Indoor positioning BU01 development board can detect tiny body movements (Sponsored)

GPS is available for outdoor positioning, what about indoors? There is a positioning technology that is more accurate than GPS: UWB. The technology offers positioning accuracy within 10cm which greatly compensates for the shortcomings of the indoor RSSI positioning of past IoT products.

UWB technology is a wireless carrier communication technology that uses a frequency bandwidth above 1 GHz. It does not use a sinusoidal carrier but uses nanosecond-level non-sinusoidal narrow pulses to transmit data and occupies a large frequency spectrum, hence the name “Ultra-Wideband”, or UWB for shorts. Besides positioning, UWB can also be used for data transmission with a rate of hundreds of megabits per second.

Ai Thinker BU01 development board

BU01 development board features

  • MCU – STMicro STM32F103 Arm Cortex-M3 microcontroller
  • UWB module – Ai-Thinker BU01 module
  • 50 I/O pins exposed for functions.
  • Sensors – Onboard acceleration sensor, temperature, and humidity sensor
  • Misc – User buttons and LED
  • Power Supply – 5V via Micro USB port

BU01 application scenarios

Virtual electronic fence

Virtual electronic fence

Indoor positioning

indoor location navigation

Anti-loss, asset tracking

anti-loss, asset tracking with BU01 module

Distance measurement (aka ranging)

UWB ranging

BU01 AT command set

Instruction Description
ATTest instruction
AT+switchdis=1Start ranging
AT+interval=5Ranging interval (5-20m)
AT+version?Query version
AT+RSTSoftware reset
AT+tem_humTemperature and humidity acquisition
AT+xyzThree-axis acceleration acquisition
AT+anchor_tag=0Set module communication role and custom ID

Questions & Answers

Q1: What’s the range of the module? How accurate is it?

A1: Point to point ranging up to 50m+ (depending on Anchor/Tag placement and angle), the accuracy is about 10 cm.

Q2: How does it work?

A2: Anchor and Tag communication mode; Module A serves as an Anchor (base station) and module B serves as a Tag. For positioning, module A can transmit position information to module B.

Q3: What else can be done besides ranging and positioning?

A3: In addition to positioning and ranging, Ai-Thinker BU01 module can also be used as a data transmission module for wireless transmission equipment.

Q4: What is the use of STM32 chip on the development board?

A4: STM32F103 microcontroller is the host device responsible for code controlling BU01 module. If you need the source code, please contact our business and explain the project requirements

Q5: How to use the onboard temperature, humidity, and acceleration sensors?

A5: The factory firmware support AT commands to retrieve data from the temperature & humidity sensor, and the accelerator.

We also have the test demo and documents about this product. Please feel free to contact us on LinkedIn to get more details and/or order samples on Alibaba.

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