Lisperati1000 Lisp portable programming workstation features Raspberry Pi Zero W, ultra-wide display

Conrad Barski (Lisperati) wanted a portable “workstation” to write in Lisp and see all those parentheses. Since there aren’t many devices with an ultra-wide display, he decided to build his own “Lisperati1000” ultra-compact Lisp programming workstation powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero W, and equipped with an ultra-wide 1920×480 8.8-inch display, a compact keyboard made of Cherry Brown switches, and a 4,400mAh dual battery all housed in a 3D printed enclosure.

Lisperati1000 Lisp portable programming Ultra-wide display

When Conrad first showcased his little handheld computer on Twitter, he first claimed only 3 will ever be built, but think quickly got out of control with the project being featured on Hacker News, and he changed his mind after seeing the popularity of the DIY computer.

The launch is planned for the end of February, and it will be released as a kit, meaning some soldering and 3D printing will still be required if you plan to build your own. You’ll also need to purchase off-the-shelf parts by yourself including the Raspberry Pi Zero W SBC and an 8.8-inch display on Aliexpress for $65 to $85 with an HDMI converter board/

Via Liliputing

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