It’s Official: Selling Android TV Boxes with Piracy Add-ons/Apps Can Get You in Jail (in the UK)

A while ago, two persons in the United Kingdom decided it was a good idea to  setup a shop and sell Android TV boxes promising free access to premium content like the Premier League football matches with a one-time purchase of the hardware. Of course they did that with a TV box with some piracy add-ons and/or apps, and when The Premier League found out they brought a prosecution against the two.

android-tv-box-piracy-jailThe court case has been going on for several month, and the UK court has announced its verdict: The main accused was sentenced to four years in prison, while his associate pleaded guilty and received a two-year suspended prison sentence, both convicted for Conspiracy to Defraud.

That’s the first sentencing of IPTV boxes in England, and the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT)’d director declared that ” today’s result should send a hard-hitting message to anyone involved in selling illegally modified set-top boxes”. There’s no word to what will happen to customers of the boxes, which included individuals, but also businesses like pubs, but the article on Advanced Television appears to indicate the organization involved in the court case, FACT and the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) will focus on sellers rather than consumers.

Thanks to theguyuk for the tip.

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16 Replies to “It’s Official: Selling Android TV Boxes with Piracy Add-ons/Apps Can Get You in Jail (in the UK)”

  1. You can be a banker that defrauds the public of tens of millions of dollars/pounds and never be punished and yet for something that in reality is a minor offence gets such a sentence.

    The UK is becoming too like America with it’s justice system whereby a minion that does something minor will get a disproportionate punishment compared to the companies and individuals that get protected for their own financial misgivings.

    All that this ruling will do is ensure that boxes get sold with stock installations and a rise in sites that show people how to install the stuff for themselves, many of which will be outside the boundaries of many judicial systems.

    That is not to say that these people don’t deserve to be punished because they do.

    However have you noticed that authorities in nations such as the UK and US do absolutely nothing about the big retail sites such as Amazon and Ebay who are complicit in many sales and also sites such as Youtube that openly allow people to show how to bypass all manner of things.

  2. @cnxsoft

    Just looking at the torrentfreak article on this and it looks like they were not only supplying kodi boxes with pirate add-ons but also providing the streams as well. So it’s not just for selling of preconfigured kodi boxes although there is another case pending for just this. Once again a blatent idiot sets up a high street shop to sell these kodi boxes. I’m not sure what they expected, a slap on the wrist?

  3. But the Banksters, who nearly bankrupted the world with their illegal activities, received no punishment whatsoever. In fact, most got bonuses.

  4. cnxsoft :
    At least, the guy who linked to the actual copyright infringer was not fined, but asked to remove the link.

    Although I wonder why he has not been given the chance to just correct the credits for the photo, instead of being forced to remove?
    It makes no sense!

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