four in 2 years, now I’m using the one in my laptop which hopefully will last longer…

  4. @onebir
    Just to make it clear: The micro SDs in the reader reported I/Os error, and as soon as I switched to the laptop internal card reader they worked, so the reader did not damage my SD card.

  5. Do these cards transmit only are can you send it files as well?

    I have a usb sd card thumb drive that I hook up to an old tv to play video files, but it’s a pain to remove it to delete/load new files.

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