How To Root Droid Stick A2 mini PC

Droid Stick A2 mini PC does not come rooted, so here’s a simple rooting guide for the device. First, make sure you’ve installed the latest firmware, then follow the instructions below (Source: ARMTvTech): Copy to the root of a micro SD card. Insert the microSD card to Droid Stick A2, and power the device Go the Apps menu in Android, and launch “Upgrade” app. Select Local Upgrade Select Select Reboot And Install Package Let the update go through, and let it boot to Android. You should now have root access. This method deleted old version of su and Superuser.apk, copies su to /system/bin & Superuser.apk to /system/app, and changes permissions on those files. It may also work on other AMLogic AML8726-M1 / M3 / MX based devices. If you are interested in knowing exactly what it does, unzip, and open /META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script. For some reasons, the first time I […]

How to Root Kimdecent T21 mini PC and other Nufront NS115 Android Devices

The guys at have acquired a Kimdecent T21 mini PC (aka GV-21) based on the dual core Nufront NS115 processor, and posted instructions to root Kimdecent T21 in Spanish (and now in English) before writing a full review which should be posted next week. Here are the English instructions below: Download Moborobo and install it. Moborobo need to install unsigned drivers. By default, Windows 8 is not too happy with unsigned drivers, and you’ll have to follow these instructions, if you use that OS. Download ROOT-T21 and uncompress it. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled in your mini PC (Settings –> Developer Options) Install Moborobo Daemon from Google Play. Start Moborobo in the PC Execute  ROOT_T21_GV-21_V01.bat inside ROOT-21  folder and follow the  instructions. Moborobo needs to reconnect with T21 via Wi-Fi when the ROOT programs requires it. Once the procedure is complete, you can download and install SuperSU, as well as the […]

WM8850-MID Tablet Firmware Files and Root Instructions

I’ve bought a noname tablet described as W8850-MID in the Android Settings that did not come rooted, and after several attempts trying to find how to root the tablet I had more or less given up, as tools such as UnlockRoot or OneClickRoot did not work with the device. After not using my tablet for 2 months, I started it again, but it just showed the Android animation forever, and failed to boot to the home screen. So I had to do something and finally managed to find firmware files for the device and root it. I’ll explain the whole process I went through in this post, but basically all you have to know is that if you have the same WM8850-MID tablet as I have (WM8850_MID7_PuZhi_W01_8223), it is fully compatible with Eken W70 and you can just install the latest W70 firmware (v1.10) from Eken support site that comes […]

How to Root UG802 Rockchip RK3066 mini PC

If you follow this blog (and others), you should already know there’s a new dual core Cortex A9 Android mini PC in town based on Rockchip RK3066. Deadhp1, a reader of this blog, bought one and left a short review about the device, including his first impressions and an Antutu benchmark (6801). He also noticed that the device is not rooted by default, and followed the instructions for Window N90 II tablet (source: Slatedroid) to root the device: Download Moborobo Download a modified version of SuperOneClick – Short Fuse (Originally found in Slatedroid link above). Install Moborobo and start the program Make sure USB Debugging is enabled on your mini PC(Settings –> Developer Options) Connect your UG802 mini PC (using the microUSB port) to your PC Wait for Moborobo to detect the device Extract the contents of SuperOneClick Run SuperOneClick.exe Click on Root It will says the device is already […]

How To Root CX-01 Android mini PC

CX-01 is a cool low cost Android mini PC (as low as $40), but unlike many other Chinese Android device it is not rooted. Here are the instructions to root it: Download Unlock Root NB: The download link does not appear to work right now, but the filename is unlockroot23.exe, so here are some alternative untested download links. Find Unlockroot\driver\android_winusb.inf in the directory where you install Unlockroot Open the file in a text editor, and add the following lines: For Win 7 (64-bit): [Google.NTamd64] 64-bit] ;TCC8920 %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\Vid_18D1&Pid_DEED&MI_01 %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\Vid_18D1&Pid_DEED&Rev_0231&MI_01 For WinXP (32-bit): [Google.NTx86] ;TCC8920 %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\Vid_18D1&Pid_DEED&MI_01 %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\Vid_18D1&Pid_DEED&Rev_0231&MI_01 Connect CX-01 to your PC via USB, it should then detect your new device. If it doesn’t simply press “fn” key on CX-01 TV Stick. Select the driver that you edited in Unlockroot\driver\android_winusb.inf Once the driver is installed, run unlockroot Press ROOT, then […]

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