u-Blox Launches JODY-W3 WiFi 6 & Bluetooth 5.1 Module for Automotive Applications

u‑blox has just launched JODY-W3 wireless module which the company claims to be the first automotive-grade WiFi 6 module. Apart from supporting 802.11ax WiFi with 2×2 MIMO, the module also comes with dual-mode Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity.

WiFi 6 will be used for applications demanding higher bitrates such as ultra‑HD video infotainment streaming and screen mirroring, wireless back‑up cameras and cloud connectivity as well as vehicle systems maintenance and diagnostics. Bluetooth 5.1 will be used for keyless entry systems and other applications leveraging direction-finding and the longer range offered by the latest version of Bluetooth.

JODY-W3 module specifications:

  • Connectivity
    • Dual-band 802.11ac WiFI 5 and 802.11ax WiFI 6 with 2×2 MIMO support, WPA3 security
    • Bluetooth 5.1 Classic and Low Energy; HCI profile
    • Antennas
      • JODY-W374 variant – 2x antenna pins for separate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi external antennas
      • JODY-W377 variant – 2x antenna pins for Wi-Fi and one antenna pin for Bluetooth external antennas
  • Interfaces –  UART, PCM (Bluetooth audio), PCIe, SDIO
  • Dimensions – 19.8 × 13.8 × 2.5mm
  • Temperature Range – -40°C to +85°C
  • Certifications –

JODY-W3 is a host-based module, meaning it requires an external microprocessor. It supports Access Point (AP) mode with up to 32 stations, Station (STA) mode as well as Wi‑Fi Direct (P2P).

More details may be found on the product page and announcement.

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