Allwinner T2 Dual Core Processor is Made for Automotive Infotainment and Navigation

Allwinner already has several processor families, the most famous being the A-series for tablets, followed bythe H-series for home entertainment, the V-series for video application, the R-series for IoT as found in R8 module used in C.H.I.P $9 computer, and now I’ve just found out the company launched T-series with Allwinner T2 and T8 for “Transportation”/automotive applications.

Allwinner T2 Block Diagram (Click to Enlarge)

I don’t have any details about T8 processor, but the company kindly shared a product brief with the specs for Allwinner T2:

  • CPU – Dual core Cortex A7
  • CPU – Mali-400MP2 supporting OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0
  • Memory – DDR2, DDR3, and DDR3L controller, NAND flash controller with 64-bit ECC
  • Video Inputs – 4x AV Inputs
  • Video – H.264 2160p video decoding, multi-format decoding, h.264 encoding @1080p30 / 720p60.
  • Display – Multi-channel HD display with integrated HDMI 1.4 transmitter, CPU/RGB/LVDS display interface, support for VGA/CVBS/YPbPr, and integrated TV decoder.
  • Camera – Integrated parallel 8-bit interface YUV sensor, integrated 24-bit parallel YUV 444 I/F, supports 5MP CMS sensors, and dual sensors
  • Audio – Integrated HiFi 100 dB audio codec, dual analog MIC amplifier
  • Low speed I/F – 5x TWI, 4x SPI, 8x UART
  • 3x USB 2.0, 4x SDIO

The processor supports Android 4.2. Allwinner T2 can be used in dual-channel HD car DVR applications, including features such as around view parking (with 4x AV inputs), WiFi and AP hotspot, voice assistance, rapid reverse image function, 3G/2G voice and data, multimedia playback, radio, Bluetooth Voice/Music/Dial, DVD playback, GPS navigation, and keys and touch panels. also uploaded a video showing a few solutions featuring Allwinner T2.

There’s no product page yet, but according to the video above, Allwinner T2 solutions are already in mass production in China.

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One Reply to “Allwinner T2 Dual Core Processor is Made for Automotive Infotainment and Navigation”

  1. Man i wish all winner change their gpu offering from MALI-400 to MALI-450/T720 for all their new SOC
    I keep seeing MALI-400MP2 in ALL their new chips, even for the new cortex A53 AFAIK. (-_-“)
    New SOC same olde GPU performance. this extremely limit gaming capabilities.

    P.S they also have updated their page with a bunch of R series chips (R8, R16 and R58)

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