Mini PCs and Cloudbooks Powered by Intel Apollo Lake Pentium and Celeron Processors, Successors of Braswell SoCs, are Expected in H2 2016

Intel released a presentation entitled “Design Considerations and Reference Designs for Entry, Value and Mainstream PCs” at IDF 2016 Shenzhen, explaining the company vision about low power laptops and mini PCs. At the core of those devices will be “Apollo Lake” Pentium and Celeron Processors with 6 to 10W TDP replacing Braswell processors with better CPU and graphics performance, lower power consumption, and low overall BoM cost.

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Beside mini PCs, the processors will also find their way into what Intel calls Cloudbooks, some sort of laptops with 2 to 4GB RAM, 32 to 64GB storage, no hard drive, and displays whose size ranges from 11.6″ to 14″. So it looks like Cloudbooks may be the new Netbooks, with better performance and larger displays.

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Cost savings on the mainboard are achieved thanks to the integration of many features (Signal Processor, SD Card bridge chip, Spead Spectrum Clock…), low power consumption leading to smaller batteries, the ability to load the BIOS/UEFI to the eMMC instead of an SPI flash, etc…

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The savings appear to be small, but bear in mind that those are for the bills of materials, so the retail price savings may be two to three times higher.

Intel also unveiled a Cloudbook reference design with the complete BoM which show what we may expect later this year, as OEM/ODM manufacturers are likely to take the easy way at first, by simply copying Intel reference design, possibly by removing some of the features in the processor.

That means Apollo Lake Cloudbooks with a 11.6″ full HD display, 32 to 64 GB storage, 4GB RAM, 802.11ac WiFi , and USB type C connector should be expected in the second part of 2016.

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Via Liliputing and some Google searches…

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3 Replies to “Mini PCs and Cloudbooks Powered by Intel Apollo Lake Pentium and Celeron Processors, Successors of Braswell SoCs, are Expected in H2 2016”

  1. Gen 9 GPU – so no hdmi 2.0? No hardware decoding of 10bit hevc/vp9?

    And what about Willow Trail – the successor of Cherry-Trail? At another slide, I saw that it would only come at the end of the year…
    This is the opposite of 2015, where Braswell came after Cherry Trail. Braswell is based on Cherry Trail, so it’s logical. So maybe Apollo Lake is not based on Willow Trail? Or maybe Intel decided to launch at an opposite order (compared to 2015)?

  2. so again no low power soc with avx2, shame, and as per ron, no current hdmi 2.0a or 10 bit h264/5 encode/decode, might as well put your money down on the latest and greatest ARM soc with all these options and a good current industry standard simd included

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