New STM32H7 Cortex-M7 MCUs Clock at 550 MHz, Feature Octal SPI Flash and Ethernet Interfaces

STMicro launched STM32H7 single-core Cortex-M7 microcontroller family a while ago, followed by some dual-core Cortex-M7/M4 models, with most clocked up to 480 MHz.

The company has now announced five faster parts clocked at up to 550 MHz with STM32H723, STM32H733, STM32H725, STM32H735, and STM32H730 which STMicro claims is “the fastest core speed in the market among MCUs that integrate Flash storage on-chip to run deeply embedded applications”. The embedded flash storage is important, as you may now NXP i.MX RT1170 Cortex-M7/M4 crossover processor can reach up to 1 GHz but does not include flash storage.

STM32H7 Family Matrix with 550 MHz Cortex-M7 MCU
STM32H7 MCU Comparison Table – Click to Enlarge

Key differences in STM32H7 550 Mhz MCUs

We’ve highlighted the five new microcontrollers in the table above, and beside the higher 550 MHz frequency delivering 2778 CoreMark and 1177 DMIPS, we can see those are the only parts that support both OctoSPI flash and Ethernet, and all five parts are designed for HMI applications with a TFT-LCD interface. The blog post following the announcement also mentions those are the first STM32H7s with 12-bit analog-to-digital converter sampling at 5 Msps and equipped with 64 KB of L1 cache (32 KB for data and instructions).

All new MCUs embed 564KB RAM, and STM32H723/733 and STM32H725/735 come with up to 1MB flash, while the more cost-effective STM32H730 only comes with 128KB flash. STM32H725/735 SKUs are equipped with a switched-mode power supply (SMPS) that makes them more power-efficient and allows extended-temperature operation up to 125°C. The difference between STM32H73x and STM32H72x parts is that the former comes with a cryptocore.

STM32H735G-DK and NUCLEO-H723ZG Demo Boards

Nucleo-H723ZG Development Board

STMicro also launched two development boards with the new faster STM32H7 microcontrollers.

STM32H735G-DK development kit is equipped with the full-featured STM32H735 microcontroller connected to a 4.3-inch display with a resolution of 480×272 and capacitive touchscreen. The board also comes with 512 Mbit Octal SPI NOR flash, 128 Mbit HyperRAM, an Ethernet port compliant with IEEE-802.3-2002 and PoE, an USB OTG FS port, an SAI audio codec with audio jacks, a digital microphone, and more.

Nucleo-H723ZG is a simpler development board featuring STM32H723 microcontroller. It exposes all I/Os via headers and through holes and includes both Ethernet and USB ports, as well as an STLink header, and push-buttons.

Prices for the new 550 MHz STM32H7 microcontrollers start from $2.83 for the STM32H730VBT6 for orders of 10,000 pieces. STM32H735G-DK development kit can be purchased now for $87, while Nucleo-H7232ZG board goes for $29. You’ll get more details, access to the documentation, CAD resources, and software tools on the product page.

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