MeLE PCG35 Apo mini PC is Powered by Intel Celeron J3455 “Desktop” Processor, Supports 2.5″ SATA Drives

Many Apollo Lake mini PCs have come to market recently, but most of those are based on N-series such as Celeron N3450 or Pentium N4200, which are normally designed for what the company’s refer to as “Mobile” devices referring to regular or 2-in-1 hybrid laptops, while the company also offer J-Series specifically designed for Desktop application with a higher TDP and CPU and GPU clocks. I’ve just completed my review of MeLE PCG03 Apo mini PC based on Celeron N3450 processor, but MeLE is about to launch a similarly spec’d PCG35 Apo model with a faster Celeron J3455 desktop processor instead, and support for 2.5″ SATA drives.

MeLE PCG03 Apo specifications (bold highlights show differences with PCG03 Apo):

  • SoC – Intel Celeron J3455 quad core “Apollo Lake” processor @ 1.50 / 2.30 GHz with a 12 EU Intel HD Graphics 500 @ 250/750 MHz (10W TDP)
  • System Memory – 4GB LPDDR3 (soldered)
  • Storage – 32GB eMMC flash (soldered), 1x M.2 SSD slot, 1x SD slot, 1x 2.5″ SATA HDD slot
  • Video Output – HDMI 2.0 up to 4K @ 60 Hz, and VGA
  • Audio – Via HDMI, 3.5mm audio combo jack
  • Connectivity – Gigabit Ethernet, dual band 802.11b/g/n/ac WiFi & Bluetooth 4.0
  • USB – 3x USB 3.0 ports, 1x USB 2.0 port, 1x USB 3.0 Type-C port for data and port only
  • Misc – Power button, Kensington Lock, 75x75mm and 100x100mm VESA mount support, BIOS features: PXE boot, Wake-on-LAN, auto power-on after power loss
  • Power Supply  – Input: AC 100-240V, Output: DC 12V / 2A with UL, UK, GS, and SAA plugs
  • Dimensions – 198 x 125 x 39.50 mm
  • Weight – ~1 kg

If we compare Celeron N3450 to Celeron J3455 processors, we can see they share the same features, except the TDP (6W vs 10W), base and turbo CPU frequencies (1.1/2.2 GHz vs 1.5/2.3 GHz), and base and turbo GPU frequencies (200/700 MHz vs 250/750 MHz). I doubt there will be any noticeable differences in games, but for office applications, the higher base frequency may help, provided cooling is done right, as the mini PC is also fanless.

A properly licensed version of Windows 10 Home 64-bit is installed on the 32GB eMMC flash, and while you may consider reinstalling it on a faster and large M.2 or SATA SSD, bear in mind that the license won’t be valid if you do, and Windows may not show as activated due to Microsoft’s hardware requirements for discounted Windows 10 licenses.

MeLE PCG35A Apo will start selling on the 1st of August on Aliexpress for $179 including shipping and a 12-month limited warranty.

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25 Replies to “MeLE PCG35 Apo mini PC is Powered by Intel Celeron J3455 “Desktop” Processor, Supports 2.5″ SATA Drives”

  1. Some extra info:
    – 12 months limisted warranty on hardware PCBA only dated from the purchase of the product
    – Buyer pays shipping cost to send it to MeLE, MeLE repair and pays shipping cost to send it back.
    – Buyer pays extra cost if any new casing, accessory or giftbox needed.

    Ubuntu on Apollo Lake
    – A thrid-party company is still working on to make it more stable
    – They are supposed to release a complete image of Ubuntu 16.04 for PCG03 Apo and PCG35 Apo in next week.

  2. This is a reasonable price for a nice device. It could have made a cheaper (and possibly faster) backup server than my DS116.

  3. And is such suitable in a country with 30-35 degrees temp? I’m planning to buy as a gift .)

  4. @cnxsoft
    Ok, thanks for that link. It looks pretty good performance wise. Multicore score is 1/4 of my Mac5,1 with dual X5670(95W) so perf/W it’s very good 🙂

    Since the box is a heatsink, and the size seems to allow it, a 120mm USB fan can be used:
    At least, that’s my plan since 120mm 1500RPM fans are quite enough (18±10%dBA, if it can be trusted)

  5. About Mele Warranty,
    I had a defective unit under waranty, I contacted them for shipping instruction and RMA.
    No RMA issued, nonetheless I shipped the unit, they received it, and they never repaired or replaced.

    Here is Mele replies to my requests:
    Service MeLE
    2016-10-11 02:25
    Please send back to us and we will give you replacement.
    Company Name: Shenzhen MeLE Digital Technology Ltd
    Address: 2F, Bldg#6, Zhongguan Honghualing Industrial South Park II, 1213 Liuxian Ave.,Nanshan District, Shenzhen, (518055), P.R.China.
    Zip code: 518055
    Attn: Isaac Long
    Tel: +86 0755 86363200

    Service MeLE
    2016-11-24 22:35
    I think we receive it.
    The device is already send to factory to fix now.
    Hope we can send back to you soon.

    Since then… NO NEWS, I keep sending messages every month, with no reply !!!

  6. @xenon
    I assume it is metal case. Hope MeLE will release more HD pictures on the product in the following days before listed on Aliexpress to make us clear, with detailed description on the materials.

  7. @ppoirier
    I also used to contact them on aliexpress to get a link to download the image for re-installation of Windows but failed. Finally there is reply from, which I searched on google and found their website and emails. You deserve a reponsible solution from MeLE.

  8. An interesting box.

    Very similar to the Vorke V1 Plus but with the added USB 3.0 and USB-C ports and the eMMC storage for Windows.

    My one concern is that if the eMMC is not of a good standard, then it might essentially force people to use an M.2 SSD to get the performance that the box otherwise will be capable of.

    I think that an 8Gb model might also be of interest (or even 6Gb).

  9. @PhilS
    The 32GB eMMC flash is likely the same as on PCG03 Apo. It’s not quite as fast as an SSD, but still provide acceptable performance. The capacity may be a limitation though, depending on what you do.
    The hardware design of such mini PC is guided by Microsoft’s discounted license policy.

    If you want a model with 6 or 8GB, be prepared to pay maybe $80 extra for the extra costs of the Microsoft license and extra RAM.

    They told me they have Ubuntu models in the pipe, in which case RAM capacity would not be an issue, but they’ll probably re-use Windows 10 hardware with the same limitation, since there may not be a large enough market for mini PCs using only Ubuntu. I’d like them to make a barebone model with SO-DIMM slot, that would solve that issue.

  10. Hi
    101 question: what’s the difference between Celeron N and J?
    Pentium N and J?
    Really Intel sucks, it’s not customer readable!
    Thanks for your help.

  11. @cnxsoft Sorry it’s clear, so main difference is the TDP and higher frequency? But again (that’s not your fault) Intel don’t make it easy for customer (Atom, Celeron, Pentium) 🙂

  12. @Vincent
    Yes. If you compare Celeron N3450 and Celeron J3455 they are exactly the same including same package and I/Os, except for the higher frequencies which command a higher TDP.

  13. @Vincent
    Intel should name lower power version similar like Core line with U or T at the part name end i.e. N3450U

    This 4W TDP difference is quite a big gap. From my experience N3450 will throttle and 1.5-1.6GHz for CPU. When TDP limit is off then it will work steady at 2.1GHz. Similar with GPU.

  14. @ppoirier
    Please note that Mele has contacted me following this post and we agreed on a replacement unit shipped DHL no charge.
    So please consider my experience with their warranty as excellent now 🙂

  15. @cnxsoft
    The price on Aliexpress this morning was US$179, this afternoon it has jumped to US$224.99.
    That’s a hefty jump. I was interested, not now, on principle.

  16. Hi @BarryK , MeLE does that all the time on Aliexpress. They organize short term promotions on and off. They told me the promotional price is always used during week-ends last month (for PCG03 Apo). If you are interested, you may want to check back again on Saturday or Sunday, when the price should be $179 again.

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