Official Rockchip Github Account and Wiki Launched

Following the popularity of RK3066 and RK3188 processors in 2013, a community of developers for Rockchip Linux and Android development was created with corresponding linux-rockchip github account, mailing list and #linux-rockchip IRC channel, and now most of the information can be gathered from development board manufacturers like Firefly. However, I’ve just been pointed out to some VA-API driver for Rockchip RK32xx processor, on rockchip-linux (not linux-rockhip) github account, with the following tagline:

An open source software for Rockchip SoCs, This site maintained by Rockchip

The only person currently registered to this account, Jacob Chen (陈豪), is a software engineer working for Rockchip, so it does indeed look to be official.

The github account also links to with links to communication channels established by linux-rockchip community, and lots of entries about Linux, Android, U-boot, and so on, most of which are currently placeholders. So it still looks like work in progress, but maybe something to follow.

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6 Replies to “Official Rockchip Github Account and Wiki Launched”

  1. So finally it will be possible to have alternative ROMs even linux for Prestigio PMP5297C ?
    Because stock ROM is shit!

  2. Still working on testing the kernel with bugs on my rk3288 board.
    The wiki is just a place holder with little usefull information now.
    Rockchip had announced a plan to support upstream kernel and open sourced gpu, vpu, even openmax and ffmpeg.
    Good move!

  3. The rockchip-linux site shows some success:
    Projects and boards like the MiQi and Firefly can now offer updated firmwares up to kernel 4.4, Debian or Ubuntu, and support for 2D/3D GPU and VPU(currently for H.264)
    Mqmaker offers a hardware-pack for easy porting of linux distributions:

    This allows end-users to install their favorite desktop:

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