ARM Techcon 2010 Proceedings and Presentation Slides

A lot have been covered at ARM Techcon 2010. I’ve blogged a few articles about ARM Techcon 2010, but there is a lot more to discover.

A full set of documents and presentation slides shown at Techcon 2010 are available at

The documents are divided in 2 main parts:

  • Day 1: Chip Design Conference
  • Day 2-3: System & Software Design Conference

which are then divided into sub-directories with really (hmm) good names such as ATC-100, ATC-101… to ATC-165 so that everybody can clearly see what the subjects are. You’ll also have the Keynote and Industry addresses.

Since this blog is more related to “System & Software Design” I’ve been through the pain of downloading all documents of this section and checking the subjects. You may do it for “Chip Design Conference” if you wish, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

You’ll have one or two documents in each folder. If you have two, most of the time there will be a white paper (more technical) and the presentation slides used during Techcon 2010.

List of document of Techcon 2010 System & Software Design Conference:

  • ATC-125: USB for Embedded Systems – Micrium
  • ATC-126: Achieving TCP-IP performance in embedded systems.
  • ATC-130: Maximizing the Power of ARM with DSP – (White paper and presentation slides – Texas Instruments)
  • ATC-131: The next “big thing” to transform mobile devices – Texas Instruments
  • ATC-133:  Developers Insight into ARM Cortex M Debugging
  • ATC-135: Tips and Tricks for Debugging – Green Hills Software, Inc
  • ATC-136: Pre-Emptive Debugging and the Power of Scripted Breakpoints – How to fix bugs sooner, faster, at lower cost
  • ATC-137: Embedding Linux on ARM with OpenEmbedded
  • ATC-138: Android and RTOS for Medical Applications – Mentor Embedded
  • ATC-140: Accelerating Embedded Development with Android and Linux – Mentor Embedded
  • ATC-141: Empty Folder…
  • ATC-143: Design Criterion for ARM OS Selection – Texas Instruments
  • ATC-145: Another Empty Folder…
  • ATC-146: Process Control Daemon for Embedded Linux Platform
  • ATC-147: Secure Access Solution For ARM™ CoreSight™ – Secure Test, Debug & Trace for Strong IP, Counterfeit, and Brand Protection – Certicom
  • ATC-148: High Integrity Java for High Volume Applications – Atego Systems Inc.
  • ATC-149: Pacemakers and Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators: Software Radio Attacks and Zero-Power Defenses.
  • ATC-150: Reliable Programming in ARM Assembly Language – Green Hills Software, Inc
  • ATC-151: Secure Virtualization Under the ARM Architecture – Green Hills Software, Inc
  • ATC-152: EfficientCCodeforARMDevices – ARM
  • ATC-153: Ultra-Low Power Microcontrollers for Compact Wireless Devices – Ambiq Micro, Inc.
  • ATC-154: Energy Optimization using Energy Aware Profiler Tools – Energy Micro AS
  • ATC-155: Power Aware Verification of ARM-Based Designs – Mentor Graphics Corporation
  • ATC-156: Software Centric, System-Level Power Optimization for ARM based Android Designs – Synopsys
  • ATC-158: MCAPI Programming to Ensure Application Scalability with ARM Cortex A9 Processor – Micrium & Polycore Software
    A unified multicore programming model – Simplifying multicore migration – Micrium & Polycore Software
  • ATC-159: Multicore Design CPU-to-CPU Communications – Mentor Embedded
  • ATC-161: EnergyManagement – Open Kernel labs
  • ATC-162: Android for ARM and TI-based eBook Development – Texas Instruments
  • ATC-164: VOME  A Fully OpenMAX Compliant Media Framework for Android – VisualOn, Inc.
  • ATC-165: Audio effects with G-Streamer – Ittiam Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • ATC-167: Introduction to Wireless Sensor Network Concepts – Avnet Electronics Marketing
  • ATC-168: Designing Low Power Systems with the USB Bus – Micro/sys,Inc

The final two documents are the industry address “ARM Processors: Beyond PCs and Cell Phones” by Marvell’s CEO Dr. Sehat Sutardja and the keynote address “INTERNET CONNECTED TV” by Yahoo’s Chief Architect Connected TV Group Ronald Jacoby.

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