Android TV Box Survey Results – Kodi, YouTube, Netflix, Brands, Support, and Prices

I’ve launched a survey on behalf of a TV box manufacturer two weeks ago, and the results are now in with over 400 respondents. As promised, the company provided the results so let’s have a look.

First, most of respondents use a TV box without tuner, while some have both, and a few others haven’t purchased one yet.

Survey participants where then asked about the most important apps in an Android TV box with a 1 (not important) to 6 (very important) scale.

The results are not really surprising with Kodi and YouTube being the most sought after apps. Netflix came a distant third, and a fair amount of respondents want their TV box to support HD resolutions. Most people could not care less about Hulu and Sling TV.

The third question was about the price people were ready to pay for a TV box with the same specs, but from various brands. It looks prices listed during the survey changed overtime, so we have three sets of answers instead of just one.

That part of the survey was a little odd, as both WeTek and MINIX TV boxes would sell for the same total price (with shipping), but MINIX would include shipping, while WeTek would have separate shipping.The price listed for Nvidia Shield is most probably for actual specs, rather than similar specs. Anyway, it seems respondents are ready to pay a bit more ($15) to a lot more ($60) for a given brand and the support that comes with it.

The final question was just about the extra price people would pay for specific features such as Netflix HD, and good support.

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The majority of respondents some Netflix users, who already paid for their subscription fees, some who don’t use Netflix at all, don’t feel like they want to pay extra to get HD and 4K UHD support for this single app, although some do. $10 extra seems to be the sweet spot for community and support.

There was also a lucky draw for the survey, and the company already selected the winner: Andrés.

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4 Replies to “Android TV Box Survey Results – Kodi, YouTube, Netflix, Brands, Support, and Prices”

  1. root8ble :
    I didn’t know wetek was that popular?? or only wetek users took the survey?

    Well they sure take care of the customers software-wise and have some great guys for that there.

    I find it sad that they don’t use more powerfull SOCs. If they would step it up hardware-wise they would wipe the floor with the other companies.

  2. The odd part is they hardly appear among the many selling brands on eBay UK. Seems tens of thousands, buy other brands.

  3. This looks like a rigged survey, which company asked for it to be conducted ? Probably wetek themselves. Getting a bunch of their employees to answer the questions…

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