NETGEAR Gigabit Class LTE Mobile Router MR1100 is Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 LTE Modem

Qualcomm, NETGEAR, Telstra and Ericsson have jointly announced the very first commercial Gigabit LTE modem router  with NETGEAR Mobile Router MR1100 based on Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 LTE modem.

NETGEAR MR1100 LTE Modem Router Connected to a Laptop

The NETGEAR Mobile Router MR1100 leverages 3x carrier aggregation, 4×4 MIMO, and 256-QAM, to achieve download speeds up to a peak of 979 Mbps. The device also integrates Qualcomm 802.11ac solution with 2×2 MIMO and dual-band support for overall Wi-Fi throughput of up to 1Gbps.

Qualcomm Technologies has recently conducted a simulation of a Gigabit Class LTE network, using a mix of LTE devices (LTE Category 4 to 16), and found average throughput to be between 112 Mbps and 307 Mbps for Cat.16 devices depending on traffic type, but speeds up to 533 Mbps should be possible for 90th percentile users. Beside shortening download speeds, this kind of performance will enable new applications such as 4K 360 degrees VR videos up to 60 or 120 fps, and possibly change the way apps operate, as opening files from the cloud might be faster than from internal storage…

Telstra is expected to offer NETGEAR MR1100 to its customers in the next few months, to operate on Telstra’s Gigabit-ready network, managed by Ericsson. Snapdragon X16 LTE modem will also be integrated into the next Snapdragon 8xx processor, with Gigabit Class LTE smartphones expected sometimes in 2017.

Looking further ahead, Qualcomm also introduced Snapdragon X50 modem for 5G networks operating in millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum in the 28GHz band, and designed to support peak download speeds of up to 5 gigabits per second. The 5G modem will sample in H2 2017, and the first commercial products for 5G networks are expected in H1 2018.

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8 Replies to “NETGEAR Gigabit Class LTE Mobile Router MR1100 is Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 LTE Modem”

  1. Who cares about higher LTE speeds when you are facing draconian data caps, speed throttling and huge overage charges on bullshit “Unlimited” plans”? I buy the cheapest smallest LTE router/modem I can find, and because of horrible rip-off data caps use it only when I absolutely have no other option.

    1. I can’t be more agree. Here in Spain we have bullshit plans and the companies are even proud of offering you 7Gb data plans for 30 euro. Like we didn’t know France has 50Gb for half the price. Anyways, LTE speeds are useless if we don’t have big data plans such as 100Gb or more. But when we reach that amount in Spain there will be already 8G lol

  2. > “Like we didn’t know France has 50Gb for half the price”

    Well… FYI this is only true for for one operator (Free/Illiad) and
    – “50 Gb” : well, only as long as you have a 4G capable device, connected on a 4G antenna (since Free is a relatively new operator, coverage is not that large). Otherwise the cap is 3GBytes.
    – you have horrible performance whenever you connect to the Orange national roaming instead of Free’s native network (i.e. basically in rural/suburban areas).
    – “half the price” : the real price is 20€/month (the 4€ discount is only valid if you also subscribe the 36€/month xDSL offer)
    – keep in mind that this very competitive offer has destroyed a lot of jobs in the telecom area, and that deploying a 3G/4G network is very expensive (as a first approximation, consider that a single macrocell site costs around 100k to 150k€ of CAPEX…).

  3. I have to chime in from the eastern USA where we are tied down to 4 major carriers plus mvno plans that start out great but one misstep and your throttled. Europe has it nice where there are so many plans to switch to and no roaming in the whole EU after june 2017. If you play your cards right, and can understand the fine print, imho this device IS better than a phone hotspot.

    Agreed that data is a luxery wi-fi should not be this difficult.

    @cnx: do you know the bands this device runs on

  4. Hi

    I think each of you need to write your countries radio regulator and your parliament representatives.
    They are not doing a good job for you as a Citizen of your country.

    In Denmark the radio regulator and our parliament representatives. Work the Citizens. So the cell phone companies
    do not screw the Citizens.

    These are typical deals you get in Danmark. This is my subscriptions i have .

    1. My phone subscription Monthly : 38GB data in DK , 15 hours talk time, 2GB EU roaming Data, 3 SIMS ,Cost 21 Euro
    2. My 1st mobile broadband monthly : 500GB data in Dk , 10GB EU roaming Data, 2 SIMS , Cost 60 Euro
    3. My 2nd backup broadband monthly : 250 GB in DK , 10GB EU roaming Data , 2 SIMS ,Cost 31 Euro

    Each subscription is on a different Danish cell network .

    I have a total of 7 active SIM cards and it costs 112 Euro a month.

    Connection speeds all 4G .
    1. Phone subscription 46 MB Down , 21 MB most area
    2. Fix 1st installation at home , 90 MB Down , 45MB UP
    3. Fix 2nd installation at home , 30 MB Down , 15MB UP


    Most cell companies are too greedy.

    If your an Engineer you should move to Denmark , we need more Engineers. It pays a lot better than your own country

  5. If you interested in working in Denmark see here , this the Danish Engineer society average salary survey for 2016.

    The salary wage levels are without tax . Assume at tax rate of 45% , ( Note Tax calculation in Denmark depend on many factors: where you live in DK , distance to work , size of house loan etc etc ). 100kr dk = 13.45 Euro
    So 46000kr month gross before teax for engineer with 7 years experience in a good industry.
    As an example 46000kr = 6187 Euro gross , Tax = 2784 Eur , Take home = 3403 Euro
    You should read up very carefully about Tax before moving to Denmark . Especially CAR TAX..

    You need good English if your from outside Denmark to get a job here as an Engineer.

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