Quectel RG255G – A MediaTek-Based 5G RedCap IoT Module Designed for Industrial & Automotive Applications

The Quectel RG255G IoT Module is a Sub-6GHz LGA module utilizing 3GPP Rel-17 RedCap (Reduced Capability) technology. The module is designed for medium-speed, large-capacity applications with features like URLLC/network slicing, and multi-constellation GNSS support, while also ensuring compatibility with LTE Cat 4 and 5G Sub-6 SA mode.

With a peak data rate of 220Mbps DL/121Mbps UL and interfaces like USB 2.0 and PCIe 1.0, this device is ideal for smart grids, the internet of vehicles, and industrial automation.

Quectel 5G RedCap RG255G Series

Quectel RG255G IoT Module Specification:

  • Module Type – 5G Redcap Sub-6GHz LGA module
  • Technology Used – Utilizes 3GPP Rel-17 RedCap (Reduced Capability) technology
  • Data Rates – Maximum data rates of 220Mbps Downlink (DL) and 121Mbps Uplink (UL)
  • 5G/4G Coverage – Worldwide coverage support with RG255G-NA and RG255G-EU
  • 5G Capabilities – Includes 5G SA mode with URLLC/slicing features
  • GNSS Receiver – Multi-constellation GNSS support for applications requiring accurate positioning
  • Optional Features – DFOTA, VoNR/VoLTE, and multi-constellation GNSS receiver
  • Interface Support – PCIe 1.0 for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivFity
  • Compatibility – Backward compatible with Rel-15 and Rel-16 networks; partial compatibility with Quectel 4G EG2x/EC2x series
  • Integrated Features – Includes a rich set of Internet protocols and industry-standard interfaces (USB 2.0, PCIe 1.0, PCM, UART, SPI, etc.)
  • Driver Support – USB drivers available for Windows 8/8.1/10/11, Linux, and Android
  • RTOS Systems Support – Can support RTOS systems in IoT devices with limited RAM and flash memory
  • Additional Offerings – Antenna sourcing available for module deployment
  • Temperature Range – Extended operating range from -40°C to +85°C
  • Form Factor – LGA, with dimensions of 29mm × 32mm × 2.4mm

The module is equipped with MediaTek’s 5G RedCap UltraSave technology, making it 60% more power-efficient than standard 4G IoT modems and 70% more than 5G eMBB modems. Additionally, it gains a further 10% in power savings with Release 17 features.

As we mentioned earlier the RG255G IoT Module stands out for its support of URLLC (Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications), network slicing, and up to 256QAM signal variants for both downlink and uplink. The module is compatible with both the latest 5G Sub-6 SA mode and LTE Cat 4, and it works with older networks like Rel-15 and Rel-16. Furthermore, It is also compatible with some of Quectel’s 4G modules (EG2x/EC2x series), making it suitable for demanding applications.

The RG255G isn’t the first module from Quectel to use the 3GPP Rel-17 specifications. Before this, we saw modules like the Blues Starnote and the Quectel CC660D-LS also adopting 3GPP Rel-17 specs. However, the RG255G stands out because it uses the 3GPP Rel-17 5G RedCap technology, unlike the IoT-NTN technology used in the CC660D-LS.

There are two variants of the RG255G series – the RG255G-NA and the RG255G-EU, made for different regions of the world. These modules support RTOS systems, ideal for IoT devices with limited RAM and flash memory. Additionally, the module features a multi-constellation GNSS receiver (GPS, GLONASS, BDS, and Galileo) simplifying product design and enabling precise and reliable positioning.

The company also clarifies that the module will support various internet protocols along with standard interfaces such as USB 2.0, PCIe 1.0, PCM, UART, and SPI. Additionally, you will get USB drivers for Windows 8/ 8.1/ 10/ 11, Linux, and Android making the RG255G a versatile option for a wide range of RedCap applications.

In terms of security Quectel ensures strong security in their products By using independent testing, creating SBOMs and VEX files, analyzing firmware, and other methods. The company says that The RG255G series, along with compatible antennas, will be sold to help developers efficiently and affordably add 5G technology to their products.

At the time of writing, Quectel hasn’t announced the cost or full specifications of this product. However, you can find detailed info about it on the RG255G product page and their press release page.

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