PINE A64 Development Board Kickstarter Campaign is Up

As previously announced, PINE64 $15 64-bit ARM Linux computer was due to launch on December 9, and the Kickstarter campaign is now up, and the shipping costs are $7 to the US, and $12 to the rest of the world.

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The name have changed to PINE A64 and PINE A64+ since the first announcement, but the specifications have mostly not changed for th two boards with an Allwinner quad core Cortex A53 processor, 512MB to 1GB RAM, a micro SD slot for storage, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI 1.4, USB ports, and some other expansion headers for I/Os, displays or cameras. The PINE A64+ however now has an option for 2GB for $29, and we’ve got a bit more information about optional modules and accessories:

  • Wireless module with WiFi and Bluetooth adapter
  • Zwave adapter
  • 7″ LCD touchpanel (PINE64+ only)
  • Dry contact I/O board
  • 5MP MIPI CSI camera
  • Various sensors
  • Various remote controls / air mice
  • 8,000 mAh battery


These are offered as part of kits:

  1. PINE A64+ 4K media computer with an 8GB Micro SD pre-loaded with Android 5.1, an IR receiver and remote control, a power supply, and an enclosure. Price: $59 for 1GB RAM, $69 for 2GB RAM
  2. PINE A64 IoT package with an 8GB micro SD pre-loaded with openHAB software, 802.11n Wifi + Bluetooth 4.0 module, Z-Wave Plus IO Card, a power supply, and an enclosure. Price: $59 for 1GB RAM, $69 for 2GB RAM
  3. PINE A64+ with touchscreen with a 64GB micro SD pre-loaded with Android 5.1 OS, 802.11n Wifi + Bluetooth 4.0 module, the power supply, a 7″ LCD touchscreen panel, and an enclosure. Price: $89 for 1GB RAM, $99 for 2GB RAM

The other things we’ve learned is that the boards will become available as soon as February 2016 for early bird backers, and later comers should get it in March or April, with the kits shipping in April or May 2016. One thing remains unclear: the company has been evasive about the processor used, and while the name implies it should be Allwinner A64, several pictures on Kickstarter still show Allwinner R18 processor.

[Update: On the software, while Android 5.1 should be supported by Allwinner, and openHAB by openHAB themselves since the CEO is an advisor to the campaign, Linux support is less certain, as the engineering manager for the project has already asked for – what looks like free – help from sunxi-linux and armbian communities]

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14 Replies to “PINE A64 Development Board Kickstarter Campaign is Up”

  1. cnxsoft
    Oh oh, they are asking for help everywhere :p

    Understandably. Donating boards to the linux-sunxi devs won’t help that much given their schedule. So the only chance is to use Allwinner’s SDK/BSP with kernel 3.10.something and to combine it with an Ubuntu rootfs. Supporting their hardware should be possible by hiring a kernel coder with devicetree knowledge. And to escape from Allwinner’s BSP (really horrible again and again) they need a nice build system. If they’re willing to pay it might work…

  2. Well their main target doesn’t really seem to be the Linux crowd here. They do however seem to be willing to work with the open source community and do their best which is more than other companies producing boards like this are doing.

  3. peter :
    Can anyone say what to expect from that A64? I have not seen any CPU-benchmarks…

    As usual you find user manual and data sheet as soon as Olimex gets their hands on it in their Github:

    Since I reviewed the A83T (used on Banana Pi M3 for example) just a week ago the first thing I had a look for in the A64’s manual was “temperature”. The A64 has also internal sensors for “over-temperature protection” so be prepared that “performance” largely depends on heat dissipation which might also influence power consumption massively which leads to the situation with the Banana Pi M3 that you can benefit from the theoretical performance only when you both use a fan and solder another DC-IN source to the board:

    Now let’s have a look which DC-IN connector the Pine people chose (for the same reason as the Banana people): Micro USB so people will try to use the most crappy cell phone chargers to power their device.

    With Micro USB I doubt you’ll be able to let the device perform. Your best bet is that thermal throttling prevents the device from being shut-off due to undervoltage/undercurrent.

  4. cnxsoft :
    Antutu 5.x score: ~22,600 points. 3Dmark: ~2200 points.

    The problem with all these sorts of benchmarks when CPUs/GPUs are used that make massively use of dynamic voltage frequency scaling and thermal throttling is that they provide no useful results for differing environments, both depending on hardware (SBC without enclosure vs. Remix Mini) as on software or let’s better say hardware initialisation. Also important: How long does the benchmark run: Long enough for the device to heat up and throttling jumping in?

  5. @cnxsoft
    And there’s another important performance factor. Companies dealing with the A64 now got a brand new SDK/BSP from Allwinner. ~2 years ago when devices with A20 SoC were used for whatever reasons Allwinner shipped the BSP for sun7i with weird cpufreq settings (60 MHz minimal clockspeed and ‘fantasy’ performance governor — this performs as bad as it sounds) and vendors used these settings without taking notice that this is one of the most important factors whether your device behaves laggy or fast. Maybe history repeats with A64 again.

  6. Thing to remember about Allwinner boards is that historically they have lousy Linux driver support for their CedarX hardware video decode (long history of broken promises), and as a result no real support for Kodi etc. Best avoided as a media player solution.

    They were also found to be breaking the GPL on at least one occasion. Pity – as they could be a great platform if Allwinner positively engaged with open source developers.

  7. Kodi / XBMC does not support hardware video decoding any Allwinner, and they most likley will not as Allwinner is a known GPL violator and have already tricked Team-Kodi and lost the trust.

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