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SATXTREM OTT Box & WiFi Router Combo Runs Android 7.1 on Amlogic S905X Processor

There are so many Amlogic S905X/S912 TV boxes on the market that offer the same features, I’ve long stopped reporting on all new models, unless they have very specific features, or are made by some of the most popular companies. SATXTREM OTT Box & WiFi Router appear to be a difference beast – as its name implies -, as it’;s both an Android 7.1 TV box, and an Android WiFi router thanks to three Ethernet ports.

SATXTREM TV box & router specifications:

The specifications lists AP6181/AP6212/AP6330/AP6335 wireless modules, so while most devices sold online will likely only come with 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, resellers could likely request an AP6335 module supporting  802.11ac WiFi.

Android 7.1 firmware is said to support OTA updates, but somehow the company did not find it useful to provide more details about the “router functions”. The box ships with a power supply, a simple IR remote control, and a user manual.

The device is sold on Aliexpress for $68 shipped, but you’ll also find a $116 “1-year IPTV with box” option that promises 1,460 IPTV channels watchable through “Best HD IPTV” app. Needless to say the last option is rather dodgy, and may not last one full year. I’ve also noticed all sellers offering SATXTREM devices are rather new with limited feedback. For example, the shop I linked to was setup in September 2017. The manufacturer “Shenzhen SATXTREM Technology Co. Ltd” does not have a website, but you’ll find some company info on sites like DIYtrade.


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