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4K ATV Stick Looks like the Offspring of ChromeCast and FireTV Stick 2017 with a Big “G” Logo

A new Android TV device has shown up on the FCC website, and generated quite a lot of buzz last time online with the source of the story originating from Reddit or Ausdroid, and picked up by many blogs because the device comes with a “G” logo that looks like the one Google might use…

But in all likelihood it should just be another TV stick running Android TV OS, and the FCC listing has been submitted by Shenzhen SEI Robotics, an Android TV box manufacturer. The device is based on Amlogic S905X processor with 2GB RAM, and looks like a mix between the ChromeCast and Amazon FireTV 2017 with its short built-in HDMI cable and rounded shape.

Hardware specifications:

Beside the 5V/2A power supply shown above, the dongle also ships with a voice enabled Bluetooth remote control, accompanying batteries, and a user guide.

Some claim it runs the latest version of Android TV (8.x Oreo), and it’s likely it’s running Android TV instead of just Android since it works with Google Assistant, but I could not find specific information about the version. We really just have the screenshot below from the user manual.

While I really doubt it will ever become a Google product like some have speculated, we should eventually start seeing it on Alibaba, and then Aliexpress and other Chinese e-retailers.

Thanks to TLS for the tip.

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