X5 ODB-II Head Up Display Shows Vehicle & Engine Speed, Fuel Consumption, and More on Your Windscreen

OBDII adapters have been around for a while. You simply attach it to the OBDII (aka OBD2) diagnostic connector of your car to get data such as engine’s RPM, vehicle’s speed, and failure logs over Bluetooth or USB onto your smartphone with apps such as Torque Lite. X5 ODB-II head up display uses the same technology but instead of displaying data your mobile’s screen, it shows it on the windscreen. Some of X5 OBD2 HUD specifications and features: Display – 3″ display with manual and automatic brightness adjustment Vehicle interface – OBDII or EU OBD Displayed Parameters / Alarms  – Vehicle speed (Km/h or M/h), engine speed (RPM), low voltage alarm, high temperature alarm (C or F), speed alarm, fuel consumption Dimensions – 9 x 5.4 x 1.2 cm Weight – 38 grams The device comes with an  OBD-II Cable, and anti-skid mat, and a reflective film to work around […]

HUD (Head-Up Display) Comes to Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu has announced Head-Up Display (HUD) for Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) a contextual search interface that could, as Canonical expects, ultimately replace menus in Unity applications. So when Ubuntu 12.04 is released in April 2012, it will be the first LTS (Long Term Support) Ubuntu version with the Unity interface and the new HUD feature. I like HUD, as I find it similar to what is done in Windows 7 and what could be done with Google Desktop in Windows XP previously, although Ubuntu HUD goes further as it includes menus in the search. What I would NOT like however, is that they completely remove menus. I’d like to see it as a complement of menus (Which will be the case in 12.04), but this does not seem to be Canonical’s intention for future versions of Ubuntu (12.10 and beyond), as they want to replace menus with HUD. HUD will […]