Updated Ethernet & WiFi HDD Enclosure Supports 300Mbps with Mediatek MT7620N Processor

I featured an HDD enclosure with WiFi and Ethernet on CNX Software a few months ago, and several people were interested, bought one, and found out it was running OpenWRT, and easily to adapt to your needs, although some people complains it was not able to connect as a client. There’s now a new model, looking similar, by powered by Mediatek MT7620N and supporting 300 Mbps WiFi.

Kimax_300Mbps_HDD_EnclosureWhile hardware specifications were not published with the first model, the manufacturer decided to release the full specifications for the new model:

  • Processor – Mediatek MT7620N MIPS processor @ 580 MHz
  • System Memory – 64MB DDR1
  • Storage
    • 16MB SPI flash for firmware
    • SATA interface for 2.5″ HDD up to 2TB (10TB is shown in the description)
    • File systems – FAT32, NTFS, EXT64 (Sic.).
  • Connectivity
    • 2.4GHz WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n 2×2 up to 300 Mbps with 2 internal antennas
    • Wireless security – WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK/AES encryption, Intelligent QoS management system, Wireless Access control, SSID hiding
    • Wi-Fi repeater mode
    • 10/100M Ethernet port
    • 3G supported via USB
  • USB – 1x USB 2.0 host port, 1x USB 3.0 OTG port
  • Misc – Reset pinhole, LEDs for power, WiFi, Ethernet, SATA, USB, and battery charge level
  • Battery – 4,000 mAh polymer battery
  • Power Supply – Via USB 3.0 OTG port
  • Dimensions – 145 x 90 x 21 mm (plastic + metal housing)

WiFi_Ethernet_SATA_EnclosureThe operating systems is called “Ki Smart Router System”, but it’s likely to be based on OpenWRT, like the previous model from Kimax. The enclosure supports SAMBA, FTP, and “KI intelligent storage server” to share data over the network, and can be configured & managed via its web interface.

This new “mini NAS” can be found on Aliexpress for $39.90. Kimax does not seem to have a website, or maybe it’s just a brand used by retailers, but I could find another manufacturer or reseller called “Shenzhen Dowdon Tech” selling a similar device based on MT7620n on Alibaba.

Thanks to Roel for the tip.

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40 Replies to “Updated Ethernet & WiFi HDD Enclosure Supports 300Mbps with Mediatek MT7620N Processor”

  1. I have installed release 1.0.3 and I can’t determin the wifi password. Telnet ans ssh by RJ45 connexion are refused and http or https :-((

    Any issue to there problems ??

  2. Roel is there an manual in Eng. If buyed someone and its working as a router/repeater but I can’t make a folder or copy some files to the HDD.
    Chinees I can’t read it and translate is grab.
    mabey some other people can help me.

  3. I have done all work to setup OpenWRT on this device. Find serial (tx ,rx) pins and got access. I made patch for kimax u-25awf for Chaos Calmer. I am gonna upload all information to OpenWRT community website soon.

  4. @Kh_Shad
    Thanks a lot Kh_Shad, i just wanted to start with it during the christmas holidays, finally some time to play. Will You post the link to the openwrt page?

  5. @Kh_Shad
    Thanks for the link. I’m busy myself with the BS-U25WF. I found the serial connector there. I tried already chaos calmer on it. It boots, wifi works (not as repeater), ethernet ports doesn’t, strange as I get a failsafe signal from it…
    I will upload my info to the openwrt site also, but I want to build a decent working firmware first. Until no I already had to reset everything through the serial a few times…

  6. @Roel, I using BS-U25AWF, quite not sure any difference make it bricked.

    I uploaded newest image, build config (.config file), dmesg and fdisk info to https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-HTwNTcXOYUTnJiaG5zdERZWUk.

    At first boot only LAN port is working, the WIFI is disabled by default, please plug device to PC login to setup and enable wifi interface.

    PS: md5sum of openwrt-ramips-mt7620-u25awf-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin is 020ccdb5aadd15b076a3ef8730010b7d

  7. It will be a bad flash then. I did it on a BS-U25AWF. But maybe the download was corrupted. It does something, the wireless red led is flashing, so it should be unbrickable.
    According me I get a failsafe also, but I don’t have a linux pc around here to check.

  8. @Roel Did you check the checksum ? If you can install wireshark, have direct LAN connection to that box and wifi to connection internet I can checkout with you over teamviewer.

  9. Yesterday I did try to get in failsafe, I got a failsafe signal and press on the reset button, but I don’t get a ethernet connection. I tried telnet, ssh, tftp but nothing works as I don’t have an ethernet connection. But there is something happening as the red led is constantly flashing.
    This evening I will open the device and connect the serial, if I find something worth mentioning I post it on the openwrt topic.

  10. I checked my board. It’s a HSEN-300M-HDD-V1.0. It’s a little different of the one from Kh_Shad. It has no external wifi antenna’s, it doesn’t have the heatsink and it doesn’t have the serial points. So I have to search them on another spot. It is also a mt7620n though.

  11. As it also a MT7620N the firmware from PhuongLM should work. Maybe not with all the features but it should boot. According me it is a bad flash and should be possible to revert. The problem is that TX and RX or on a different spot and I have to find where…
    I did the flash with my windows PC, I should have known better because it’s not the first time it deliers me a corrupted download. I had to ask the checksum first before flashing, stupid.

  12. @Roel
    My has HSEN-KI-300M-HDD-V3.0 revision. Maybe some pins have difference in board scheme. Could you try use Serial port to get boot log at firmware start. Send it to me and i will try to help you.

  13. I found the tx and had some output to the terminal. When trying to solder I destroyed the solder point as it was so tiny. The output on the terminal looked like a normal kernel boot except that it finished at a prompt root@(none). So I think it is a failsafe prompt?

  14. @PhuongLM
    The problem is that I ruined the soldering point, so now chance to resolder it again. Maybe I can solder it straight to the soc as the pins are exposed. Seems like it are pins 37 & 113. Once a get a decent serial connection i can reflash it again. No problem, I’m a regular linux user (running arch on my main PC).

  15. i have one of these wifi drives, but to be clear it is a Kimax U-25AWF. I have never used openwrt in my life. so this is all new to me. please can somebody help me set this thing up so i can get the internal SATA working as well as if i want to plug in a USB drive it will work as well. currently i have OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05 / LuCI (git-15.349.82008-7ad426e) on it at the moment.

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