Shine Assistant AI-Powered Toilet Cleaning System Aimed at the Mass Market (Crowdfunding)

Shine Assistant AI For The Bathroom

Entering the consumer market with an AI device can be tricky, it is difficult to explain how and why they work. Shine Bathroom has entered into the arena of smart bathrooms, which are starting to pop up with more frequency. Shine Assistant is the latest, stand-alone smart toilet automated cleaner and maintenance system on the market.

The Smart Toilet Market

The smart toilet has been reported on in the articles on Kohler Novita, an AI toilet called the “Therapy Bidet” and the Lixil AI-based toilet that can analyze feces to help in healthcare, especially for the elderly.

The Shine Assistant Features and Advantages

The Shine Assistant is a device that attaches to any toilet, mounts to the wall or side of the toilet, and leverages AI for cleaning and maintenance. The system has a number of features and advantages over human-based cleaning and maintenance.


      • Automatic Toilet Cleaning
      • Chemical-Free Cleaning
      • Automatic Deodorization
      • Automate Toilet Maintenance
      • Easy Self-Installation
      • Can Be Mounted
      • Universal Compatibility
      • Rechargeable Battery – 6 Month Life

How Shine Assistant Works

The system has an easily explained powerful cleaning function. The creation of electrolyzed water cleans safely with no chemicals. This way of cleaning has been used in Japan to clean sushi for decades. On a command from a smartphone or system schedule, electrolyzed water is released into the toilet bowl.

Cleans and Deodorizes

The water is as strong as bleach and cleans and deodorizes simultaneously. When the process is complete, the electrolyzed water becomes saline – a totally harmless form of water. Which is completely safe for pipes and sewers, as well as completely green.

SAM the Shine Assistant App

The AI app for the Shine Assistant is called SAM. SAM performs a number of functions that in order to be addressed people generally have to be physically present.

        • Cleaning the toilet
        • Detecting leaks
        • Overflow
        • Nighttime Illumination
        • Water Usage History (on phone)

Extra Functions for the Shine System

The system can be set to work with Alexa, the Amazon home assistant. The Shine Assistant is designed to work with iOS and Android. The cleaning pods are eco-friendly and can be easily disposed of.

Just A Few Observations

There weren’t any specs on the components that make up the computer functions and connectivity. There was a picture of the board, which seemed to be a SBC with some embedded features. The software is proprietary, but there was no word on whether it has some scalability and if there will be some customization for future developments and improvements in bathroom automation.


The time line for fulfillment is at the prototype stage, but the IndieGoGo campaign is fully funded and has 2,628 backers.  The anticipated date of shipping is February 2020. This is a very popular campaign and it is not a stretch to say AI is now seeing a wider market than before.

The pricing is based on the number of units, with

  • 1 unit – $99.00
  • 2 units – $199.00 /additional unit free – 3 units total
  • 3 units – $299.00 /additional unit free – 4 units total
  • 4 units – $399.00 /additional unit free – 5 units total
  • Mounting Kit – $19.00

The IndieGoGo campaign has additional photos and information.

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4 Replies to “Shine Assistant AI-Powered Toilet Cleaning System Aimed at the Mass Market (Crowdfunding)”

  1. Just so you know, this is NOT “chemical -free” cleaning, that part of the marketing is complete scam!
    As Wikipedia notes, “… electrolysis of such salt solutions produces a solution of hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide”:

    Hypochlorous acid is exactly one of the well known “chemicals” in the bathroom cleaning industry (the cheap regular bleach).

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