Rockchip RK3229 based MXQ 4K System Info and Antutu Benchmark

Since MXQ-4K TV box is not working well enough, even after a firmware update, I’ve decided not to do a full review. But since this is the first Rockchip RK3229 device I’ve received, I’ll still share some system information (CPU-Z) and Antutu benchmark results.

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Rorkchip RK3229 is detected as a quad core Cortex A7 processor between 408 MHz and 1.46 GHz with a Mali-400MP GPU. CPU-Z does not know about it, so it only detect RK3066, meaning the manufacturing process (40 nm) is wrongly reported, and RK3229 is manufactured using a 28nm process. The model us MXQ-4K (rk322x) with the board simply called rk30sdk. They’ve also set the framebuffer resolution to 1280×720 probably due to the limited performance of Mali-400MP GPU. Internal storage is shown to be 3.81GB large, but that’s because I modified the firmware, and it’s now 1.44GB with the latest firmware.

Rockchip RK3229 does not support Android 5.x, so all boxes are shipped with Android 4.4.4 running on top of Linux 3.10.0. Based on Build ID, Shenzhen Hotack Technology is likely to be the manufacturer, or at least the company that works on firmware and hardware part.

Then I’ve run Antutu 6.04 in the morning right after booting the device, and in the evening after leaving it running idled most of the day.


Antutu “morning” results reports a score with 19,912 points, and quite close to the score reported on GeekBuying (21,000 points).


However, the “evening” benchmark shows a different story with only 12,849 points. Actually, I got this score most of the time, so the device must have some serious issues with regards to cooling, although it might be tougher than usual conditions in my location, since it’s summer here, and my office temperature is around 30 C (with aircon) most of the day, and around 25C at 9am. If we look at the score details, 3D graphics results are the same, but UX, CPU and RAM results are all impacted in the second test.

It’s quite possible fixing the throttling issue would also improve video playback, so other Rockchip RK3229 TV box could perform better, and even MXQ-4K might be fixable with some hardware hacking with a larger heatsink or/or fan.

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23 Replies to “Rockchip RK3229 based MXQ 4K System Info and Antutu Benchmark”

  1. @haze

    Yeah….why would anyone pick this one? I gets beat by the ancient RK3188 in Antutu and that one doesn’t have heat problems like this crap and sells for about the same price.

  2. @haze
    @Hulk Hogan
    It’s very cheap, it’s the only one that support 10-bit H.264, and it also supports 4K 10-bit H.265 and VP9. So if a manufacturer manages to release a product with the issues I had on MXQ-4K, it could be a decent player, with far superior video capabilities compared to Rockchip RK3188 processor.

    However, it’s only useful if you use the TV box as a media player, as if you plan to run other apps it will be slower than most other products on the market.

  3. Android 4.4.4!?
    “framebuffer resolution to 1280×720” : \
    epic fail product

    @Hulk Hogan
    HEVC/h265 4k
    for media consumption, cpu/gpu is not that important. video decoder gets to priority.
    bu then again crappy res defeat its true purpose

  4. Rockchip RK3229 based MX4 TV System has the same disadvantages as the Rockchip RK3229 based MXQ 4K Systems ???????

  5. @cnxsoft
    Well, I’m one of those people. MXQ 4K works flawlessly. For those who complain: it costs only 30$, so adjust your expectations, for crying out loud.
    Cooling is an issue though. That pathetic little excuse of a heatsink on the CPU does pretty much nothing. Combined with a few wee slots on the case for the ventilation equals funny running temperatures when using CPU intensive apps. So I got me a proper heatsink and glued it to the CPU using silicone thermal adhesive. Success.
    Here the end result: and

  6. I ordered an Mx4 – but in the test, it is shown that highest resolution android offers is 1920×1080.
    How could you get Uhd resolution for youtube for example?
    My uhd tv offers a youtube app, but has no vp9 support, so I cant watch youtube uhd videos.
    But I guess, with a max resolution of 1920×1080 this box cant deliver that either – or am I wrong?

  7. @okay
    You should be able to set the video output to 3840×2160 or 4096×2160 if your TV supports it. This is only really used for video playback, as the user interface will be 1920×1080.

    I’m not sure what the requirements are for YouTube UHD video playback.

  8. @cnxsoft
    Thanks for your quick reply.
    Youtube offers uhd videos from 2015 on, with their own vp9 codec only.
    My LG uhd tv is from 2014 and doesnt support it – so I’m curious, if that works via the box now.
    I will report back.
    I really just ordered the mx4, because I got carried away 😉 22 $ is really cheap, but really
    the most samsung and lg Tvs play most of the videofiles and have good apps and mirrorcast functionality now.
    And kodi works great with my mk808b plus already.

  9. @Hulk Hogan
    It is supposed to support Hi10P. Which makes it the only chip that does… not even the Tegra in the Shield TV can (perhaps in software, but that depends on the frame rate). The next up option is to go for an i3 or i5… which consumes a lot more power, and is much more expensive.

    So if these decoding capabilities would appear in a decent device, that’d be awesome.

  10. Got MXQ-4k this week, seems to have more recent firmware, 20160321.152503 test-keys

    Antutu 21272, not getting warm, working well overall.

  11. @Nikhil
    That board is Rockchip RK3229’s own development board. It’s not optimized for cost at all. In case you want it then you’d have to contact Rockchip. It will not be cost effective for mass production. If you have 10K order, you may try to find a TV box board, and purchase that instead.

  12. you could try to identify and contact the chinese pcb maker that is featured in scishion v88 4k (rk3229 version) : maybe ask gearbest

  13. personnally I am dreaming of a pcb of rk3229 actually routing (to available pads or pins) the 4 i2s out datalines for 8channel out i2s as the rk3229 is featuring itself

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