Forget Wearables, Ingestibles are Coming! Meet BodyCap e-Celsius Performance Pill

In recent years, wearables such as fitness tracker have become popular to monitor the number of steps walked, calories burnt, and distance covered during your daily activities. These products are not always accurate however, and it get better data instead of having your wear a monitoring device, companies such as BodyCap are working on ingestibles, pills that some electronics, that the user swallows, and tranmit accurate data at a short range.


One of the first product from the company is e-Celsius Performance that aims to measure body temperature of athletes, in order to optimize their performance. The pill has the following technical specifications:

  • Data
    • Storage – Up to one year, and up to 2000 samples
    • Sampling – 30 seconds
    • Accuracy – 0.2°C
  • Connectivity – Wireless transmission (433 MHz); up to 1 meter range
  • Battery – Not sure, but it can last 20 days
  • Weight: 1.7g
  • Dimensions – 17.7mm x 8.9 mm
  • Operational range – 25°C to 45°C
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The pills come with a kit comprised of an activator to start temperature measurement, a memory stick with Windows software and documentation, a power adapter with a Y USB cable, and eViewer performance monitor to gather and display data transmitted from the pills. The company tried the pills on 10 footballers in September to help them improve pitch performance overtime, and you can see the temperature measures for a player during the two halves for two matches, as well as its evolution before, after and at half time.


You can find more details on BodyCap’s e-Celsius Performance pill including a quick start guide, and user’s manual.

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Ingestibles aren’t coming, they are already here quite a while.
Given Imaging started offering a camera capsule, “M2A capule”, in 2001 and it look like the company has similar product to the one in the article dubbed SmartPill



So each pill is just for one-time use only right? I meant who would look for the old pin in their poop to use it again.