LG Releases webOS Open Source Edition Optimized for Raspberry Pi 3

webOS, originally developed by Palm, is a Linux based multitasking operating systems with support for HTML5 and CSS3. It is now found in most (all?) new LG smart TVs, and the TV manufacturer has decided to expand the adoption of webOS by collaborating with the South Korean government and local startups,  and released an open source version , webOS Open Source Edition, available publicly at http://webosose.org.

webOS Open Source Edition 1.0 is said to be optimized for the Raspberry Pi 3, and the company provides build instructions on the “setting up” page of the website to build the firmware image, which you can then flash to a micro SD card. The idea is to for a community around the open source version webOS, and let different categories of developers or users contribute to the project:

  • System UI Developers – The System UI is based on Blink and Qt, and developers can add new features and integrate other open source technologies to enhance the user experience.
  • Platform Developers – Nyx, the platform portability layer (PPL), is the basis for porting webOS OSE to new architectures and hardware, so capable developer can port webOS OSE to other platforms.
  • App Developers can contribute improvements to Core applications, or submit new  JavaScript applications for consideration.
  • Users  can help with documentation and testing
webOS OSE Architecture – Click to Enlarge

You can get a direct look at the source on webOS OSE github account. As the first illustration entails, LG envisions webOS not only for TVs, but also other products like home appliances, tablets, and other devices that may benefit from an HTML5/CSS focused operating system.

Click to Enlarge

Via Liliputing

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