Selecting the Best Adobe Flash Player in Linux for x86 and ARM

I’ve had countless and recurrent crashes caused by Adobe flash plugin either in Firefox and Chromium, mainly while playing videos from YouTube or other online video services that still mostly use flash, instead of HTML5. Adobe flash death is certain, but up to now it has been soooo slow, so I doubt that thing will truly die any time soon, and unfortunately it will probably be with us for many years to come. To work around the issue, I started by enabling Youtube HTML5 player, and try to play embedded videos inside YouTube instead of the orignal website. I still had crashes from time to time, and this method did not help with other video services. So I decided to check out what I could do to fix the issue. When you go to you can check your flash version, and Adobe will also list the player version for […]

Adobe Flash Player 11.1 now Supports Android 4.0

Adobe has recently release an update of its Flash Player for Android, which now supports Android 4.0 (ICS). Flash Player 11.1 is available for download on Android market. Android ICS will be the latest Android version with support for flash, as Adobe has announced it would discontinue developing Flash past 11.1 on mobile platforms. Adobe will also release AIR Android and AIR SDK for Android later this week. Adobe AIR is the runtime that enables developers to deploy standalone applications built with HTML, JavaScript, ActionScript, Flex, Adobe Flash Professional, and Adobe Flash Builder across platforms and devices. The update brings Flash to, and apart from Android 4.0 support, it does not bring any other new features, security enhancements or bug fixes. Adobe still lists some know issues: Seeking while video is paused will not update the frame on ICS device StageVideo using On2 and Sorenson does not […]

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