Arduino & Arduino Get Back Together Again

I don’t normally write about business news, unless they have a clear impact on the technical side of things. So for example, I did not write about NXP buying Freescale, Qualcomm likely buying NXP, Microchip buying Atmel, nor Softbank buying ARM. But the split between Arduino LLC (US – and Arduino SRL (Italia – has had some clear impacts with both companies designing different boards, providing Arduino IDEs that may not be compatible with the competitor product, and in the case of Arduino LLC, they had to use the Genuino brand outside of the US. All those points may have brought confusion to some users.
arduino-loves-arduinoThe goos news is that Arduino LLC and Arduino SRL will now merge together and become Arduino Holdings after signing a settlement agreement. This has announced at New York Maker Faire, and both and blogs:

At the end of 2016, the newly created “Arduino Holding” will become the single point of contact for the wholesale distribution of all current and future products, and will continue to bring tremendous innovations to the market.

In addition, Arduino will form a not-for-profit “Arduino Foundation” responsible for maintaining the open-source Arduino desktop IDE, and continuing to foster the open-source movement by providing support for a variety of scholarships, community and developer initiatives.

Thanks to Ian for the tip.

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3 years ago

We need something new to fight about now.

3 years ago

There are competing with all these ESP microcontrollers, which are cheaper, have more capabilities and they are getting better supported in software development.

If they did not sort out their differences, they would have been in a big disadvantage.