Waveshare 2-CH CAN MiniPCIe – An isolated CAN Bus mini PCIe card for Raspberry Pi CM4 and hosts with USB

Waveshare 2-CH CAN MiniPCIe is a compact, CAN bus card featuring dual independent CAN channels with a wide baud rate range (10Kbps to 1Mbps). Unlike the esd electronics CAN-PCIeMiniHS/402, this Waveshare card is isolated, supports CAN2.0A/B protocols, and offers easy integration with laptops, industrial computers, and SBCs like Raspberry Pi via Mini PCIe or USB through an adapter. Additionally, the card supports Windows and Linux operating systems, making it ideal for applications like industrial automation and automotive diagnostics and development.

Previously we have covered many unique Waveshare products including the Waveshare 1.69-inch IPS touch LCD, ESP32-C6-Pico and ESP32-C6-Pico-M development boards, the Waveshare UGV Rover, and many others feel free to check those out if you are interested in different Waveshare products.

Waveshare 2-CH CAN MiniPCIe Module

Waveshare 2-CH CAN MiniPCIe CAN bus card specifications

  • CAN Bus
    • CAN channel – Dual-channel: CAN1 and CAN2 (independent and isolated)
    • Connector – CAN bus screw terminal (standard 1.25mm pitch)
    • Terminal resistor – Each CAN channel has a 120Ω terminal resistor
    • Baud Rate – 10Kbps~1Mbps (Configurable via software)
    • Protocol Support – CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B protocols, complies with ISO/DIS11898-1/2 standards
    • Hardware Support – High-speed CAN
    • Transfer speed – The receiving and sending of each CAN channel can reach: 8500 frames/s
    • Transmit buffer – 2000 frames receiving buffer and 1000 frames sending buffer per channel (automatically retransmit when transmission fails)
  • Mini PCIe Interface
    • Operating voltage – 3.3V
    • Communication method – USB 2.0 pins of the Mini PCIe interface
  • Indicators
    • PWR – Power indicator
    • SYS – System status indicator, normally off; keeps on when there is a bus error
    • CAN1 – CAN1 channel indicator (blinking when sending and receiving data)
    • CAN2 – CAN2 channel indicator (blinking when sending and receiving data)
  • Dimensions – 51×30 mm (mini PCIe module)
  • Operating Temperature – -40 to +85°C

2 CH CAN MiniPCIe details 19

The CAN protocol is fully compliant with the CAN2.0B specification, including backward compatibility with CAN2.0A, and complies with ISO11898-1/2 standards. Furthermore, it includes support for Windows XP/7/8/10/11 (32/64 bits) as well as various Linux distributions such as Raspberry Pi OS, Ubuntu (Jetson Nano), and VMware virtual PC environments.

2-CH CAN MiniPCIe M.2 Pin Description
Pinout diagram

for simplicity, the company also provides a pinout diagram of the mini PCIe interface for those who want to check things out in more detail.

2 CH CAN MiniPCIe details 7

The 2-CH CAN MiniPCIe adapter can directly be connected to the MiniPCIe slot of a CM4 baseboard or used with a laptop via a USB to MiniPCIe adapter board. Additionally, it connects to a Raspberry Pi using the same USB to MiniPCIe adapter, providing flexible solutions for a wide range of applications and ensuring robust CAN bus communication across different platforms.

2 CH CAN MiniPCIe details 25

The company provides examples for C++Builder, C#, VC, VB, VB.NET, Delphi, LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Qt, and Matlab. Additionally, there are Python and Python-can samples, as well as Qt examples for Linux. This ensures that developers can easily work with CAN bus communication in their preferred development environments. more information about that can be found on the wiki page.

2 CH CAN MiniPCIe details size

The Waveshare 2-CH CAN MiniPCIe card can be purchased on AliExpress for $82.99 with free shipping at least to some countries and on Amazon for $89.99. It can also be found on the Waveshare store for $72.99 plus shipping.

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  1. yeah, why bother with PCIE if you’re not going CAN-FD. The regular SPI dual can hat is just fine for that purpose.

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