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Ring:bit Car is a $20 Robot Kit for BBC Micro:bit

Elecfreaks has launched a robot kit designed for BBC Micro:bit that comprised of a chassis, and Ring:bit board with 3 channels of GPIO, among which 2 channels are used for driving servos.

The kit can be used to teach children to control a mini car using Microsoft MakeCode visual programming editor.


Ring:bit board specifications:

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The rest of the kit includes plastic parts for the chassis, two plastic gears, two servos, as well as screws for assembly.

Documentation is somewhat limited, but you’ll find a user guide at the bottom of Ring:bit board product page, and the company points to a tutorial on Tinkercademy.

As mentioned earlier, programming can be done with MakeCode programming interface, and a typical programming block may look as the one below.

Ring:bit car kit can be purchased for $19.90 on Elecfreaks, and you’ll need to add your own Micro:bit board and battery, or if you just want to use your own chassis, you can buy Ring:bit board only for $7.90.

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