MINIX NEO U9-H TV Box Gets Android 7.1 Firmware

MINIX NEO U9-H is generally considered one of the best Android TV boxes if you are after an Android experience, as opposed to a pure Android TV experience. I found the firmware solid and performing on very capable hardware when I reviewed the device in 2017 although there were a few bugs here and there for the version of the firmware I tested.

The device is still the main TV box model sold by MINIX, but so far, you had to run the older Android 6.0 OS. The good news is that you can now upgrade your box, if you wish to do so, to a more recent Android 7.1 operating system.

There’s no specific changelog for the release, and you can find Android 7.1 for MINIX NEO U9-H on MEGA.An important caveat is that it’s not an OTA update, so you’d have to use USB Burning Tool – also included with the firmware – to flash the new version of the firmware, losing all your settings, data, and installed apps in the process.

The forums are down, so company made the announcement on Facebook. Some people are struggling with the update, some are satisfied, and others found some bugs, which should eventually be sorted out. So as the company puts it: “If you’re satisfied with the current performance of your MINIX NEO U9-H then there is no need to upgrade. This firmware is entirely optional, only for those who wish to have Android 7.1 Nougat OS on MINIX NEO U9-H”.

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3 Replies to “MINIX NEO U9-H TV Box Gets Android 7.1 Firmware”

  1. Sweet, but seems like there’s still a lot of problems with the firmware.

    Also strange that they didn’t post any changelog.

  2. This version have so many bugs,my opinion is do not update to android nougat stay on android 6 version.
    Now i am testing android tv os for u9h based on android 008 firmvare(android 6) and is very good.

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