Use your Smartphone as an IR Remote Control with ROCK USB Type C IR Remote Control Transmitter

A few years ago, I wrote about ZazaRemote transforming your smartphone into a universal IR remote control. ZazaRemote is a hardware and software solution that combines infrared dongles micro USB port or 3.5mm audio plug, and a mobile app that allows you to control all sort of devices (TV, aircon, etc…) from your smartphone.

Over three years later, more and more phones are now deprived from the audio jack, and micro USB ports have given way to USB type C ports, so that solution does not work anymore on newer phones. Some of the recent phones like Xiaomi Mi A1 integrate an IR transmitter, but for others, Zazaremote’s developer (Tiqiaa) has apparently not come up with a USB type C version, but just sells micro USB to USB type C adapters, not the most convenient. Upon further research, I eventually found a USB type C IR transmitter for smartphone sold for about $7 on FastTech.

The brand name is “ROCK”, but they don;t provide that many details about this “USB Type C IR Remote Control Transmitter” except the dimensions (37.5 x 14.5 x 7.1 mm) and weight (9 grams). The form factor is not the most convenient, as I prefer the lower profile USB OTG ZazaRemote dongle.

FastTech did not mention any information about the app to be used, and I could not find ROCK USB type C IR transmitter anywhere else, but noticed that ROCK IR audio jack was listed on Banggood, and linked to Zaza Remote Universal Remote app for Android and iOS. It’s highly likely the USB type C transmitter uses the same app.

Zaza Remote app Screenshots

Beside the USB type C IR transmitter, the company is also selling a Wi-Fi to IR USB dongle for $10 shipped. The advantage here is that you don’t need to add anything to your phone, but of course you’d need one per room where there are IR controllable appliances. Directionality may be an issue with this type of device, which explains why some others WiFi IR controllers – like Broadlink RM Mini 3 – use an array of IR transmitters to cover all directions.

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5 Replies to “Use your Smartphone as an IR Remote Control with ROCK USB Type C IR Remote Control Transmitter”

  1. i’d much prefer something like logitech harmony, where you drop a IR-Emmiter simply somewhere in sight of your appliances and control it via bluetooth/wlan/whatever.

    This keeps you from having an awkward dongle hanging out from your phone AND you can controll it without line of sight.

    And even if you want to use your phone directly with IR – there still are a lot phones (albeit getting far less common nowadays, since nobody uses that) that come with an IRDA-Port, that can be missused for such.

  2. @Dr. Azrael Tod
    There’s a link at the bottom of the page to just such a product, “the company is also selling a Wi-Fi to IR USB (powered) dongle”

    I agree that that’s a cleaner solution though. My IR controlled products don’t tend to move (projector, receiver, TV) so why should the IR emitter?

  3. All smart phones should have IR transceivers, the cost next to nothing and it adds so much value. I have two Xiaomi devices that come with IR (one is still MiUI, the other Lineage). Once you have IR, you’re GOD 😉

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