Espressif ESP32 WiFi & Bluetooth SoC is Now Up For Sale for $2.85

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Espressif ESP32 is one of the most awaited chip for IoT applications as it combines a dual core processor, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, and various I/Os. The good news is that you can now purchase ESP32 for 19 RMB ($2.85) on Taobao, or if you are not based in China, contact Espressif by email at sales [at]

ESP32Availability is however limited, and the maximum order is now 5 pieces. ESP32 modules and boards, as opposed to just the SoC, are not quite ready right now, but should become available in a few weeks. ESP-WROOM-32 is the ESP32 module developed by Espressif, and NodeMCU is also working on an ESP32 board, so we’ll get more good news very soon.

ESP32 Demo Board V2 with ESP-WROOM-32 Module

You can also find documentation, hardware and software resources on a Espressif ESP32 page , including a getting started guide, ESP32 SDK, ESP32 reference manual, ESP-WROOM-32 datasheet, and more.

If you are unsure whether your project would benefit from ESP32 over the cheaper ESP8266, I found an interesting table in Espressif Introduction document, showing how the processors are used in different applications.

ESP32_vs_ESP8266_ProjectsVia ESP32 Forums and RelentlesS

12 Replies to “Espressif ESP32 WiFi & Bluetooth SoC is Now Up For Sale for $2.85”

  1. (un)related question: are there devices that have two wifi modules? One for configuration, one for access the WLAN?

    I know the trick with one wifi module: default SSID for configuration access, then it’s used for WLAN access, and a reset button to go back. But I find that difficult in use cases with normal users.

  2. @Sander
    MIMO WiFi should handle the case for multiple connection, and a single module can be used simultaneously as access point and client. I don’t clearly understand why two WiFi modules are needed, or how they would make things easier to the end user.

  3. @cnxsoft
    “a single module can be used simultaneously as access point and client. ” … really? Wow, I didn’t know that. Any links how to do that with the ESP8266?

  4. @cnxsoft

    Wow: “Ready to start soft ap AND station” … I didn’t kwow that that was possible at all in Wifi technology. Fascinating: so one Wifi chip can switch between modes, or can have two modes?
    And a solution for my need. Cool.

  5. Are there any wireless MCUs on the market with open source TCP/IP stacks?

    Failing that, are there any where it’s possible to implement your own IP stick with minimal, preferably no, vendor firmware needed?

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